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Carey DavidsonThe Basics

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, interventionist Carey Davidson founded InterventionASAP in September of 2007 as well as Hayes Davidson and Associates in January 2015. He holds a Master’s degree from Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies and is state licensed in addiction counseling. He mainly focuses on intervention services and recovery coaching for those with substance abuse issues and those whose lives have been affected by others’ addictions, as well as clients who exhibit other maladaptive coping patterns. Davidson also works with clients dependent on gambling, or who may have eating disorders, compulsivity issues or mental health problems. His specialty lies in crisis level drug and alcohol interventions for which he utilizes a direct therapeutic approach.

The Background

Carey Davidson has been working as an interventionist since 2002, after his own personal experiences with substance abuse. During his early career as an advertising executive Davidson was a functioning alcoholic. After achieving sobriety for three years, he relapsed, then managed to make a successful return to recovery and has been sober and active as an interventionist ever since. Davidson is currently serving as president of the Network of Independent Interventionists Association.

The Approach

Davidson utilizes proven addiction intervention methods, implementing a customized combination of techniques for each client’s intervention. He takes the following steps when preparing for an intervention: first, a phone consultation, after which Davidson and his team proceed with gathering further information, then a plan for the best course of action for the affected party and his or her family. The team then develops their intervention strategy and conduct a pre-intervention meeting for the family, friends and/or employers to discuss the situation and make the decision to go forward or not. The next step is executing the actual intervention. From that point on, depending on successful completion of the intervention, Davidson escorts clients who choose to continue into treatment to the appropriate facility.

Post-Intervention and Summary

While Carey Davidson’s preparatory period for an intervention may be completed in as a little as a week, follow-up assistance may consist of up to six months of aftercare with Davidson continuing to consult with the client’s circle. Sobriety coaching is also available and expectations are explained. Any ongoing questions from the clients and their family are addressed, as well as recommendations for 12-step support.

Carey Davidson is a highly-trained interventionist who’s dedicated his life to helping families struggling with addiction. Through InterventionASAP and his latest venture Hayes, Davidson and Associates, he claims an 86% rate of clients who agree to enter treatment the day of intervention. As an added benefit, the company also offers assistance in getting low interest rate loans for intervention, transportation and treatment costs through its financing partner, SerenityLoans.

Carey Davidson
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Reach Carey Davidson by phone at (888) 405-3121 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Connect with Carey Davidson on LinkedIn

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