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Calda Clinic Outpatient Programs


Calda Clinic Outpatient Programs Review

Situated in Zurich, Switzerland, Calda Clinic is a luxury treatment facility that provides services for clients struggling with depression, trauma and substance use disorders. In addition to the residential treatment, Calda offers outpatient programming with a range of specialties including orthomolecular medicine, mind and body therapies, postpartum depression and the treatment of phobias. It is a strong proponent of treatment without the use of psychotropic medication in order to treat the root cause of the issues. Calda is a private clinic that places a high premium on discretion. As such, all clients are self pay as to not involve any insurance providers.

Treatment and Staff

Orthomolecular Medicine deals with the effects of micronutrients like vitamins and amino acids that are good alternatives to psychotropic drugs and can serve as the foundation for improved preventative care. The Calda outpatient orthomolecular program is performed in two phases, the first lasts two days and the second scheduled for three weeks later that only lasts a day. Clients beginning the first phase of treatment undergo an orthomolecular assessment that includes chemical, clinical and nutrigenetic testing as well as hair analytics, a stress profile and food intolerance. Based on the results, the Calda team develops an individualized treatment plan with various strategies including a new lifestyle concept and the mainstay, the orthomolecular micronutrition mixture.

The outpatient mind and body program exists in three phases, the first for two days, the second for three weeks and the last phase is one day. Clients undergo an intake process that combines an orthomolecular intake evaluation with a mental health assessment that includes family medical history, dependencies, personal and social history and current psychological status. From there, clients engage in nine psychotherapy sessions with counselors that utilize a range of methods including evidence-based therapy like CBT and EMDR to treat past trauma as a causal component of the individual’s current condition. In addition, the facility offers clinical hypnosis to enable therapist access to the subconscious and perform deeper emotional therapy.

The Calda specific phobia outpatient program typically lasts one week and is rooted in the comprehensive diagnostic system. The facility offers a one-to-one staff-to-client ratio for this program and individualized, comprehensive treatment for clients struggling with a range of phobias including animal, natural environment, blood, injury or situational. The treatment is intensive, with programming every day for between six and eight hours. Clients begin with a mental health assessment to gauge current psychological status, their personal and familial history as well as any dependencies. From there, the facility integrates an array of therapeutic methods including evidence-based CBT, EMDR, hypnosis and virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) to provide a safe way to face fears.

The Calda postpartum depression outpatient program is offered to mothers within two years of giving birth. Clients beginning care undergo a comprehensive evaluation that includes an orthomolecular assessment, mental health as well as a check-up with an internist that performs an ECG abdomen sonography. While the length of treatment varies depending on the client, Calda recommends a minimum of four weeks of therapy for six to eight hours a day. The facility’s broad approach synchronizes various treatments including CBT, clinical hypnosis and EMDR, psychoeducation and various holistic methods like breath and voice therapy, art therapy, meditation, neurofeedback, yoga and acupuncture. In addition, clients engage in equine-assisted therapy and are take the Calda micronutrition mixture for six months.

The Calda Clinic is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychotherapists and specialists in orthomolecular medicine, alternative and complementary medicine as well as from preventive medicine. The “CALDA method” advocates alternatives to the use of psychotropic medication whenever possible.


In addition, Calda provides psychoeducation, a 24/7 personal coach, orthomolecular medicine as well as complementary therapies like acupuncture, meditation and yoga. In cases where clients need to stay, accommodation through a luxury hotel can coordinated by the Calda team.

In Summary

The Calda Clinic is a private, luxury treatment facility that offers specialized outpatient programming for clients in need of mind and body treatment and orthomolecular medicine. Calda utilizes an integrated treatment program that begins with intensive and comprehensive mental health and medical assessments. From there, individualized programming is utilized that combines a range of therapies including evidence-based, hypnosis, holistic methods, conventional and holistic medicine. For clients seeking world-class outpatient services in a discreet environment, the Calda Clinic Outpatient programs are exceptional.

Calda Clinic Outpatient Location

Calda Clinic Outpatient
Stettbachstrasse 12
PO BOX 215
CH-8702 Zollikon

Calda Clinic Outpatient Cost

20.000 to 100.000 CHF [$20,018.02 to 100,090.09 USD, per publishing day exchange rate] (30 days); self-pay only, does not include external hotel costs. Reach Calda Clinic by phone at +41 44 224 20 00 or by email at [email protected].

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