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Breakthrough Clinic


Breakthrough Clinic Review

Situated in the Los Angeles suburb of Encino in the San Fernando Valley, Breakthrough Clinic is an outpatient treatment facility that specializes in the care of clients struggling with a range of addictions including substance use disorders, eating disorders as well as shopping, gambling and sexual addictions. Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr. founded the Breakthrough Clinic with the belief that addiction can be treated faster and more effectively than through traditional treatment. Dr. Nicolosi performs all of the evaluations and consultations himself and designed the program around client freedom. Treatment is available via Skype or over the phone, and unlike the majority of treatment facilities abstinence is not required in order to being treatment. There are also outpatient locations in Westlake Village, California and New York City.

Treatment and Staff

The Breakthrough Clinic is an innovative, unique treatment network that treats clients from around the world. The program is remarkably flexible for clients in that treatments are largely over Skype or the phone. In addition, clients are never drug tested, are never required to participate in group therapy, and as said before abstinence is not required to begin the program. To start, there are assessments available on the facility’s website for a variety of addictions including substance use, binge eating, shopping, sex as well as gambling.

The Breakthrough Clinic team is comprised of the founder Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr. and his support staff. While there are office visits, most treatment sessions are performed over the phone or Skype.


The Breakthrough Clinic works with many PPO insurances, and the total program cost for three months of treatment is $4,000.

In Summary

The Breakthrough Clinic is an outpatient treatment facility that specializing in the care of clients struggling with a variety of addiction disorders including substance use, eating, sex, gambling and shopping. While Breakthrough Clinic has three locations in California and New York, clients from around the world seek treatment there. While not disclosed, this is probably due to the attractive flexibility and freedom built into program, including participating in treatment over phone or Skype and the lack of drug tests. For clients seeking an extremely flexible outpatient treatment program with a harm-reduction approach, Breakthrough Clinic could be something worth considering.

Breakthrough Clinic Location

Breakthrough Clinic
17835 Ventura Blvd, Ste 207
Encino, CA 9131

Breakthrough Clinic Cost

Approximately $4,000 (three months); insurance accepted. Reach Breakthrough Clinic by phone at (818) 609-0147 or by email. Find Breakthrough Clinic on Facebook

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