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The Betty Ford CenterThe Betty Ford Center Review

The Betty Ford Center has long been considered the best of the best. It’s blessed with a stellar reputation, a long line of celebrity alumni and a First Lady’s esteemed name. It has made some serious changes in recent years, namely merging with the pioneer of the Minnesota model, Hazelden.

Accommodations and Food

Betty Ford is located on a 20-acre campus in the desert town of Rancho Mirage, California. Adjacent to the esteemed Eisenhower Medical Center, clients can expect a somewhat clinical setting with halls of double-occupancy rooms divided gender. Each room has a private balcony attached and the serene location boasts 360 views of the surrounding mountains. Each residential hall is punctuated by a group meeting/recreational area stocked with comfy couches and a 24/7 supply of healthy snacks and beverages. Lake Hope is a fixture on the center where clients are encouraged to seek refuge and physical activity.

Fresh fare is served up daily in the Warren Family Dining Room. Clients are given the option of two hot entrees, deli sandwiches, a salad bar and a soup of the day at lunch and dinner.

Treatment and Staff

It offers in-house detox followed by a 30-90 day primary care program of lectures, group therapy, relapse prevention classes and 12-step meetings.

Betty Ford has an the array of programs, which include Residential Day Treatment, Professionals Treatment, Young Adult Recovery, Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Pain Management as well as clinical diagnostic evaluations for dual diagnosis and aftercare (weekly gender-specific meetings).

Betty Ford has also received praise for its Family Program for kids over 13, which focuses on a holistic treatment approach to treating addiction as a family disease and educating the addict’s loved ones to help begin their own healing process (a similar curriculum is offered for kids between the age of seven and 12).

A hospital on-site has its advantages. Betty Ford assigns every new admission a treatment team consisting of a physician, nurse, psychologist, primary counselor, case manager, spiritual care counselor, family counselor, dietician, fitness trainer and chemical dependency technician.


In addition to meditation, Betty Ford has nicotine support and fitness training.

In Summary

Betty Ford offers a thorough treatment program. Its decision to embrace using Suboxone for treatment has been controversial, but this is still a solid choice for those not opposed to replacement therapy and who like well-established, clinical settings along with desert weather.

The Betty Ford Center Location

39000 Bob Hope Dr
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

The Betty Ford Center Cost

$32,000 (30 days). Reach The Betty Ford Center by phone at (760) 773-4100 or by email at [email protected]. Find The Betty Ford Center on Facebook and Twitter 

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  1. Less than 48 hours after admission at the Betty Ford Foundation in Rancho Mirage, for a 1 month stay to address substance abuse, our 30 year old daughter was kicked out of the detox unit for being rude and belligerent, a violation of the behavioral contract at Betty Ford. A man entered her room and told her she’d be given a list of referrals, and she had 45 minutes to pack her bags and get out. Our unstable, medicated daughter cried, and told him, she was alone, knew nobody in the area, and had no phone. He said “waterworks would get her nowhere”, that she had 45 minutes to be gone, or the cops would be called. With that he walked out of her room. Her nearest relative was 3 hours away in LA. Left alone, our daughter was able to lock herself in a bathroom, break a mirror and cut herself in a suicide attempt. Luckily, the cops were called, and she was sent to a hospital. I am familiar with typical treatment center protocol – safely transferring a patient to a hospital for medical or psychiatric care, but kicking a sick, medicated, unstable, distraught patient to the curb – and allowing them the opportunity to lock themselves in a bathroom and attempt suicide? We are fortunate she did not kill herself, that her wounds were not deep. Still, is this the place you want to trust to care for your sick, addicted loved one? We’ll be filing a formal complaint with the state licensing authority.

  2. There is a sucker born every minute and loved ones of addicts are easy prey.

    Betty Ford Center is about marketing, filling beds, separating you from your money. I should know, I was one of their prey that fell victim to their scam. Betty Ford Center preys upon families under duress, taking advantage of their ignorance and manipulating loved ones into making impulse decisions based on desperation. They do not tell you the chance of recovery is so remote they do not track it, its bad for sales. Your addict will likely be using again by day sixty, in fact they convince you this is normal, with their chant “relapse is part of recovery.”

    Bitter? You bet, my loved one is dead! If its opiods, their is no hope, all the rehabs in the world will not save them, the stats dont lie. I made a dear friend during family week, her husband was in their three month program, Betty Ford bled her dry of everything; house, savings, job; he too is dead OD. Bitter, you f-ing bet.

    National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates recovery from opiods at 20%. The intake counselor mention that to you?

    Rehab is a joke, Betty Ford Center is a joke, its nothing more then a factory, a marketing machine churning beds at 30k a pop, low overhead with no MD’s or PhD’s around. I bet they spend more on landscaping then counselors. Just read who is on the board where are the doctors?

    I cannot say enough how much I hate this place, or maybe I hate myself more for getting ripped off, what a rube I was then; their target prey. Sucker born every minute and loved ones of addicts are easy prey. Don’t do it, spend the money preparing yourself for the inevitable.

  3. Lorraine Barry on

    My son was here in August 2016, he was full of valium and walked out, not in his right mind, obviously, we got him into another facility immediately, where he was not pumped full of another addictive drug……his friend went to Betty Ford after 1 week to pick his case up and was told it was not there, when he come out of 2nd facility he phoned Ranch Mirage to be told they had thrown his suitcase , full of clothes, toiletries, I pod away ??? even though they had 3 contact phone numbers , for me, his friend and insurance company,

    ‘ Is anyone coming to pick this case up or shall we get rid of it ‘ simple ! but instead just throw it all….I am fuming , I have emailed Rancho Mirage 6 times to complain and ask why ? and have been totally ignored, would not recommend this place

  4. What a bait and switch! Told me insurance approved for entire stay (my ins covered 30 days hospitalization) then told 3 days after entering treatment that insurance was denied. Had to come up with 1000 a day (not 950) plus 300 day for food etc.
    Found out ins pays 495 a day and bf doctors reported i did not need hospitalization — BEFORE I WAS EVEN.OUT OF DETOX!!!! That way they make 500 a day more — from the helpless addict that came to them for help. Sty away!

    • Mine too. They said insurance would pay. They paid zero. I paid the entire $32k. The reason? The reports said I wasn’t bad enough to be there! Yet they kept me there!!

  5. Upon arrival to Betty ford, I was told before discharge I would receive a after care treatment plan, alumni contacts, and a list of local aa meetings. Unfortunately they didn’t provide me with any of these things and basically left me hanging. My insurance discontinued at 24 days in treatment and they gave me the boot. I am a single mother of two children and live pay check to pay check. I desperately needed the help and begged for assistance. I thought with all of the donations they receive they might have a scholarship for those in emergency situations. Unfortunately, they do not. If you don’t have then money, you’re outta there!… They would rather spend there donations on sculptures in the newly re decorated Firestone building. I really wish the Betty ford center could have given me the time I needed. It was the first time I had hope in a long time and I once again was turned away

  6. Chuck Sigler on

    Several years ago in Pennsylvania, the state funding for drug and alcohol treatment told the treatment centers that if they would not admit individuals who were on methadone to their halfway houses or on Suboxone to their outpatient treatment centers, they would stop approving funding for the center. The center I worked for began accepting Suboxone “patients.”

    In my opinion, abstinence-based recovery, not medication-assisted recovery is the gold standard approach. Too bad about Betty ford.

    • Chuck,

      You don’t know what you are talking about. The Betty Ford Center is the gold standard, no question about it. I spent 30 days at Betty Ford this year, and the treatment and the facilities are superlative. The staff is excellent, the program is thorough and cutting edge, the facilities are superb, and food is delicious.

      • Where do i start, this place is falling apart on the inside and out, the staff, the place, the service, and food… Its supposed to be a hospital, yet there is no doctor on staff at night. My friend had a panic attack and they gave his advil and said “deal with it!”. Another man had autism and was in his room and the staff was notified for three days but nothing, thank god he didnt kill himself. Another person had leg problems and the paper work was so long and the staff was so stupid about it that they didnt get the wheelchair until a week after… I can go on and on, but never send a person here, especially yourself. They keep people on soboxone for a month straight, which is unherd of in the medical community. I can go on and on, but…

      • Axton Cross on

        Actually Michael, Chuck is correct. I have been to BFC six times (four of 30-days, and two of 90 days). Also Hazelden twice, Caron once and about 10 others. After Hazelden acquired BFC, it went right down the drain. Most of the top talent left (Dr. Harry has since retired), and the quality of overall care has plummeted. Now that they take insurance (and are quite awful at effectively processing it), you never know when you are going to get the boot, sometimes with very short notice. Before they were acquired, it was essentially cash-only, and thus you knew how long you would be there. Daisy Lane/ off-campus residential has lost all sense of community, as a larger and larger fraction of the houses are used for extended-stay sober living. I won’t be going back.

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