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Better Substance Abuse Care Rehab


Better Substance Abuse Care Rehab Review

Located 75 miles from Richmond, Virginia in the coastal city of Hampton, Better Substance Abuse Care Rehab (BSACR) is a treatment organization that specializes in the care of clients struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. BSACR provides individualized treatment programming and a curriculum of care that includes a medical detox, outpatient treatment and aftercare services. Clients with co-occurring mental illnesses like depression, anxiety and trauma are treated with medication management and medical services. The 12-step recovery program is an important part of treatment and an integral aspect of aftercare. 

Treatment and Staff

BSACR places a premium on tailored treatment as major aspect in the success of a sustainable recovery. Before starting at BSACR, clients undergo a comprehensive intake assessment that includes a complete physical and mental health exam, a family health history and an account of substance use. From there, the team designs the best possible personalized care plan customized to meet the specific needs, goals and circumstances of the individual. The individualized plan is organic, and can be adjusted as needed throughout the course of treatment. When necessary, clients immediately enter detox. BAR offers a comprehensive medical detox program with 24/7 supervision and medication that helps curb uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms like nausea and hallucinations. The length of detox typically lasts between three and eight days. Unlike many detox units, BSACR offers “social detox” where clients are encouraged to socialize and communicate with peers. 

BSACR employs a multifaceted approach to care that integrates a number of medical and therapeutic services including psychotherapy, physician and psychiatric assessments, life skills training, 12-step work and holistic models. Clients also take part in individual and group therapy sessions. BSCAR believes in the vital role that family involvement plays in recovery. To this end, the facility provides family therapy sessions that help rebuild families, strengthen communication, nurture growth and educate parents and siblings about addiction. Individuals participate in regular consultations with a medical doctor. BSACR provides extensive job and life skills training including a specialized program for new parents. The facility offers experiential and recreational therapies, and are also introduced to the 12-step community and encouraged to participate in regular meetings. In addition, psychoeducation helps clients understand addiction, identify triggers and manage stress and anger. 

The organization employs a large, diverse team of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, interventionists, nurses, therapists, counselors and case managers. Medication management and medical services are available for individuals in need of dual diagnosis support for co-occurring mental health conditions. 


BSACR also offers organized and effective intervention services. 

In Summary

Better Substance Abuse Care Rehab in Hampton, Virginia provides a range of therapeutic and medical services for individuals with substance use issues. The facility specializes in dual diagnosis care, interventions and detox programming as well as comprehensive outpatient treatment. For anyone seeking rehabilitation in eastern Virginia, Better Substance Abuse Care Rehab is a great resource. 

Better Substance Abuse Care Rehab Location

26 Towne Centre Way
Hampton, VA 23666

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