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 Prescott ArizonaAnchorage Transitional Living Review

Located in Prescott, Arizona, Anchorage Transitional Living provides safe and structured sober living for men. Steve Emery, who is in recovery, took over as program director in 2011. Emery has many professional credentials in the recovery field. Among them, he is a level I and II recovery coach, a nationally certified life coach and a certified interventionist. At Anchorage Transitional Living, Emery and his staff work hard to sustain a setting that is conducive to recovery.

Accommodations and Amenities

Anchorage Transitional Living accommodates 12 men in three two-bedroom fully furnished apartments in a gray apartment complex, which is shrouded by trees. Clients are paired in rooms, which include twin beds, dressers, a closet and small cabinets. Each apartment has a spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, washer and dryer. The living rooms include contemporary furniture and an entertainment center with a TV.

Residents are responsible for their own groceries and meal preparation. Amenities include basic cleaning supplies, Wi-Fi and Dish Network. A house manager lives on the premises.

Rules and Regulations

Potential clients undergo a comprehensive interview to ensure that Anchorage Transitional Living is an appropriate fit. Emery only accepts men who truly want to be at Anchorage, and who are eager to work a 12-step program. Some clients are fresh out of detox, and others have been clean and sober for up to a year before admittance. Clients are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Narcotic medications are not allowed on the premises.

Requirements include attendance at five outside weekly 12-step meetings, participation at the house meeting and performance of household chores. Clients must work or go to school or perform community service. The curfew is 11 pm seven days a week. Clients undergo random drug and alcohol screenings. Relapsed residents are immediately evicted from the premises, to ensure the safety of other clients.


The complex includes a meeting room, fitness center, a horseshoe pit, barbecue area and a carport where outdoor meetings are held, when the weather is warm. Residents participate in a plethora of outdoor activities including bike riding and hiking.

In Summary

Under the expertise of Emery and his competent staff, Anchorage Transitional Living provides a sober living house where residents form a sense of brotherhood. This house is close to nature, businesses and a plethora of 12-step meetings, allowing residents a chance to have the best of all worlds while they work on their lives, and on building a solid foundation in their recovery.

Anchorage Transitional Living Location

Anchorage Transitional Living
655 Glendale Ave
Prescott, AZ 86303

Anchorage Transitional Living Cost

$800 (30 days). Reach Anchorage Transitional Living by phone at (928) 273-3936 (cell), (928) 445-4327 or by email at [email protected]. Find Anchorage Transitional Living at Facebook and LinkedIn

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  1. I want others to know how happy I am with my son being at this sober living center. I believe this is the best thing that could ever and has ever helped my son. The structure was surely what was needed. No more excuses. The main thing is that the seriousness of this disease (life or death) is all consuming for the addict. As a family member we need to get out of the way and at times when we don’t and make a bigger mess…either the addict wants to get well or not. Sometimes the rehoritic maybe gets a bit heated, so what, again it’s about their life. How serious are you? Thank you Steve Emery I know you know how serious this disease is and I congratulate you about caring about that. I highly recommend your sober living homes for the very reasons I just explained. Can’t say enough for you and all your help…I would like to respond to the mom who’s son was upset… I hope she can get to an alanon meeting for herself. It is a family disease…thank you.

  2. Just in case your are looking for Sober Living places in Prescott, AZ – this is one to STAY AWAY from. As if dealing with addiction isn’t difficult enough.

    When looking to admit my son Steve Emery was enthusiastic about everything he could do for my son, and pressed very hard for me to mail him a check to secure a bed (he had a waiting list, so I had to act NOW). He was made fully aware of my son’s dual diagnosis, as was his house manager, and they both expressed confidence in their experience and ability to care for my son. He described my son as extremely likable and a ‘great guy’ during his first few days in Anchorage. When my son expressed concerns about being bullied by other members of the household Steve changed completely. He became angry and defensive, he completely refused to listen to anything else and went on and on about how this would affect his reputation. As it turned out reputation is the most important thing to Steve Emory, this comes above the well being of men in his care. He went from positively describing my son, to calling him ‘the most entitled person he’d ever met’ (my son is no angel, but in the many years he has been working to get and to stay well he has never been described as entitled) Within 30 minutes of expressing a concern he threw my son out, told him he was unwelcome and could not return and then categorically refused to even give us even a partial refund. In the end he kept $1,500 for 1 week of substandard care and in our interactions since has been verbally aggressive and extremely unprofessional. I urge you to stay away from this place, there are several well run, professional, ethical and accountable sober living places in the area that are not run solely on one man’s ego.

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