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Agoura Neurofeedback, Inc.


Agoura Neurofeedback, Inc. Review

Located in Agoura Hills, situated between the Santa Monica mountains and the city of Thousand Oaks, Agoura Neurofeedback, Inc. is a neurofeedback clinic that specializes in the care of clients of all ages struggling with stress, mental health conditions, substance use disorders or chronic pain. Agoura Neurofeedback is the outpatient component of the Awakenings organization, that offers comprehensive Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP). The facility is family owned and operated by Dr. Shari Corbitt and Peter Corbitt. Dr. Shari Corbitt is an expert in the field of addictions and chronic pain. Dr. Peter Corbitt is a certified clinical neuro therapist with over five years experience.

Treatment and Staff

The goal of Agoura Neurofeedback is “optimal wellness for every client.” Clients begin treatment with an assessment to determine the most effective neurofeedback program to meet their specific needs. The neurofeedback technique, also known as EEG Biofeedback, is used treat a broad range of conditions including substance use disorders, eating disorders, depression, OCD, anxiety and chronic pain as well as ADHD and weight loss. Lengths of outpatient treatment vary depending on the client, as some individuals have more severe or even multiple conditions to treat. Most clients see significant results in 20 to 30 sessions. The facility suggests two sessions a week.

Neurofeedback is a method that essentially teaches the brain how to perform more efficiently. Sensors track brainwaves while training exercises work to optimize thoughts, behaviors and focus. A typical neurofeedback session lasts about 45 minutes. During sessions, clients sit in comfortable chairs with electrodes on their scalp.  Brainwaves are tracked and displayed on a computer screen in the form of fragmented images with audio cues.

Many clients engage in a program called Whole Life Restructuring, where holistic methods like guided meditation and journaling are used as complementary pieces along with the neurofeedback technology.


Neurofeedback can also be used as a performance enhancer by training clients to reduce negative self-talk.

In Summary

Operating under the Awakenings network, Agoura Neurofeedback, Inc. provides neurofeedback on an outpatient level to treat a wide range of mental illness conditions. The technology works by retraining the brain to adjust thoughts and behaviors, which hopefully assists in managing stress and optimizing the “whole life.” For clients seeking a unique technique, Agoura Neurofeedback is worth exploring.

Agoura Neurofeedback, Inc. Location

Agoura Neurofeedback, Inc.
28310 Roadside Dr, Ste 235-255
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Agoura Neurofeedback, Inc. Cost

$150.00 (one session); $1,250 (10 sessions); $4,000 (40 sessions); most PPO insurances accepted. Reach Agoura Neurofeedback, Inc. by phone at (310) 848-5418 or by email at [email protected]. Find Agoura Neurofeedback, Inc. on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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