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Acadia: Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center


Sheboygan WisconsinAcadia: Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center Review

Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center opened in 2001 to provide basic outpatient substance abuse treatment supported by Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Sheboygan CTC’s services are exclusive to clients who are dealing with opioid abuse issues. Treatment does not follow the 12-step approach but does utilize evidence-based methods through both group and individual therapy.

As a member of the Acadia Healthcare network, Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center is just one of many behavioral health facilities providing chemical dependency and therapeutic support. With its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, Acadia serves communities across the country and in the UK with residential, outpatient and school-based treatment programs.

Treatment and Staff

Sheboygan CTC accepts adult clients, 18 years and over. The single medication prescribed for treatment at Sheboygan is methadone, and all tracks are individualized. In conjunction with medication, clients are also expected to attend at least one group session per week as well as one weekly individual meeting with a counselor who is assigned to them upon admission. Length of treatment depends on each client’s level of need, as does frequency of sessions. While in treatment, clients work on recovery and healthy coping skills.

Sheboygan employs a number of Licensed Addiction Counselors (LACs), registered nurses and a staff medical doctor who is always on site and available to the clients.

In Summary

With more than 15 years of continuous operation, the Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center has been providing basic outpatient therapeutic services combined with MAT using methadone. With access to group and individual therapy as well as individualized tracks that are tailored to each individual’s needs, this facility is a solid option for those looking for a safe place to begin their recovery journey.

Acadia: Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center Location

Acadia: Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center
2842 South Business Dr
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center Cost

$150 (intake fee); $468-$720 (30 days). Reach Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center by phone at (920) 458-6527or by email at [email protected]. Find Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center on Google+

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  1. I have been a patient at this clinic for MANY years. I was never a heroin user. I had issues with nartoic pain medication. I’ve ALWAYS followed the long list of rules, and never failed a UA. Long story short, this place is AWEFUL! There are so many people that go there that are there for a free fix. 95% of the people that go there are mean, cruel, and disgusting. Even if you do nothing, people start crap with you. In the mornings when they open, everyone goes running from the parking lot to the door, because they have to wait in vehicles till clinic staff turns on the light. I’ve seen numerous people getting knocked over onto the ground, and get trampled over because that’s just how bad it is there. Staff there do NOTHING about all the problems, and problem patience. It’s just that AWEFUL. I’ve seen other patients sell their medication right there in the parking lot, and I’ve seen just some overall nasty stuff. If you don’t have insurance, the clinic will take you as a patient still, but only on a cash pay basis. Let me tell you this much those fees are astronomically high! Put it to you this way, if I wanted to get narcotics off the street, it would of been way cheaper to do that then going to this clinic. The counselors there and doctor there are AWEFUL! They don’t help you like they should. All of the counselors, the doctor, and nurses that all work there are people who who have never been codependent on a drug a day in their life, so Im sure you can understand when I tell 6iu that the rules they have set are the dumbest I ever seen. Here’s a great example that really happened. I have a friend who I helped talk int9 going in to this clinic. She turned her life around, followed the rules to a T, and was a fantastic person. The better you do the less you have to go in there to get your medications. Well my friend got a job that required her to work hours that she would never be able to come in for a callback unless it was on one of her very few days off. Long story short they claim they gave her a callback, she had no missed calls from them, and there was no voicemail. They knew she was at work, and do you know what these AWEFUL people did? They took her phase away and all pretty much because she was working. Now how messed up is that! I seriously think they did that to her because like me she is a cash payer too, and that place seems to have a reaccuring theme going on there that the second you start talking to your counselor about wanting to go down on your dose so you can get off the methadone, shortly after the staff lies about something you didn’t do, and they lower your phase to make it difficult for you to want to quick. I’ve been watching so many documentaries about places like this. These clips are money making schemes. They don’t care about rehabilitating you. They only care about getting as many patients as possible, and making as much money as possible. The only reason why they have patients that have medical assistance attend the clinic is to blend in try and strongly encourage you to NOT go to this place! Please seek help elsewhere besides Sheboygan Comprehensive Treatment Center. Please don’t go. You’ll end up being stuck there like I am.

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