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Vermont Treatment Programs

In January 2014 Vermont governor, Peter Shumlin, focused his State of the State Message to address the serious heroin crisis that he said is pervading the state. This has caused Vermont to step up their addiction treatment programs for not only heroin and opiate addictions, but alcohol and other drug addictions as well. This strong emphasis on treating addictions places Vermont as a very good option for finding alcohol or drug abuse treatment programs. The state has a lot to offer.

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Outpatient vs. inpatient treatment centers

Vermont is home to both outpatient as well as inpatient treatment centers for addiction. There are a wide variety of programs ranging from counseling and education to in depth, intensive, inpatient addiction treatment. Vermont’s abundance of natural beauty makes for a pleasant, comfortable, healing environment for both inpatient and outpatient rehab.

Outpatient programs allow patients to live at home and go to the facility only for treatment or counseling. An inpatient program requires the patient to reside at the rehab facility for a portion of their treatment. There are many variations of these types of rehab programs and patients have many options for treatment programs in Vermont.

Inpatient rehab

The Vermont Department of Health has developed a strategic plan for the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs (ADAP) that is intended to make Vermont rehabs more accessible to the state’s residents. It is a multi-faceted program that addresses prevention, treatment, high risk populations, and measurement for program success. Inpatient rehabs are a significant part of this plan, particularly given the emphasis on opiate and heroin addiction. Inpatient treatment is highly recommended for those types of addictions.

An inpatient program allows the patient to live at the facility for at least a portion of their treatment. They live, sleep, eat, attend counseling, and see doctors all within the same center. Some inpatient programs include detox as well.

Outpatient rehab

Some addiction treatment plans are presented as outpatient programs. This means that the patient lives at home or at a halfway house and only visits the facility for services such as group sessions, counseling, medical visits, and rehab related activities. For some people this is a better program option because they can keep their job and take care of their family while getting treatment for addiction.

Many alcohol rehab programs as well as drug programs are available on an outpatient basis but certain types of addictions and more serious levels of addiction may require inpatient treatment. Some patients do prefer outpatient rehab while others prefer inpatient rehab because it shelters them from triggers and temptations while they get healthy.

Insurance for rehab

Many rehab facilities in Vermont accept insurance. If you have insurance, it is worth taking the time to check and see which programs will accept the plan that you have. Many pay at least a portion of the expenses, but there are also quite a few that pay the full price. If you are looking for a Vermont drug rehab or help for alcohol addiction, your insurance just may pay for it. If not there are programs available through the state that can help residents pay for treatment.

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Find a rehab in Vermont right now.

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