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Rhode Island Treatment Program

Looking around the web for information on treatment programs in Rhode Island? RehabReviews.com is here to guide you through the difficult decision-making process of deciding to enter Rhode Island drug rehab and choosing the right one for you. Of course, not all Rhode Island rehabs are made equally. Read over the information about substance abuse in Rhode Island to help you down your path to recovery.

Substance Abuse in Rhode Island

Reports from HealthyAmericans.org place Rhode Island as the #13 state with the highest drug overdose rates. Rhode Island and all of the United States are working steadfast to fight the dreadful prescription drug abuse epidemic. If you or someone you know is misusing prescription drugs, you need to see someone at one of the treatment programs in Rhode Island.

There is a big drug problem in Rhode Island and, if you think you have a problem with drugs, you are not alone. The Rhode Island Drug Control Update reveals that approximately 13 percent of adults admitted to having used illicit drugs in the past month compared to a national 8 percent. What’s more, Rhode Island outranks every other state for teenage substance abuse indicators.

Heroin poses the biggest threat to the livelihood of this state. It is the #1 primary drug endorsed in Rhode Island rehabs. In 2010, about 1,500 individuals entered treatment for heroin abuse. Marijuana and cocaine are next in line as being cited as a primary problem in rehab settings. If you or someone you know is using heroin, marijuana, or cocaine, you need to see a trained substance abuse specialist for treatment.

How to Get Help: Rhode Island Rehabs

There are so many benefits for entering rehabilitation treatment. Individuals who seek professional help instead of trying to quit on their own, show greater success rates. Plus, these individuals are given a wealth of information and resources that enable them to seek treatment once again if they were to relapse after becoming sober.

Clients in Rhode Island alcohol rehab and drug treatment programs are given the chance to receive quality counseling to sort through personal issues that may have caused them to use drugs. They are also provided with support throughout the inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab program and are typically directed to an after-care support group as well.

If you want to get help, here’s how:

  • Sit down with your primary care provider or family to decide on a treatment option–inpatient, long-term residential, outpatient, etc.
  • Discuss the treatment options that best fit your needs and the severity of your addiction.
  • Go over the details of treatment costs. Research insurance for rehab or check out Rhode Island drug rehab facilities that offer rehab financing if you are worried you can’t afford treatment.
  • Browse a number of treatment programs in Rhode Island that meet your criteria. Decide on a center where you can get the best quality services for your particular needs.
  • Enroll and make the next step in regaining control of your life and beating addiction.

Making the choice to get help for addiction is not easy. Applause to you for stepping up for yourself or someone you know and getting the necessary help to treat addiction at a Rhode Island drug rehab or Rhode Island alcohol rehab.

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