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Are you a resident of Oklahoma who is looking to find out more information about outpatient or inpatient rehab services? If you are interested in seeking help for substance abuse–whether for yourself or a family member–you have made an important, life-changing choice. Learn all you need to know about Oklahoma rehabs below.

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Treatment Programs in Oklahoma: What They Treat

Overall the reported use of illicit drugs in the past 30 days for Oklahoma residents is equal to the national average based on reports from WhiteHouse.gov. However, other data from these reports show that deaths that occurred as a result of drug use exceeded the United States’ average. For example, data shows that in 2007 Oklahoma had 19 drug-induced deaths per 100,000 residents; the nation was remarkably lower at 12.7 per 100,000. Accordingly, the state is ranked as the fifth highest in drug overdose.

As the entire nation–lawmakers and health care providers both–buckle down to fight the rise of prescription drug abuse, Oklahoma is battling this epidemic also. Prescription drug abuse deaths exceeded those for motor vehicle crash fatalities in 29 states.

In addition to prescription drugs, Oklahoma drug rehab and Oklahoma alcohol rehab programs treat addictions to these substances below and many others:

  • Marijuana (which commons in first for the most commonly cited drug in Oklahoma rehabs)
  • Stimulants, including methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Heroine
  • Tranquilizers

Treatment Programs in Oklahoma: The Approach

There are numerous approaches to treating substance abuse and it is always best to discuss treatment options with your healthcare providers and family to find the solution that best suits your needs. Overall, most programs focus on a whole family treatment approach that allows the addicted person to not only receive help for the substance abuse problem but also repair broken relationships and the family dynamic to promote a healthier, more stable future for all.

Since much research has revealed the astounding effects of addiction on the entire family, this option is typically offered to clients. It helps the family better understand the addict and his behavior, allows them to voice concerns and frustrations in a safe environment, and enables them to develop adaptive coping skills to help the addict prevent relapse.

Other approaches followed by Oklahoma alcohol rehab and drug treatment centers involve holistic treatment that focuses on healing the whole person.

Treatment Programs in Oklahoma: The Costs

Another big concern for many addicts looking to enter a Oklahoma drug rehab program is the financial cost of such a program. Rehab can be quite costly depending on the structure and length of the program. By far, outpatient rehab is usually least expensive than longer-term inpatient treatment centers. Still, you should base your decision as to the length of your program on advice from both your family and health care team. Insurance for rehab is accepted at most centers and many also offer financing for patients with limited resources.

While rehab is expensive, it is more than worth it. Quitting on your own is usually ineffective and results in relapse. Receiving the proper care of a multidisciplinary health team to guide you down the road to recovery is your best shot at becoming and staying sober.

Find a rehab in Oklahoma right now.

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