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How to Find Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

How to Find Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, finding the right luxury addiction treatment center is an important first step to getting back on the path to sobriety. Luxury residential treatment centers give you the opportunity to live with other peers who are also facing the same substance abuse struggles you are experiencing in a supportive environment. Since treatment philosophy and programs can vary between luxury addiction treatment centers, it is important to research different options so you can find the right luxury addiction treatment that best matches your needs.

When evaluating luxury addiction treatment, consider the following:

Where is the center located? Many luxury rehab centers are in remote locations, providing participants with enhanced privacy. This seclusion can help participants focus on recovery without worrying about public scrutiny. Choosing a program that is away from your current location can be a helpful ‘fresh start’ in a different place. However, it is important that these programs offer continuing care options for supporting your recovery once you return home.

What type of care is offered? Addiction rehab is the first step to building a strong foundation for lifelong recovery. The right program will honor your individuality with personalized care and provide a wide range of traditional and complementary therapies. In addition to traditional 12-step programs, many luxury rehab centers offer a combination of care that includes cognitive based therapy, holistic therapies, equine therapy, exercise therapy (e.g., outdoor ropes courses), and mind-body options (e.g., yoga and meditation).

Is dual diagnosis care available? If you meet the criteria for a mental health disorder as well as an addiction, you may benefit from dual diagnosis treatment. This approach includes the parallel care for mental health and substance use disorders. It also acknowledges that medication can play an important role in treating depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other mental health disorders. Dual diagnosis care is a comprehensive approach to recovery that addresses all of an individuals’ health concerns.

Will family members or loved ones be included in treatment? An inclusive strategy will include partners, spouses, children or other household members/loved ones for individual counseling, group meetings, and addiction education.

While recovery from addiction drugs and alcohol can be challenging and difficult, by finding the right luxury addiction rehab center and a compassionate, properly trained treatment team, you can take an important first step to start the journey towards recovery.