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How can I find the best private drug rehab?

How can I find the best private drug rehab?

Maintaining your privacy while in treatment for drug, alcohol or gambling addiction can be difficult if you choose a public funded facility. Thankfully private drug treatment is available to you as an alternative. Through this type of treatment program you are able to maintain confidentiality and total privacy throughout your treatment. For many individuals this can help increase the vitality of recovery from drugs or addictive behaviors.

Private Treatment Population

Not everyone in a private treatment facility is a famous celebrity, politician or Fortune 500 CEO. This type of rehab is available to anyone who feels they could benefit from having total privacy when going through treatment. Individuals with personality types that thrive in intimate settings, such as introverts, or those with volatile social groups or family members are better served in the intimate setting of private drug treatment programs. If you would like to go through recovery without the social strains of your community, work or family pulling at you, then this could be your best move.

Understanding Private Drug Treatment

When you go to a private rehab you are able to focus on your treatment without the influence of outsiders interfering with your program. This type of treatment can be either inpatient, intensive outpatient or totally outpatient. The common thread is that in private treatment you are secluded from society. Sometimes this is figuratively, other times it is based on location. Here are some examples of treatment programs that are private:

  • Wilderness based rehab facilities located off the beaten path, which incorporate outdoor activities and recreation with treatment plans
  • Spa type rehab centers where treatments include meditation, yoga, nutrition and spirituality
  • Outpatient services provided via unmarked offices, such as in major cities like NYC, that are geographically convenient for busy professionals

Find a private drug treatment that meets your specific level of care and treatment plan. This can help you tremendously by streamlining your treatment without the fear of outside influence. If you aren’t sure of your level of care or treatment needs, consult with an addiction specialist, as noted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Paying for Private Drug Treatment

A main concern with receiving private treatment is the ability to pay for this level of care. Check with the various treatment centers you are considering for private care to see what their payment practice entails. Options for paying for treatment include cash pay and PPO insurance. If you do not have the financial means to cover your treatment at a private facility, but you feel you would best benefit from this level of service, speak to someone in billing to see if there are financial aid or payment plan options. Finding the best private rehab to meet your treatment needs is the best way to ensure your long term recovery from addiction.