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California Treatment Programs

Addiction takes a toll on your health, your finances, your family and your self-esteem. If you have been struggling with addiction and haven’t been able to quit using on your own, there is help available. When willpower isn’t enough, drug rehab can be the solution.

Many addicts and alcoholics have successfully sought and received help from both inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab programs. Your first step is to find a treatment center that is right for you.

Treatment Programs In California

California has a plentiful and diverse selection of outpatient and inpatient treatment centers to choose from. There are treatment programs that specialize in certain populations, such as teen rehabs, rehabs for older adults, and men and women’s treatment centers.

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Many California rehabs base their treatment around the twelve steps, but if that isn’t right for you, then there are many non twelve step programs available, as well as holistic treatment centers.

You will find that there are shorter, 30 day programs, as well as programs lasting anywhere from 90 days to nine months or longer. The success rate for longer programs seems to be higher than short programs, and programs that offer extended treatment, such as transitional living or aftercare also show a higher success rate.

California Alcohol Rehab Programs

Alcoholism is a leading cause of health issues today. Cardiovascular disease, liver disease, neurological issues and injuries due to accidents are all real problems faced by this population.

If you have been struggling with alcoholism, quitting drinking on your own may feel impossible, and pressure from family and friends isn’t enough, either. Turning to a treatment center can be the start of a new life free from drinking.

Getting to the point where you are ready to seek help doesn’t happen overnight. Often, other people are the first to point out that there is a problem. It is common for people to feel that they should be able to quit drinking on their own, using willpower. Only after time has passed and consequences have started stacking up do people turn to treatment centers to get relief.

California Drug Rehab Programs

Drug addiction affects millions of people each day of all ages and from all walks of life. Addiction does not discriminate. People often have a preconceived notion about what a drug addict is supposed to be like, and are often surprised to find out that a drug addict can be anyone they know, and can have jobs and families and are often well-respected professionals.

Still, there is a stigma attached to drug use, and this stigma can make it difficult for people to admit they have a problem and seek help. Treatment centers are a safe, non-judgmental place to take time to heal, to learn new coping skills and to break free from the cycle of using drugs.

Why Do Treatment Centers Work?

A combination of factors contribute to the effectiveness of inpatient rehab centers. First and foremost, it gives you time away from people, places and situations where you may be confronted with drugs or alcohol. In other words, you are safe in treatment.

Second, you have support from people who want to help you overcome your addiction. These people include the counselors at rehab, many of whom have been where you are at one time. You also have the support and encouragement of your peers, which plays a huge part in recovery.

Away from drugs and alcohol, your body and mind will begin to clear, and you will find yourself with a new perspective on life. Much of your time in treatment will be spent in individual counseling sessions, group counseling sessions and education.

You will have an opportunity to get a little distance from situations that may have contributed to your problems. Over time, you will lose the urge to use, and you will learn techniques that can help you avoid relapse once you are out of treatment.

Finding A California Drug Rehab That Is Right For You

You will be more successful if you find a rehab that you feel comfortable with. Treatment centers range from no-frills to high-end luxury operations. Many of them are set in lovely and serene areas, such as the coast or the mountains.

Some rehabs put a larger focus on overall wellness, including physical health, spiritual health and treatment of underlying issues. At these rehabs, you may find nutrition services, activities such as yoga and Tai Chi, or perhaps art or equine therapy.

Other rehabs are more narrowly focused on overcoming addiction, making that a priority and keeping their program simple. Whatever your needs are, you can find treatment programs in California that are right for you.

Find a rehab in California right now.

What Happens After Treatment?

Some California rehabs offer extended services. These services are meant to help clients succeed after rehab. Transitional living facilities are often a part of the treatment program package. After the initial rehabilitation period, the client will move into a transitional home with other clients. This type of living situation is more relaxed and not as structured as rehab, and clients are generally free to come and go as they please.

During this transitional time, residents are encouraged to continue with other aftercare activities, such as meeting attendance, classes or groups. In addition, this is also a time for reintegrating back into normal life, taking classes or job searching. Transitional living is an opportunity to ease back into life clean and sober.

Sober Living Homes

Similar to transitional living, but even less structured. In many ways, living in a sober living home is no different than any other living situation with roommates. However, a sober living home requires that residents remain clean and sober. Testing may be required.

Both of these options offer a good long-term outcome. The longer that a person spends in rehab, or in a supportive environment, the greater their chances of staying clean and sober.

Paying For Treatment

If you have concerns about paying for rehab, it may help to know that there is insurance for rehab, and that insurance may pay for some or even all of the costs of treatment.

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