What are the best drug rehab centers? | Best Rehabs in US

What are the best drug rehab centers?

What are the best drug rehab centers?

Once you have decided that detox treatment and rehab are in your near future it’s time to start shopping for a rehab center. Start your search by looking for the best drug rehab centers either in your geographical location, at your price range, or for your type of addiction. Using rehab reviews, both online and in person, you can narrow down the thousands of rehab options available to you. Additionally, there are some questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the best rehab facility and treatment program.

What is Your Level of Care?
As all addicts are individuals, your type and degree of addiction is equally one of a kind. As a result there is no cookie cutter formula for going through detox treatment and therapy. You need to determine your level of care. According to Psych Central there are four levels of care:

  • Level I is the least intense level, and involves the use of outpatient treatment
  • Level II increases in involvement and focus through intensive outpatient treatment
  • Level III is typically for moderately addicted individuals whom are placed in residential care via a medically monitored program that provides intensive inpatient treatment
  • Level IV is the most advanced level of care, and it involves medically managed treatment that is  intensive inpatient treatment

How do you determine your level of care? This involves the diagnosis of your primary care provider or an addiction specialist. However, it is important to understand what level of care you need so you can find the best rehab to meet your needs. Additionally, if you can locate a rehab center that offers more than one level of care, that is your best bet. After all, you are going to be decreasing, hopefully, from more advanced levels to the lowest level involving outpatient treatment as you move toward recovery. Having one stable rehab provider throughout the entire process can help you tremendously. Who wants to change to another rehab, with another set of counselors, roommates and group therapy participants mid-stream? That is exactly what you are trying to avoid by going to the best rehab the first time.

What Do I Need from a Rehab Facility?

In addition to providing you with detox treatment and personalized rehabilitation based on your level of care, you want a rehab that offers a range of services and amenities. For some this includes gourmet foods, luxurious accommodations and privacy. Other guests may be fine with painless detox treatment, sparsely decorated hospital-style rooms, and limited recreational opportunities. It is up to you to decide what you need from a rehab center so that you can get through the treatment program successfully.