Lisa Alden is a writer living in Los Angeles. She wrote on HBO’s Entourage for four years and NBC’s Lipstick Jungle. She was a movie executive for many years, has taught screenwriting at UCLA and Writers Bootcamp, and is working on a memoir about dogs and men. She has a successful dog treat company, “Sally Snacks” on Amazon, that is the legacy of her dog Sally who passed away last year. She currently has two dogs and considers them all to be the most reliable and entertaining people in the world. 1 Article

Megan James has over ten years combined editorial and psychology experience writing in the beauty and health markets, as a senior editor, associate editor, staff writer, freelancer, clinical psychotherapist and clinical program director.1 Article

Tricia Moceo advocates long-term sobriety by writing for websites like Detox Local, providing resources to recovering addicts and shedding light on the disease of addiction. Tricia is a mother of two, actively involved in her local recovery community, and is passionate about helping other women find hope in seemingly hopeless situations.1 Article

Ann Dowsett Johnston spent the majority of her professional career at Macleans magazine, where she won five National Magazine Awards.1 Article

Julie Lambert realized the importance of sleep at a very young age, as she was growing up in a home where getting enough z's was great luck. First started as a side interest, studying the science behind sleep soon became her main passion.1 Article

Tricia Blake is a freelance creative writer who collaborates with various healthy lifestyle enthusiasts to share her experiences through the written word. She especially loves writing about health and the various ways to become healthy. Tricia worked as a content marketing specialist in her formal life but recently left to pursue a full-time freelance career.1 Article

Michael W. Clune is the critically acclaimed author of the memoirs Gamelife and White Out: The Secret Life of Heroin. His academic books include Writing Against Time and American Literature and the Free Market. Clune’s work has appeared in venues ranging from Harper’s, Salon, and Granta, to Behavioral and Brain Sciences, PMLA, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. He is currently Professor of English at Case Western Reserve University, and lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio.1 Article

Pamela Roberts is the addictions program manager at Priory Hospital Woking. Her role involves managing the team and the continuous development of the program. Pamela meets with people who are considering treatment, and works with patients in therapy groups, individual sessions and family sessions. Pamela is an accredited member of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals and is a member of the British Psychology Society.1 Article

Grace Carter is an educator at Big Assignments and Assignment Help services. She curates a team of tutors, reviews academic programs and develops new strategies. Also, Grace teaches at, academic portal.1 Article

John Moran is a cross addicted addict 13 years in program. Sobriety has enabled him to sit down long enough to write. With a novel, play, screenplay, web series and short scene collection underway, he's enthusiastically making up for lost time.1 Article

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