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zion-recovery-centerZion Recovery Center Review

Zion Recovery Center is a faith-based drug and alcohol treatment facility dedicated to conquering addiction. Offering both residential and outpatient treatment for adult males, this unique program combines evidence-based treatment methods with the basic gospel principles. While this particular facility has only been in operation for two years, the CEO and his associates have been in the recovery industry for more than 20 years. The rehab is located in central Utah, about 30 miles west of Provo, the picturesque mountains and clear skies providing a perfect backdrop for recovery.

Accommodations and Food

The residential facility is a lovely two-story, five-bedroom home in a well-manicured neighborhood of Eagle Mountain. With a maximum capacity of eight men, clients get individual attention and a chance to bond. There are two men to a room with three shared bathrooms on the second floor. Rooms are cozy and simple, with towels and linens provided by the facility. The fifth room, a single-occupant master bedroom with private bath and a flat screen TV, is the prize for good leadership and behavior. Clients rotate rooms every two weeks for the purpose of learning to connect with new people and to avoid isolation. On the first floor are a living room, den, kitchen and dining area. The facility provides all meals; food is fresh and purchased daily. A licensed dietitian plans the menu and clients are responsible for prepping, serving and cleaning up after themselves.

There is no smoking at Zion Recovery Center and cell phones and computers are also prohibited. The only medications allowed are Aspirin or Tylenol.

Treatment, Staff and Schedule

Zion Recovery Center’s residential program follows a 30-, 60- or 90-day schedule. Clients must be abstinent from drugs and alcohol before entering the facility. There are no medical providers on staff and no detox services. Any clients on psychotropics or antidepressants cannot be admitted, as it does not treat co-occurring disorders.

Zion Recovery Center does not believe in educating clients about the dangers associated with drugs and alcohol, preferring to focus on discussing and treating the underlying causes of addiction (as long as those causes aren’t depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or any other dual diagnosis.) Zion Recovery Center’s small group sizes prevent members from having to compete for time during group therapy.

By administering frequent random urine analysis tests, staff sets a no-nonsense tone. There are three Master’s-level therapists on staff who specialize in substance abuse treatment and use both DBT and CBT, depending on the needs of the clients. Three therapists are on-site Monday through Friday during the day and two staff members are on-site from 10 pm to 7 am, seven days a week.

The typical weekday at Zion starts with morning exercises ranging from yoga in the den to a 45-minute walk or run through the neighborhood. After breakfast, there is morning prayer followed by the first group of the day. Two groups run simultaneously and individual therapy sessions take place weekly. Groups are held on the first floor in the dining room and den. Group topics include relapse prevention, stress management, Bible study and Motivational Interviewing (MI). While Zion Recovery Center does not promote a particular religion, it is Christian-based and use the Bible as a core instructional tool.

After lunch, residents engage in adventure and experiential therapies. The goal here is to gain insight into clients by observing them in social settings. After dinner is structured study time. Each resident has a personal, and often difficult, writing project to complete based on their initial assessment. Additional writing assignments are given as the program continues. From 8 pm to 10 pm, the guys can watch TV, make supervised phone calls and do laundry. On Saturday, the residents get to choose the activity for the day as a group. Clients are given a budget and the group must stay within that set amount. There are two staff members on every outing. Sunday is free day and those clients who wish to attend church services are chaperoned by staff. Visits are not permitted during the treatment stay. The only family time available is during family group therapy sessions, which are scheduled on an individual basis and take place Wednesday evenings.

Zion Recovery Center’s outpatient program combines Christian teachings with the most current evidence-based treatment methods. The outpatient facility is about 20 minutes from Eagle Mountain in Orem, Utah, and the program meets three nights a week from 6 pm to 9 pm for 90 days. Groups conducted by a Master’s-level therapist include relapse prevention, coping skills, stress releases, art therapy and journaling workshops.


Zion Recovery Center uses its outpatient program as a step down in treatment for its residential clients, effectively adding 90 days of aftercare supervision. On top of this, they offer a lifetime guarantee, free of charge, to those who complete the program.

Snowboarding, skiing, hiking, yoga and Tai Chi are some of the extras offered at Zion Recovery Center. Clients are also taken on outings to the local public pool and basketball courts.

In Summary

Zion Recovery Recover is a faith-based treatment center that offers small, intimate groups with lots of structure. Its unique approach favors experiential treatment over traditional “talk” therapy sessions. With a zero tolerance for negativity and criticism, it encourages potential clients to visit the facility and talk with other residents before considering admissions. Two things of note: potential clients must be open to using the Bible in their recovery and dual diagnosis cases are not treated. As long as those two things are not an issue, this looks like a solid treatment option.

Zion Recovery Center Location

4682 East Foxwood Dr
Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

Zion Recovery Center Cost

$8,000 (30 days). Reach Zion Recovery Center by phone at (801) 845-0264 or by email. Find Zion Recovery Center on Facebook and Twitter

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