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York, Maine, best known as a resort town of beaches, golf courses, and the company store of Stonewall Kitchen bakery, is also home to York Hospital, which, among its many offerings, provides outpatient substance abuse services for adults and adolescents. The program encourages clients and their families to attend local 12-step support groups as a supplement to their recovery.

Treatment and Staff

While the emergency room wouldn’t ever turn someone away, there is no formal medical detox at York Hospital. New outpatient clients are expected to arrive sober. Outpatient treatment comes in varying degrees of intensity, but all York clients, no matter how intense their program, are encouraged to participate for at least three months.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at York Hospital, also known as the Cottage Program, is a six-month program divided into two phases. The first phase is six weeks. During this time, each client is assigned a LADC with whom they meet every week. There are four counselors, and usually less than 10 clients, which makes for a very respectable staff-to-client ratio. Cottage Program clients have group therapy mediated by a counselor three times a week—Monday, Wednesday and Thursday—between 3 pm and 7 pm in the evening. These groups give clients the basics: how the cycle of addiction works and how recovery begins. Groups are not gender-specific, but they are kept small to optimize every client’s opportunity to participate.

The far less demanding second phase of IOP lasts 18 weeks. Clients meet weekly for a 90-minute group centering around how to maintain healthy sobriety, handle real world triggers and repair relationships with loved ones.

The Cottage Program is for adults, but adolescents struggling with substance abuse can attend the standard outpatient program, which is a step down from IOP. Clients in this program meet with trained counselors for individual therapy, where they discuss the nature of their addictions and the challenges they face in recovery.

York Hospital’s outpatient programs don’t take clients through the steps, but they do introduce clients to the 12-step method and refer them to meetings.

York Hospital counselors are licensed addiction counselors and Master’s-level therapists. The medical director of the outpatient program is a contracted psychiatrist. There’s no specific track for dual diagnosis, but clients with co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder can make appointments with the medical director for medication consultation.


For clients who have been charged with driving under the influence in Maine or New Hampshire, the Cottage Program meets the requirements for the Maine Driver Education Evaluation Program (DEEP) and may satisfy the requirements of New Hampshire’s Impaired Driver Intervention Program (IDIP). Clients who are referred to Cottage by DEEP and IDIP meet one-on-one with a counselor to make a recovery plan and work on getting their licenses restored.

Meals are provided for clients (and their families!) in the hospital cafeteria on the evenings of group sessions. And clients might want to consider visiting York Hospital’s Living Well Center for a number of stress-reducing services, including massage therapy and Reiki. These services are not, unfortunately, included in the cost of outpatient treatment.

In Summary

Usually, the downside of hospital rehabilitation is size—clients feeling anonymous, getting lost in the shuffle. The outpatient program at York Hospital, however, is in a separate area of the hospital and groups are intentionally kept small. Often, hospital programs are short-term affairs, but not this one. New clients should be willing to commit to the recommended six months of treatment and, given the length of Maine winters, hopefully between April and September.

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