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Yinjia Rose Gong, Addiction Specialist


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Yinjia Rose Gong is a physician in Santa Ana, California, who provides ambulatory opioid detox and a maintenance program with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) using Suboxone. Her office also offers pain management, acupuncture and other cosmetic services.

Treatment and Staff

Before clients begin receiving any treatment a staff member conducts an assessment at intake that goes over the individual’s history of usage, mental and physical health, and details the expectations of the treatment process. They emphasize the importance of clients already being in the beginning stages of an opiate withdrawal before beginning the medication because Suboxone can make someone even sicker if they’re not in that stage yet.

After the intake there are four more phases clients step down through during this process. The next is induction where medication is given in the office after a treatment plan has been implemented. In some cases, depending on the client’s usage, they may receive two doses of Suboxone before returning home. Usually the doctor requests that clients wait after their first dose of medication in the office to see how they are feeling before releasing them. Clients can expect to come back every day for up to seven days during this stage, since this is when the body is detoxing and they need to be monitored closely.

Once stabilization occurs the doctor figures out the exact dosage each client needs during weekly visits. In the interim clients are given take-home doses and report any discomforts or cravings they might have experienced while self administering.

Once clients have their dosage figured out, they move into the maintenance stage, which usually still requires weekly visits to the clinic for monitoring. This is the longest phase and can take up to years on some cases. Eventually the desired result is to be fully detoxed, and Suboxone is slowly tapered off completely.

During the maintenance stage, Dr. Gong refers her clients to a therapist who is experienced with addiction as an added measure of support. In some cases, clients also have acupuncture services to help ease any discomfort they’re experiencing. Dr. Gong is also able to offer other medications if the symptoms are too uncomfortable.

Dr. Gong’s staff is assisted by an RN and medical assistants.

In Summary

Dr. Gong’s philosophy to opioid treatment is that of compassion. She aims to remove the stigma that most clients face when it comes to this addiction as in many cases, individuals are afraid to seek out help because they feel shame. Dr. Gong treats every client with respect and has one goal in mind, which is to assist them in getting clean and living a healthy, drug free life.

Yinjia Rose Gong
1520 Brookhollow Dr, Ste 36
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Yinjia Rose Gong Cost: $60-$120 (per session); sliding scale offered; insurance accepted. Reach Yinjia Rose Gong by phone at (714) 881-7081. Find Yinjia Rose Gong on Facebook and Google+

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