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Yana House


Yana HouseYana House Review

Yana House, located in Nashville, may sound exotic but Yana actually stands for “You Are Never Alone,” which encapsulates this small, female-only treatment center’s emphasis on internal community. That was something Susan Binns, who founded Yana House in 1996, felt was lacking during her own recovery. Yana House has grown from one home to five, offering a program that requires at least a 120-day commitment, though residents can stay up to two years.

Accommodations and Food

The five houses are all located near one another in a safe, residential neighborhood. Four of them are designated residences, while the fifth house is where treatment takes place. The houses are cozy, fully furnished and decked with all of the little trimmings of a typical home, such as a washer, dryer and dishwasher. There’s a lot of natural light and the homes surrounded by natural, green, well-kept gardens and shrubbery.

Each house has two bedrooms with a maximum capacity of four people, but they typically accommodate two or three. Residents often do not have to share rooms, but this depends on available space. Each room is a little different, but they all have twin beds, dressers, a window and customizable wall art. The treatment house has individual rooms, group rooms and an exercise room for yoga and meditation.

Residents cook their own meals at Yana House and get staff escorts to the grocery store twice a week. Each home has a full kitchen equipped with all of the odds and ends the women may need for cooking as well as an oven, stove and refrigerator.


Treatment at Yana House includes dual diagnosis support with individual therapy, group therapy, off-site 12-step meetings, life skill straining like budgetary planning and career guidance, and experiential therapies such as dream analysis, art therapy and yoga. Detox is not offered but treatment does include a physical and a referral to medical treatment as needed.

A typical day of treatment at Yana House lasts from about 8:30 am to 5 pm, during which clients attend group meetings, individual meetings and other educational and recreational treatments in no set order. Staff transport the women to one 12-step meeting a day as well. During phase one, which is four months, residents focus entirely on this treatment plan. After that period, if residents decide to stay longer, they can seek employment and have a car and cell phone.

Staff includes the president and executive director (who are both licensed counselors), a recreation therapist/activities coordinator, a house manager and admissions support worker, a psychiatrist, three counselors with Master’s degrees and two licensed counselors. They work with the Baptist Medical Center and three holistic healing instructors (one certified in recreation therapy and two in yoga) as well. The staff-to-resident ratio at capacity is about one-to-two.


Yana House offers family therapy to enhance the rehabilitation process. Family may visit bi-weekly for groups and can occasionally participate in family counseling with on-site therapists. Yana House does not offer much in terms of aftercare due to the length of the program, but they do offer support to alumni as needed.

In Summary

With their all-encompassing, female-oriented treatment and notably cozy, homey and spacious accommodations, Yana House offers women a solid shot at a full recovery.

Yana House Location

4000 Westlawn Dr
Nashville, TN 37209

Yana House Cost

$5,600 (initial admission fee including physical) plus $4,800 (30 days). Reach Yana House by phone at (615) 383-2755 or by email at [email protected]. Find Yana House at Facebook and Google+

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