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Vancouver WashingtonThe Basics

Located in Vancouver, Washington, X Change Recovery, in collaboration with Grace Ministries, provides gender-specific, faith-based sober living, as well as transitional housing for women with children. The organization’s mission is to teach accountability, provide ample support for those new to recovery, as well as help them find support through Christ. X Change Recovery works closely with local law enforcement and partners with the Clark County jail. They provide a reentry program for criminal justice clients, allowing them an opportunity to become productive members of society.

Accommodations and Amenities

X Change Recovery facilities include Grace Lodge and Serenity House for women and Faith Manor for women with children. Serenity House allows children to spend overnights with their moms, while children live full-time with their moms at Faith Manor. The Refuge House is for men, while Exodus House is a re-entry house for criminal justice males, and the male-only 180 House allows children to spend overnights with their fathers. X Change Recovery accommodates a total of 45 clients, and 10 children. Accommodations vary, per residence, but typically clients are paired in fully furnished doubles. A few singles are available at a higher cost, for clients in phases two and three.

The residents are responsible for some meals. Food preparation is conducted in fully equipped kitchens. Clients receive designated pantry and refrigerator space, and are asked to label their food items. Stealing another resident’s food warrants immediate expulsion from the premises. Three weekly community dinners are offered at the houses, with food donated from Costco and local food pantries. Residents rotate meal planning and cooking for the entire household. Other residents participate in clean up. All these tasks are assigned to ensure that clients learn valuable life skills.

Amenities include landlines, with limited phone privileges, a house computer with Internet, laundry facilities, and cable. Downloading pornography is forbidden. House managers live on the premises at each location to provide supervision and support.

Rules and Regulations

Prior to admittance, clients must have completed detox if necessary. Those on Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) are not admitted. At X Change Recovery, men and women undergo a four-phase system, which includes a 30-day initial blackout. During the black out, clients must look for work, and are allowed to attend legal, medical and counseling appointments. This is considered an acclimation phase, and clients must have a chaperone at all times, unless at work. The curfew is 9 pm seven days a week.

Other requirements include attending two weekly recovery support meetings, including 12-step and Celebrate Recovery, finding a sponsor, working the steps and performing between four and 20 hours of weekly community service, depending on work schedule. Moms whose children live with them have to perform between two and 10 hours of weekly community service. Those on disability or unemployed are still required to do volunteer work, but are assigned hours on a case-by-case basis.

Residents also participate in counseling with staff at Samaritan Ministries. They meet with their assigned case manager once a week, and map out goals. Weekly goal planners must be submitted to house managers. Additionally, residents must gather a phone list of 10 members in the local recovery community, so that they can build a strong support network. Men stick with the men, and women stick with the women, at all times, even with the phone list.

As clients progress through each phase, they maintain weekly meeting requirements, as well as continuing counseling at Samaritan Ministries, and meeting with case managers. During phase two, the curfew is extended to 10 pm seven days a week, unless they work a late shift. Other requirements include working steps one through six with sponsors, meeting with the house manager on a weekly basis, and attending daily spiritual meetings, including Bible studies, daily devotions, and going to the X Change Recovery Service at Faith Center Church at six pm Saturday nights for worship.

Phases three and four parallel the other phases, except the curfews are extended to 11 pm and midnight, respectively, seven days a week. By phase four, residents must establish strong exit and relapse prevention plans with their case managers. Before they leave X Change Recovery, they must establish adequate housing and a strong recovery support system. Random drug and alcohol screenings are conducted. X Change Recovery practices a zero tolerance policy. Residents who relapse must leave the premises immediately.


Other services include case management, parenting classes and GED classes, and required self-help classes, which focus on relationships, spirituality and the 12 steps.

Clothing and shoes are provided for residents in need. Optional programming includes equine therapy and participation in holiday dinners.

In Summary

X Change Recovery, along with Grace Ministries, offers men and women comprehensive, faith-based sober living, which also teaches valuable life skills. This is a highly structured program, which teaches clients accountability, as well as provides them with basic life skills.

X Change Recovery
PO Box 2394
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Faith Center X Change
10702 NE 117th Ave
Vancouver , WA 98662

X Change Recovery Cost: $350-$450 (not including a $125 non-refundable deposit). Reach X Change Recovery at (360) 687- 8555 or by email. Find X Change Recovery at Facebook and  YouTube

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