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the-woods-at-parksideThe Woods at Parkside Review

Ten minutes from Columbus, The Woods at Parkside overlooks a golf course on 11 acres in Gahanna, Ohio. This facility offers both outpatient and residential programs which provide dual diagnosis support for those with co-occurring disorders. TWAP offers treatment for addictions of all types—except those who abuse methadone or fentanyl. The goal is to not only treat substance abuse problems but to identify and contend with the contributing factors. Each program aims to modify lifestyles, behaviors and thinking patterns.

Accommodations and Food

With the ability to treat up to 50 clients at one time, TWAP offers double rooms, some with a view of the golf course. Each room has a shared bathroom and lounge. The grounds feature walking trails, which can be used for exercise and fresh air. There is also a library and additional recreational areas on the property. Smoking is permitted in designated areas. Electronics such as cell phones and laptops are not allowed in the facility in order to focus on recovery. Residents may use the phone during downtime with permission.

There is a fully-staffed kitchen that provides hot meals and snacks in between.

Treatment and Staff

After an intensive pre-screening assessment over the phone, clients will begin enrollment within three to five days of their initial phone call. A medically monitored detox is available for no additional cost, usually taking between three and five days. Dual diagnosis support is available, with a resident psychiatrist on staff.

The residential program offers a short-term stay with  maximum of 28 days. Group therapy and lectures make up the majority of the schedule, in addition to one hour of individual therapy per week. Group topics focus on the 12 steps, relapse prevention and coping skills. Lectures discuss the addiction as a disease model, as well reentry into everyday life. Evidence based therapies such as CBT are used through treatment.

This foundation of this program is rooted in the 12 steps. On-site AA/NA meetings give clients the chance to participate in a recovery-based community. The individual steps are discussed in detail during group therapy. Prior to clients being released, an aftercare plan is created with the individual counselor. A meeting schedule, support system and outpatient care may be included.

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is an eight-hour daily program and the client goes home each night.

Three-hour morning or evening sessions are offered in the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). These clients are able to continue working and carrying out their family commitments. TWAP offers an Intensive Relapse track in IOP in order to help clients see the patterns that cause them to fall back into old habits and how to avoid them.

The Professionals Program caters to healthcare workers struggling with addiction. Caduceus meetings are held each week at Parkside.

The facility ensures that there are always four nurses and four mental health techs during both 12-hour shifts. CADCs are available seven days a week and physicians make rounds at the facility daily. The entire staff includes a psychiatrist, a family medicine physician, RNs, socials workers and counselors.


Aftercare provides continued outpatient therapy for clients who have completed the residential program. They will meet weekly for two hours in small group therapy at the facility along with others who have finished the program. Sober living referrals are available for both males and females upon completion of the residential program.

From time to time volunteers will come in and offer yoga classes, while others present canine therapy to help ease the recovery process. Pizza and a movie nights are much enjoyed by the residents. Friday nights are hugely popular with local young people for the Narcotics Anonymous meetings held at the facility.

Employers may send employees to Short Term Education Program (STEP) in the event of positive drug screens on the job. This instills job safety issues while under the influence.

In Summary

The Woods at Parkside is an inviting, upscale environment with residential quarters and plenty of amenities. Adhering to a 12-step program along with other modalities, the road to recovery is carefully mapped out for each client.

The Woods at Parkside Location

349 Olde Ridenour Rd
Gahanna, OH 43230

The Woods at Parkside Cost

$8,000 (first 9 days plus detox), $500 (per day thereafter). Reach The Woods at Parkside by phone at (800) 282-5512. Find The Woods at Parkside on Facebook

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  1. Jimmyjohn Stiles on

    November 20th 2019, I am a recent client at Woods at Parkside. My experience was life saving for me and the rest of the clients there who were serious about recovery. Detox is not a good time no matter where you are but from everything I experienced your heath and safety was their first concern. All of the nurses were very caring and professional in all matters. The TA’s are all very nice and helpful and truly concerned about your recovery. Most of the staff here is in recovery themselves, so that puts you in an atmosphere of understanding and great sound recovery ideas and actions. They have three client advocates there for you all of your waking hours to assist you with all of your concerns, from your personal recovery plan to the process of rejoining the outside world and beyond. All three have a great foundation of recovery in their personal life. They also have a new Clinical Director who has made along with his staff huge changes to the programming and the facilities, and are ever evolving. I can not say enough about my counselor, she has had the biggest impact on my life of anyone I have ever known. She is gentle and caring but firm in her believes. She is very professional and very knowledgeable in many different aspects of the recovery process. She customized my program that works for me and supported me all along the way. I only wish she could do my follow-up care, but there are only so many hours in the day. Like I said I can not say enough about her. They have a follow-up PHP and IOP programs that if you are able to do I highly recommend. The facilities is an older building so there is always a little thing here and there that crop up, but are usually taken care of right away. My room and bathroom where always cleaned very well and you can have your bedding changed twice a week or more if needed. Remember you are in rehab usually to save your life, not on a vacation, so be more concerned about what you need to be getting out of your recovery. So, over all if you or a family member is serious about recovery then the Woods at Parkside is an excellent choice. Remember no matter where you are in life you only get out what you put in.

  2. I brought a loved one for alcohol cessation…when I first walked in I cringed. The smell of smoke was enough to make you choke, the paint chipping off the walls and DIRTY, looked like it had not been cleaned in years. I was in tears…feeling guilty to leave my loved one there and guilty if I didn’t …felt so unsure. I did leave him as he agreed to go forth, reluctantly from what we saw so far. I went home and slept awful. I got a phone call in the am (finally they let him call form nursing station phone) – “pick me up, there is blood on the curtain, hairs in my bed, no pillow case on this stained pillow, girl puking outside my room, I’ve been ask for a cigarette like 5 times during the night, and they walk in every 15 min and announce they are there so NO sleep” …”We have to try something else this is terrible”. So I pick him up the next am. Well- let me tell you, like the old song- you can come anytime but you can never leave… they make it so difficult! After waiting 3 hours for paperwork to leave, we go to eat lunch and come back and they say “oh now your AMA” what!?!? NO one said anything about that!! Heck we are sitting here in this hell for hours waiting for discharge. ok- so more waiting,,,finally we get to leave. BUT THEY DON”T GIVE YOU BACK YOUR BELONGINGS FROM THE SAFE. Do not lock your things in the safe- leave them at home or with someone for keeping. Had to make another trip 2 days later 1 1/2 drive each way to get cell phone and wallet. Kinda important things to have right?! They did not care – so just take my advice and DO NOT use the safe. I understand how this place might work for some – but cleanliness is key and I may be snotty to say- atmosphere is huge also, who wants to go through the misery of detox in a place that looks like that. And the fact they would not give back our wallet and cell phone was ludicrous. Never have we felt so distressed, heck I never drink or do anything and I was feeling so on edge I needed to!! Terrible. If its “at your own will to come in ” it should be the same to leave. So scary. Glad its over now. Onward to better options.

  3. If you are thinking of sending a loved one or going your self to get help…STAY AWAY! I am not joking or upset. I have been to many rehab places and this place is a joke! Not only was it very dirty there including mold on walls and shower curtains dirty bathrooms carpets was mold stained and smells holes in the walls and ceilings, the place is very unsanitary! Now about the staff…the staff uses the “F” work while in classes for one…another is, the counselors one named Neil has this problem where we meet in a room to have group and he falls to sleep!!! We sat in group for one hour straight while these two people there for recovery was talking about how to get drugs where to get them etc…I spoke up and asked Neil HEY he didnt wake up, another person touched his arm he raised his head up and I said HEY again he said “yes?” I asked what are we in this class today to learn…he went on to talk about the class we had about a half hour ago. How can Parkside have counselors working there that falls to sleep???
    Another thing is, you get 4 1/2 to 5 hour sleep TOPS! They also give Suboxone out like candy there! And for alcohol withdraw they keep you “hooked” on other drugs. This all is to break you down where you cannot think “Brain wash you” so you dont realize the paper work your signing to keep you there for as long as they can. Yes some people do need extra stay and help, but we do need our rest!!!
    Classes idea is super great, but they scream and yell at you and use the “F” word trying to scare you. NOT a good way to recover.
    I could go on and on about that place, but please, if you or your loved one truly wants help and not just get on more drugs and be brain washed to use up your insurance, STAY AWAY FROM THERE!!! Do your research, find a place where they help people who truly wants the help. I might add here that all the staff there are confused to what they are doing! Some of the people there was doing heroin in the rehab! They was found out, but staff yelled and screamed at EVERYONE that was not involved.
    I hope and pray that the board of health will check up on the building and rooms and that the CEO’s will screen their staff! This is a place for people who are homeless have no place to go and or wants to use their drugs.
    I pray for each and everyone of the people who are still in there and will sign in.
    My advise is stay away and find a better place like Mary Haven or Harding in Columbus.
    Please take this serious, drug addition is deadly and this is not the place to get the true help you need. I give this place a -10 Minus 10!!!

    • I was an impatient for 1 week and couldn’t have said it better. HORRIBLE place and experience. DO NOT GO HERE !

    • Above is absolutely a correct representation and great synopsis of this place. Absolutely horrific, corrupt, and it is not about the patient trying to recover. It’s all about getting as much money as possible out of insurance companies. I was drugged and marked as a “fall risk”, yet there was not adequate care. The staff laughed when other patients told me that I would walk along a wall completely incoherent and by myself. I didn’t/couldn’t eat for three days due to the amount of drugs they had given me and the food containers they placed in my room piled up and smelled. Disgusting facilities with the cabinet doors in bathroom hanging off or removed and the drains in the tub/shower did not drain the water. The staff steals from patients, even out of the locked safe. Mold on walls, poor food sourcing, no counseling as promised, and forget about getting any sleep. STAY AWAY from this place. Should be investigated by the state.

    • I can only agree with everything being said here. I was there in 1995. Very unprofessional staff who just assume from the outset that they know how to “fix” you. They would not let me speak to my family at all. I finally had to insist on leaving. That sounds easy, but they did everything they could to block me. “Exit Interviews”, etc. I finally just said “you can’t hold me against my will. I’m leaving”. They said okay, but refused to let me use the phone. I had to walk over a mile to a payphone to call my wife collect to come and pick me up. To top it all off, I was later diagnosed with Panic Disorder, which I had been self-medicating with alcohol. Once the Panic Disorder was treated, I was able to stop drinking to excess. If their “doctor” had done anything but ply me with Librium (to make me “manageable” – what the hell? I was nothing but nice to everyone during my “detox”) she might have realized I had a different problem. This place is just a cookie cutter AA sham. If you go there and have the insurance (or Medicaid), they’ll tell you what’s wrong with you within 15 minutes. They’ll try to convince you that jobs, family and friends don’t matter. Just your “recovery”. Thanks for nothing assholes. You tried to ruin my life

    • Neil was not the only totally unqualified counselor, although his sleeping might be the most obvious fault.
      There was no therapeutic counseling there, only 12 slogans and yelling. What a terribly expensive farce.
      Problem is, addicts are dying for lack of decent treatment. This place says it offers treatment, but doesn’t.
      This place takes your money and…… Nothing.

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