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Woodlake Addiction Recovery provides a full continuum of care for substance abuse issues with facilities in both Abbeville and Ethel, Louisiana. Services offered include detox, residential treatment, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and general outpatient care. Using a treatment curriculum that is a combination of traditional therapy as well as the 12 steps, clients are guided towards a life of sobriety.

Accommodations and Food

WAR’s Ethel and Abbeville locations are both 70-bed facilities. Nature lovers will enjoy recovery at either facility, both of which feature extensive grounds with woods, lakes and long walking trails. Rooms are shared between two residents, with twin-sized beds and plenty of natural light. The facilities also have dining halls, therapy rooms, lecture halls, common areas for socialization and group meetings as well as private offices for individual sessions. The large campuses provide plenty of space for outdoor fitness activities and both feature weight-training rooms as well. Smoking is permitted on both campuses.

While in treatment, clients are served three daily meals on-site and residents are also permitted to bring their own preferred individually packaged snacks provided they are low-sugar. Coffee is provided and residents can bring their own supply of preferred sodas as well.

Treatment and Staff

Both of WAR’s residential facilities provide comprehensive care for substance abuse and mental health issues. Prior to being admitting into any of the programs, clients must undergo an initial evaluation. Detox is available and usually lasts for four to seven days. Residents are provided with around the clock medical supervision and support. Once clients are physically stable, they can begin the first phase of residential treatment.

The residential program typically lasts anywhere from 28 to 45 days. It is split into four phases and uses therapy, 12-step meetings and educational sessions to support recovery. Residents are immersed in daily group therapy, as well as individual therapy at least once a week. Phase One encourages clients to accept their issues with addiction by incorporating activities which include education on the disease model of addiction, group and individual therapy, sober life skills, 12-step educational groups, meetings and physical activities.

Phase Two addresses the effects of addiction through therapeutic assignments aimed to improve decision making, judgment and impulse control. Many of the activities from Phase One are also integrated into this stage. Phase Three focuses on the spiritual aspect of recovery as well as addressing individual needs and emotions during the recovery process. Finally, Phase Four prepares residents for discharge be creating post-treatment plans which may include stepping down to outpatient care.

Clients attend daily 12-step meetings in the evenings and begin working on steps one through four while in treatment. They can obtain a sponsor if they want, though this is not a requirement. For those in need of support for mental health issues, appointments with a visiting psychiatrist are available.

Once residential care has been completed, clients can step down into the IOP. This track incorporates similar topics as the residential program and includes a mixture of group and individual therapy with a focus on relapse prevention, family dynamics, spirituality and the 12 steps.


Family involvement is an important factor of the recovery process at WAR as well. Families are able to participate in Family Weekend, which includes group processing sessions and education regarding the disease of addiction. Private family sessions are also available.

Aside from its many treatment programs, WAR also offers trauma informed care, as well as an employee assistance program and a recovery group tailored to the needs of white-collar professionals.

In Summary

Woodlake Addiction Recovery offers substance abuse treatment rooted in the teachings of AA. One stand-out feature of the facility is its continuum of care provided in one location, allowing clients to begin their journey with detox followed by residential then outpatient programs all at an affordable price. Woodlake Addiction Recovery is a good choice for those seeking a thorough treatment program in a natural setting, allowing for total wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Woodlake Addiction Recovery Location

3015 Highway 956
Ethel, LA 70730

Woodlake Addiction Recovery Cost

$750 per night (detox); $10,500 (30 days, residential). Reach Woodlake Addiction Recovery by phone at (225) 939-3656 or email at [email protected]. Find Woodlake Addiction Recovery on Facebook

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  1. My daughter has been in Woodlake sober living for a few months now. She relapsed was sent to West was d/c from there after a week & sent back to the same sober living house. Ever since she’s been back she has been treated with disdain. Her counselor has been rude & now they have accused her of failing a drug test for suboxone. Soboxone makes her sick!! She told them that. Her last doctor couldn’t get her off of heroin with it because it made her sick. Plus before they sent her to West she failed a drug test but the next day she had a clean drug test. Hmmmmmm. Now we are panicking trying to find her a sober living house. These people are awful & could care less about the addict they are there to treat.

  2. My daughter was treated inhumanely upon her stay at Woodlake West. She had an abscess in her arm from intravenous heroin use and they began to give her a double dose of antibiotics there times per day. My daughter has stomach issues and this caused a gastritis flareup which consists of severe nausea and pain. She was unable to eat or stand on her own and she kept trying to tell them what was wrong and that she needed Phenergan. Zofran does not work for her.

    During all of this, one of the patients who was helping her dress found a Suboxone in her pants pocket. My daughter did not know this was in her pocket as she had grabbed a bunch of clothes before she left for Westlake and these pants happened to be dirty so the staff even washed them for her while containing the suboxone. The girl who helped her lied and said my daughter offered it to her. My daughter was so sick that she did not even try to conceal it further and left it where it was.

    While being so ill that she could not eat or stand, someone named Frederick told her to pack her bags and leave. They would not even call an ambulance for her and told her she had to walk down the street to call an ambulance. She was forced out into the rain and if it had not been for a worker outside, she would not have been able to carry her belongings. She said the nurses were concerned but Frederick and apparently his supervisor did not care.

    It took us an hour and a half to get to Abbeville to pick our daughter up once she was discharged from the hospital. Once we got her home, I was able to give her a Phenergan and other medications that she had from prior gastritis attacks and she finally got relief and has just started eating dry toast and soup today. I bought an over the counter drug test and she IS NOT on drugs.

    Additionally, upon my calling Woodlake West, I was given different stories by your counselor and staff. They apparently initially told her she could stay and then Frederick said no. The counselor also said they would bring her back to Woodlake after discharged from the hospital, but the nurse’s station said they discharged her and she could not come back.

    I find it unconscionable that you would treat a patient who is obviously showing signs of illness this way! Regardless of whether she had a suboxone in her pants pocket, my daughter should have been treated like an ill human-being. She was left in pain for days for no reason and I think your staff is ineffective, incompetent, and cruel.


    Sarah Reese

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