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Willowbrooke at Tanner is a behavioral health hospital in the western Atlanta suburb of Villa Rica, Georgia, and part of the larger Tanner Health System, a comprehensive collection of non-profit health care options serving western Georgia and eastern Alabama. The Willowbrooke campus provides acute inpatient treatment, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for those suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Accommodations and Food

Opened as recently as 2009, Willowbrooke is a 52-bed medical facility and one of the newest mental health options available in Georgia. They are a modern hospital with housing divided by wing though not by gender, with 28 beds for adults, 12 for seniors and 12 for children and adolescents. Clients sleep two to a room in twin beds, with minimal additional furnishings but plenty of personal space nonetheless. There are also rooms reserved for family visitation, group therapy and education, with private courtyards at the end of every wing—the children’s courtyard also includes a small playground. The nurses’ station is the central hub for all halls, and is easily accessible to residents should they need medical attention.

Clients have the opportunity to dine both in and outdoors. The hospital’s cafeteria provides hot and cold options in their buffet three times a day, with special diets and nutritional monitoring by dietitians also available upon request.

Treatment and Staff

Care provided at Willowbrooke is both individualized and holistic. Group therapy is a major focus, but these sessions do not involve the 12 steps; instead, Willowbrooke favors a slew of alternative therapies including equineart and music, as well as more general use of therapy dogs. Residents also have access to a half-court gym complete with a climbing wall, along with private courtyards and koi ponds designed to help with meditation. The facility is also continuously developing their “brain lab,” which is an experimental treatment modality using biofeedback.

Clients go through detox and psychiatric stabilization (when necessary) in the acute care portion of the hospital. They remain there for up to seven days, and begin either a partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient program once the treatment team decides they are ready.

Spanning anywhere from two to eight weeks, Willowbrooke’s PHP is an option created for those in need of more structure and medical management than a typical IOP. Its schedule runs from 9 am to 2 pm, Monday through Friday. It also includes plenty of family involvement, as there are two therapists dedicated to keeping loved ones educated and regularly updated. The adolescent PHP is similar, though the amount of time spent in treatment decreases during the school year (to fit students’ schedules). Both a nurse and a psychiatrist oversee the PHP in addition to the therapists. The intensive outpatient program is a step down from PHP, though it offers much of the same therapy with less of a time commitment.

Though it isn’t actively discouraged, the 12 steps are not the basis of treatment at Willowbrooke. As a result, much of what might be considered supplemental at other rehabs serves as the core of many programs here. For example, interaction with animals and creative expression are used to treat psychiatric issues like depression, trauma and anxiety, and are a major part of the programming in all treatment tracks.

When it comes to staff, Willowbrooke has a serious advantage. As part of the greater Tanner Health System (which employs over 2,500 employees), there are plenty of doctors and specialists available for care. At least 34 specialties are represented and the total number of doctors spread across the facilities tops out at 250.

Finally, Willowbrooke also provides free aftercare services for PHP and IOP alumni, including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, nutritional guidance, physical exams and medication management, all on an ongoing basis. There are also additional outpatient offerings available at Tanner Health System’s facilities in nearby Carrollton and Cartersville.


Aside from their rehabilitative programs, the Tanner Intensive Family Intervention program is available to help young children with behavioral and emotional problems, addiction-related or otherwise. Still, this is not a traditional intervention; it’s unique in that Willowbrooke’s therapists come directly to the child’s home to facilitate treatment, and work closely with the family to change problem behaviors.

Similarly, Willowbrooke also offers the Tanner Intensive Program for Behavioral Change (or TIP). This is another special offering offered for adolescent boys aged 12 to 17 who have compulsive sexual behavior issues. These young men undergo four months of treatment for four hours a day, five days a week on the Willowbrooke campus; meals and transportation to and from the facility are provided.

In Summary

In all, Willowbrooke’s intensive programs are full of great resources for addiction and dual-diagnosis issues. Those looking for 12-step won’t find much of it here, but the facility makes up for it with an array of alternative and experiential therapies.

Willowbrooke at Tanner Location

20 Herrell Rd
Villa Rica, GA 30180

Willowbrooke at Tanner Cost

Varies by program and insurance. Reach Willowbrooke at Tanner by phone at (770) 456-3266 or by email. Find Willowbrooke at Tanner on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Here’s a few documented comments from Nurses that have worked there and still employed there:

    “The safety and security of staff isn’t a concern to the management as long as they’re bringing in patients they don’t care if they are violent or anything”

    “When Willowbrooke first opened in was very patient centered, but after the compassionate manager passed away, the focus turned to money and expansion”

    Tanner Hospital just keeps on feeding patients to Willowbrooke at Tanner just to keep the doors open.
    It’s like a Ponzi scheme

  2. Willowbrooke at Tanner is a SCAM.
    My family member had several nurses approach and ask “why are you still here” and then comment under their breath “ that’s just wrong”.
    Willowbrooke at Tanner plays many tricks to keep you there.

  3. Please, please, please stay away from this facility!!!
    This place is a money grab and nothing more.
    Willowbrooke at Tanner will do anything and everything to keep you there as long as they can.
    It must be nice to have Tanner Hospital sending you a steady stream of Cash Flow, also known as patients.
    They need your insurance money badly and will do whatever it take to squeeze every dollar they can out of it.
    Any investigative reported would have a field day with this place.

  4. Warning!!!! Stay Away for this facility!!! Took my teenager there for the free mental health assessment and recommendation on therapist. They tried to lock my child up for 3-5 day on a 1013 involuntary hold. Thank GOD we were sent to Tanner Hospital for a medical clearance before being admitted. Tanner Hospital staff, nurses, doctors and psychologist actually LISTEN to us. The Tanner doctor and psychologist resend the 1013 hold because it was deemed unnecessary. Willowbrooke is only interested in making the most money by demanding inpatient care at the detriment of the patient. Most horrific and traumatizing experience we have ever been through. If you need help call the mental health hotline 1-888-993-3112 – PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM WILLOWBROOKE!!

  5. Concerned Citizen on

    The video is extremely misleading. This place is run almost exactly like a prison. “Patients” are treated like inmates. Strip-searched and put in a uniform. What’s the point in having a “hospital” when the patients could just be held in jail for a week instead? There is absolutely no counseling or therapy. Patients sit in a concrete room watching tv most of the day. The Koi pond is not used. Recreation time is in a concrete CAGE. Prison would actually be preferable to this place, because at least in prison females and males are housed separately.

    This place is a prison disguised as a hospital. Locks patients in and then drains their insurance benefits to the last drop. Despicable. I cannot stress enough how corrupt Willowbrooke at Tanner is.

  6. Kicked out for an insurance error. Totally unprofessional leaving our daughter without treatment or meds, no notice. They thought we has a third party insurance which we did not, straightened out with insurance. company and gave them the confirmation number to confirm. They kept insisting on a letter which violates HIPPA. Disgusted with how unprofessional they handled this. They wanted us to self pay, even though our insurance covers treatment. SCAM ALERT they are crooks!!!

  7. Now Willowbrooke has branched out to take over Floyd Behavioral Health. Willbrooke at Floyd is horrible. This video (based on WIllbrooke at Floyd) are completely false. In-room “dining” is required for your first 24-hours. Then, after that, it’s NOTHING compared to what they say. Willbrooke at Floyd still outsources its food to Morrisons Food Group. Perhaps that the difference? And finally, the staff at Wilowbrooke at Floyd are using their cell phones pretty much non-stop. I would say Eva (an LPN) is the worst. On her phone constantly;y. Is that violation of HIPPA? I know for certain it’s against Floyd Medical Center policies. But, I don’t know their arrangement with Willowbrooke.

  8. It’s been almost 1 year without any self harm from my daughter, our whole family went into recovery the day my daughter was excepted, thank you for transpertation because without an income during her 8th and 9th grade year, she was welcomed into 10th grade, she recognize’s when she is having a bad day, and strong enough to recognize ize and set bounderies. We did not expect the Doctor, nurses,all the staff to be our Miracle worker, because we have our Creator for that, but you all did give us the miracle of family time, honesty, open about emotions, know how to ask for help, or space, to not give harmful or hurt behavior any room to live, but choke it out with love,acceptance,encouragement, and sometimes call it out as BS, when the rubber meets the rd,it’s the whole family in recovery, and do the work for as long as it takes, because of all of you I rest easy knowing my family is safe and breathing, and so grateful for your assistance in getting us to and from. Thank you for being a miracle in ourlives. I would not have ever amagined a place with such wonderful people all at one location, even her drivers were on the spot with paying attention to details, thank you all very much…

  9. Desparate Parents on

    I am not impressed with the treatment that we got for our child.
    The Dr barely listened to anything we said. In fact our child was gonna be released because the Dr said there was nothing wrong with the child. Even though we went there on recomendation of our therapist because of very extreme and alarming behavior. The childs behavior got worse and is dangerous. Yet we were released. The Dr never did anything to work with the child. The communication is very poor with us the family and with the transportation company they used.There were times we were suppose to have a family session and they sent our child home instead of keeping the child for the meeting…thankfully someone happened to at home so the child wasnt alone. Im very dissappointed in their service. And still desperately trying to find help for this child because the behaviour is dangerous to animals, the rest of the family and even the child .Our child even told them of extreme bad behavior things being done to others by the child.Yet we still didnt actually get any help,from them.
    We would not recommend this branch of Tanner.

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