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Willow Recovery HouseThe Basics

Founded in Asheville, North Carolina in 2014 by Michael Christopher McLeod, Willow Recovery House provides safe and structured sober living for young men between the ages of 18 and 29. McLeod, who is 24 years old, has been clean and sober for three years, and is committed to helping his clients stay focused on their recovery while they rebuild their lives.

Accommodations and Amenities

Willow Recovery House is a huge Colonial with an outdoor porch and staircases. The residence accommodates seven clients on the top floor and five on the main floor. The spacious interior includes natural wood furnishings, contemporary couches and framed artwork carefully displayed on white walls.  Clients are paired in fully furnished ivory white walled rooms, which include full sized beds topped with striped comforters, ceiling fans, natural wood dressers and closets or natural wood armoires. There are two single rooms, which are reserved for residents with seniority.

Residents are responsible for their own groceries, and meals are prepared in a fully equipped kitchen with state of the art appliances. Amenities include Wi-Fi, cable TV, an outdoor barbeque grill, laundry room, transportation and parking. Staff lives on the premises.

Rules and Regulations

Prior to admission, clients undergo a comprehensive assessment to ensure that Willow Recovery House is an appropriate fit. Preferably, potential clients have a minimum of 30 days of sobriety, but occasionally men with less time are accepted on a case-by-case basis. At Willow Recovery House, clients proceed through a four-phase system, and they must attend 90 12-step meetings in 90 days.

While ample parking is provided, clients are not allowed to use personal vehicles for the first two weeks. Transportation is provided to meetings, shopping and medical appointments. During the first 30-day phase, clients must acquire a sponsor, get a home group and service commitment. The curfew is 10:30 pm seven days a week. Residents with full time jobs who can’t attend daily meetings or who work late shifts are accommodated.

During the next 30 days or phase two, unemployed residents look for work, enroll in school or participate in community service. Curfew times are extended to midnight seven days a week, and clients continue their 12-step protocol. By phase three, residents must be working, or doing other productive activities. By that point, they have completed their 90 meetings. Phase four consists of fairly independent living, and residents continue working on their recovery, while helping newcomers. The curfew is 2 am seven days a week.

Other requirements include attending the Sunday night house meeting, which consists of discussing house issues, as well as providing peer support and feedback. Random drug and alcohol testing is conducted. Those who relapse are immediately evicted to ensure the safety of the entire household.


Clients participate in a plethora of outdoor activities including movie outings, Halloween parties, beach trips and swimming events.

In Summary

At Willow Recovery House, residents form a tight brotherhood in a family-oriented atmosphere. McLeod is committed to helping his clients, and in turn, they learn to help each other, while building tight bonds, working on their steps and rebuilding their lives. For young men seeking a sober living home that offers a nurturing atmosphere and a lot of hospitality, Willow Recovery House is a perfect choice.

Willow Recovery House
29 Sevier St
Asheville, NC 28804

Willow Recovery House Cost: $1,500 (30 days). Reach Willow House by phone at (828) 458-0245, (828) 243-8629 or by email. Find Willow Recovery House on Facebook and Google+

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