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Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center


Wilbur D. Mills Treatment CenterWilbur D. Mills Treatment Center Review

Welcome to Searcy—the throwback town that plays host to old-time music stores and other shops selling simple life sundries. There’s also a back to basics place to go in this quiet, little city, when in need of recovery—the Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center—named after the Arkansas congressman who left politics and joined Alcoholics Anonymous.

Accommodations and Food

As part of the Health Resources of Arkansas network, the Wilbur D. Mills Detoxification Center provides 20 private bedrooms and baths for detox services in a hospital setting.

The residential treatment program, though it’s housed in the same facility, has double the capacity—catering to 44 residents, each with their own bedroom and private bathroom. Clients can store their belongings in a multi-drawer armoire. Treatment and sleeping quarters are under one roof but gender separated; there’s a 14-apartment women’s unit and three sitting rooms for watching television—two for men and one for women. (Viewing times are from 12 pm to 1 pm and in the evenings.)

Meals are traditional, hearty foods including eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast—there’s also apple bread and cereal. Lunch and dinner consist of items such as roasts, potatoes and hot rolls. Unlike other places, this facility allows residents to have soda and coffee and personal refrigerators for snacks and drinks.

When checking in to the Wilbur D. Mills Center, no outside electronics are permitted, save a small, alarm clock radio or something of the like. However, there are pay phones for residents to use daily—calling times are from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Treatment and Staff

Recovery tracks at Wilbur D. Mills range from 28 to 40 days. Prior to beginning the residential program, clients are offered a four-day medically supervised detox—if needed. A full-time nursing staff and an on-call physician manage the needs of clients during this phase. Once clients are admitted to the residential program, a visiting doctor delivers daily assistance to those in need of medical attention. More, a mental health facility is on site, and their specialist treats dual diagnosis.

This 12-step oriented program entails group therapy, on-site meetings and two individual sessions per week; residents are also required to obtain a peer sponsor whilst in treatment. Should this traditional programming not be working for a resident, they have the option to speak with their counselor to troubleshoot any issues.

The center’s highly credentialed staff consists of 12 counselors in addition to the nursing and administrative staff—a ratio of one-to-six in terms of counselor-to-client. Overnight and 24/7, the facility relies on security, nurses and techs to watch over and care for residents.

Family sessions are heavily encouraged here, but how many and how often depend on the individual. This particular family-health model does not allow residents to be present when their family members are with the counselor. Visitors can come and spend time with their loved ones on weekends between 1 pm and 3 pm—but any outside guests must be pre-approved.

Residents wake for breakfast at 6:30 am. Following this is “med call,” then group therapy or individual sessions at 8 am. Lunch is from 12 to 1 pm then more groups and/or one-on-one sessions. Every day, from 4 to 5 pm, residents are allowed to go outside within the grounds and take walks for exercise and fresh air. After this is a rather early dinner at 5 pm. Another group or outside speaker lasts until 7 pm. From then on, residents enjoy a respite or work on assignments from counselors—lights out is at 10 pm daily.

In Summary

This small-town facility is good for those looking for a traditional program.  Clients stay focused on sobriety and the basics of recovery.

Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center Location

3204 E. Moore St
Searcy, AR 72143

Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center Cost

$7,000 (28 days). Reach Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center by phone at (501) 268-7777 or by email at [email protected]. Find Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center at Facebook and Google+

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  1. I have nothing but great things to say about Wilbur D Mills. When a person chooses to go there or to any treatment program they have to be wanting change. Nobody can provide that magic pill. God is the only one who has the instant healing. These folks have a wonderful program and if you want help and healing you can find it here. My fiancie went on his own free will and 4 months sober from everything !!! I pray he chooses to continue that life style. Not only for himself but his children as well. He was a every day user of alcohol and drugs for many many years….. Thank You Wilbur D Mills

  2. I’ve contacted someone, I’m guessing administration concerning a complaint. If you are sending your son, husband, brother or even child there for treatment, please be aware. We found out whIle a family member was in treatment there that they were having sex with their counselor. This bothered the family member. He finally opened up about it 8 months later. This family member didn’t receive the help he needed while there and got even more addicted and lost his life 2 weeks ago.

  3. Good luck getting a call from Barbra in admissions. It should not be this hard to get information for people reaching out for help. She was extremely rude when she called back 3 days later and did not follow through emailing us this information she promised. I am doing all I can to find emails and phone numbers to get in contact with the right person so that someone in charge can be informed about what is going on.

  4. I talked to a lady named Barbara on the phone sitting with my probation officer to give a little information with the promise of getting a call back within the week. I did not receive a call and attempted four different times to call her instead without being able to reach her or getting a return phone call. I had to send word with a very nice lady who actually works in batesville on gap road if she could get this Barbara to call me, thankfully I got a call that day. Please make getting in contact easier.

  5. Rickey Petty on

    That is not right you take a 2 year old child around drugs or any rehab when he has a stable home and a daycare kids should not be in a rehab

  6. To whom it may concern,

    I have a brother (Bobby Roberds) who was recently admitted there (as of last Wednesday, 01/20/16). I realize that he went in voluntarily, so therefore, he is probably not monitored as closely as other drug addicts. He is capable of smoshing anyone in to believing that “he is ok”. But Bobby isn’t ok. He hasn’t been able to hold down a job and I’ve lost count at how many jobs he had just in 2015!

    I’m not sure who gave him permission to use the office phone, but he was allowed to do so over the weekend (which turned out to be a fax machine-his wife called it back and she discovered this…). Then someone sold him meds (pain killers and anti depressants) for $35.00. He called his wife wanting her to bring him that money so that he could pay that guy back. As to whom this guy is, I have no clue. I thought he was in there to be taken off of everything: meth and the other drugs. He was over-medicating himself with the legal drugs at home and selling them for meth. Gosh I hope and pray that this doesn’t happen again. He isn’t there on vacation…he is there to get well.

    I am not trying to get anyone fired or kicked out. I just want the treatment center to get my brother on the road to recovery.

    Thank you,
    Debra Burris

  7. Tried to get a family member into the facility. Could NOT happen. You must first talk to Barbara but, Barbara will not call you back. I ask phone answering lady will Barbara call me back in an hour, late evening, tomorrow or when. Phone answering lady said Barbara was busy and did not know when. Do not recommend waiting on Barbara. You may die of old age.

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