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White Sands Treatment Center in Fort Meyers, Florida is a resort-like treatment community that offers a full continuum of care for men and women struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Founded in 2014, the programs offered include detox, residential and outpatient treatment.

Accommodations and Food

The White Sands facility is a lush compound made up of seven residential treatment residences and two sober living homes, making a total of 72 beds—including five private rooms for detox. While in treatment, clients share rooms that include flat screen TVs and cable. Homes also have lounge areas, dining and recreation rooms. On-site chefs serve three nutritious, gourmet meals a day and dietary restrictions and preferences can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment begins with an on-site medical detox for those in need. Clients experiencing withdrawal symptoms from opiates can be prescribed buprenorphine or naltrexone. All detox clients are provided with medical monitoring around the clock.

Once clients transition into the residential phase, treatment generally lasts 30 to 60 days; however, since programs are individualized, some clients may stay longer. Daily care focuses on small groups, activities and intensive individual sessions for more personal topics. Educational groups and on-site 12-step meetings are also incorporated into the daily schedule. Though the focus is primarily on CBT-style talk therapy, other therapeutic activities include exercise, yoga, meditation, massage and art therapy.

The White Sands staff includes psychiatrists, Master’s-level psychologists, MDs, nurses, LADCs and plenty of support staff including chefs, holistic practitioners and rehab techs. Medical professionals are available around the clock in case of emergencies.


White Sands has a workout room on site with a treadmill and free weights, which play an important role in the holistic treatment program. There are also several pools and hot tubs.

White Sands also offers outpatient treatment at a stepped-down rate and two sober living homes on-site as an option for aftercare.

In Summary

White Sands offers a luxury treatment experience for a mid-range price. This facility treats addiction by bringing clients back to physical health while also addressing their mental and emotional issues. The full continuum of care is ideal for somebody looking for a rehab where they can eventually transition into outpatient treatment and sober living while applying new life skills in a safe and secure environment.

White Sands Treatment Center Location

1820 Colonial Blvd
Fort Meyers, FL 33907

White Sands Treatment Center Cost

$25,000 (30 days). Reach White Sands Treatment Center by phone at (877) 855-3470 or by email at [email protected]. Find White Sands Treatment Center on Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeLinkedIn and Google+

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  1. White Sands is a fraud. I worked there for 2 years as a therapist / MRT counselor, and I can tell you what went on behind the scenes. They lure in patients by lying to them at the call center about how “resort like” the accommodations are, and with fake 5 star Google reviews posted by the IT department. The place is mold and roach infested. They know about it, but refuse to fix it and just move patients who complain to other rooms. They treat their employees like TRASH, and everyone hates working there. They just had massive layoffs at the Plant City branch because they’re failing so bad. Cheated employees out of their bonuses and any accrued leave right before Christmas, with NO notice. The therapy is mostly just putting in DVDs or lectures. They got rid of most of the therapists who actually know how to do proper groups. The food is disgusting and they lie to your insurance to max it out. For 25k it’s a total scam.

    • What you failed to mention is the love that the staff has for these patients. The employees are like a family and we celebrate the progress of each patient, as though they were our own children, sisters, brothers, neighbors or parents. We give them back hope and self-worth, they begin to change and soon are able to smile and even laugh again, make relationships and leave with the hopes of maintaining sober/clean friendships when discharged. The 4 yrs there were by far, the most enjoyable in all of my 40yrs. of nursing. We had a great place before unknown changes took the place down, along with the loyal staff.

  2. White Sands is a ‘joke’

    The reality of what you find in Ft Myers is nothing like the video you see on the web site.

    The food is one-step above ‘jail house’ food.

    I saw blatant racism during my time there.

    THis is no place for females — all the ‘female houses’ are routinely checked every half hour by the male techs.

    The only way this place stays open is what the staff calls ‘frequent flyers’ – patients back for multiple 42 day treatments. During my time there I saw patients leave and return/relapse before I left.

    The reality is they have a 5 = 8% success rate.
    $ 1400 UA’s…….

  3. IF YOURE LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO GO, KEEP LOOKING. Ive been here, & for 25,000 its a scam. The people in charge there & more do look down on some ppl, & they DO try to keep u there, theyll fight u every step of the way & say ut a quitting failure u just want to go get high.. ive seen it/ heard it, fuck them. & for 25,000 theyre scumbags. & the food is lousy, its from a small diner down the street CAUSE ITS CHEAP. We did the math & 4 owners make apx. 12 million a year, 3 each, thats what theyre all about. IF your insurance is paying, A great place is Futures of Palm Beach, for 29,500 For Example^^. THIS IS MY OPINION FROM MY EXPERIENCE.


    OK LOOK!! It’s a rehab. It’s not a vacation. There was no pools and hot tubs as advertised (Well one pool not operating) But ya know for a frig’n rehab its was pretty nice. Did they have an on sight CHEF!!! NO, but the meals I had were pretty damn good. Are the houses furnished with brand new matching furniture? No, but everything was fine! I hadn’t been sober not 1 day since 1996 and I haven’t drank in 9 months. But I’m following their suggestions. Meetings, ,counselling, etc. It’s not a frig’n walk in the park!!! The folks on here Bi#@&ing most likely got butt hurt because their millennial child got kicked out because they couldn’t follow some simple rules! I’m a retired cop and have a pretty good life and going into rehab was scary as hell (being a cop didn’t help!!) I got treated like GOLD by the staff, fellow drunks and addicts. I have some life long friends I went through this place with. REHAB SUCKS I don’t care if they have an ass wiping service! Damn folks we are there to get SOBER and clean!

    OK now my one complaint. My first day was horrible. I wish they took my time to explain what was happening step by step. I didn’t really know what was going to be next hour by hour and that stressed me out for a first day. Simply tell me, next is a phys eval., then a medical eval, then room placement (will there be a room mate or not?) just be more informative on day one.

  5. White Sands was a great experience for me. The staff was knowledgeable and caring. It was a family atmosphere and had a heavy focus on the underlying emotional issues which fuel addition. The accommodations are top notch. The facility is very well organized.

  6. I have been apart of this center since August 2017 and I am beyond blessed to have been connected to such an awesome rehabilitation center! I highly recommend this location to assist anyone with their medical needs!

  7. I came in this center with severe back pain and left feeling relieved! After some triaging, they explained what caused my pain and provided a plan to fix some structural issues with my back and neck.

  8. This center is incredibly experienced in a specific area of physical rehabilitation. The therapists are knowledgeable as well as compassionate, and I highly recommend them. Without their kindness, my life would be much less bright. Thank you

  9. I didn’t have to worry about any physical discomfort while in the center. I really think that this is something that also really helped to the road to recovery. This center will help you find the rehabilitation program that caters to all.

  10. I feel that this rehabilitation center truly goes out of their way in order to ensure the best for their patients. They will guide you step by step with what you need to do and how to go about it. Most definitely the place for all your needs!!

  11. I stayed here a few months ago. All in all I found it to be pleasant and very effective place and it helped me very much. I would recommend it to someone that needed a recommendation.

  12. It’s a criminal act against people who need help. First they treat you as second class crap, and they lie and try to drug you in,order to keep you. Living conditions were worse than stree living, dirty, no food, rotten apples, all around a shit hole.

  13. Do not send your loved one here this treatment center is a joke! 42 days in and sent them home with 5 medications 4 of them duplication drugs. Two people I know of relapsed within 1 week and I only know of 5 people who were treated there. So please if you want your loved one to return home better than they were when they left I repeat DO NOT SEND THEM HERE!


  14. In a couple of those comments you saw two things addicts do… fight the system and fight others. They were not ready for recovery. I also went to white sands and you know what they taught me is you have to surrender in order to win the war of addiction… you can’t fight no win battles and expect to recover… the third step teaches us to surrender and let your higher power choose the day not you…. you both should have left them there and let them walk back to white sands… enabling is on you not them…

  15. I called white sands treatment in Plant City FL for my Son. They got him on a flight the Monday afternoon. He has been in treatment for 22 days. My son wanted to come home earlier so when I talked to Tammy I told her he would do everything in his power to get kick out. She said this is what we do we can handle it. What a laugh. He called me this morning saying he got kick out and they will drop him at the airport. No ticket home, no meds, nothing. I am 1200 miles away. Thank god for my sister in law. Driving 3hrs to pick him up at Tampa airport and put him on a plane with the ticket I bought him for tomorrow out of fort myers. You don’t what to send addicts to rehab close to home but if you can’t trust where you send them to make sure they get home in one piece, what is a parent to do?

  16. I send my daughter to White Sands they told me when I get her back she’ll be good as new, that should have raised a red flag. Well I was desparate. I love my daughter very much, they said they would have her on a plane by 7:00 p.m. the next day to Tampa and they did. Almost three weeks into treatment I get a call at 10:30 p.m. telling me to come get my daughter, I’m in New Jersey, I thought it must be some kind of scare tactic to straighten out my daughter, turns out they were for real, now that scared the hell out of me, my daughter is in Tampa Florida and someone is telling me that they are going to take her to the airport or bus terminal (my choice) and drop her off – ASTER LAVISTA. I was sickened to my stomach. To be fair my daughter and another woman had some kind of altercation but they chose to throw my daughter to the curb and lie to me and said the other woman had to leave also. NOT. I had to buy a plane ticket at 11:30 p.m. for a flight out of Tampa at 6:48 a.m. I had to take off that next day to pick my daughter up at the airport, thank God that I had the funds to buy the ticket or else they would have dumped her off without a problem. I’m sure I’m not the first this has happened to. JUST BEWARE.

  17. Crystal Gray on

    The lushness of the rehab is nice, definitely more.home friendly and a feeling of not only safety for one’s self but of acceptance ~ I’m having some issues that I don’t know how much longer Im going to feel total Dread !! And what really started destroying My Spirituality and causing doubt with holding on to hope…. I moved to Florida 2 yrs ago and had no choice but to rent a room from my Ex-husband 5 months ago. It is NOT good..I relapsed on cocaine. He knew I had a little over 5 yrs clean and I noticed he drank more and more, that was the very reason I divorced him. Soo much emotional and mental abuse.,.I’ve had 3;Spine surgeries nsince Dec. And broke my pelvis by slipping in the shower due to rushing… Needless to say, I now have state Ins. Geez, what a joke !! I went to Hanley Hazelton in W. Palm beach twice. I really loved the structure and contentment that was a given and immediately felt … I’d love to find a way to be a part of White Sands residential treatment…. PLEASE if there is no way I could be accepted, then don’t call. I’m already struggling with my ISSUES. I don’t believe rejection would be very therapeutic at this time or anytime…. Thanks. Sending positive energy ~ Crystal Gray…

  18. Administration promised that even though my insurance approved me for 30 days only I would have to stay for 6 weeks. 42 days was not what agreed to. When I spoke to Angela about it she told me if I didn’t stay she would be happy to set my things across the street and I could find my own way home. Due to staying as long as I did, my insurance dropped me and I was terminated. Thanks for the lies Angela.

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