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White River Junction VA Medical Center Behavioral Health


White River Junction VA Medical Center Behavioral HealthWhite River Junction VA Medical Center Behavioral Health Review

White River Junction VA Medical Center Behavioral Health was founded in 1946 in White River Junction, a small village in the town of Hartford, Vermont. The Veterans hospital provides residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment to adult male veterans in the White River Junction area.

Accommodations and Food

White River’s residential program is run out of separate facility attached to the main VA hospital. The building can house up to 14 residents at a time. Each resident has his own individual room but shares a bathroom with other clients. The facility has an on-site washer and dryer for clients to use whenever they choose. White River provides clients with detergent and washing supplies as well.

The unit that the residents live on is locked off to outsiders and residents are not allowed to leave campus without a pass. After their initial two weeks of treatment, they are allowed to apply for five-hour passes that can be used to leave campus on the weekends. Residents are allowed to bring their own vehicle to treatment, but are not allowed to go out after 9pm, even with a pass. White River allows outside family visitations after two weeks of treatment.

Although, the organization allows residents to bring cell phones, laptops, iPads and other electronics, residents are not allowed to use them while they are in class or after 11pm. If residents enter the program and do not have sufficient clothing, White River provides them with clothes.

White River has a chef on-site that prepares three meals a day as well as some snacks. If clients want their own snacks or food, they have the option of making a trip to the local supermarket with a staff member.

Treatment and Staff

In order to qualify for treatment at White River Junction, clients must already be patients at the VA. The intake process in the residential program begins with the client filling out an application during one of the organization’s walk-in hours on Monday mornings. Clients then meet with an intake coordinator to discuss their needs and chart out a potential treatment plan. If residents are undergoing withdrawal symptoms, they are referred to the hospital’s detox program.

When clients enter into the residential treatment program, they are assigned both a prescriber therapist who helps monitor their treatment plan, as well as an individual addiction therapist who meets with the client one-on-one throughout their time in treatment.

White River’s residential program lasts for five weeks and consists of a mixture of group and individual therapy. White River offers a variety of groups for clients, including loss and healing groups, mindfulness and recovery groups, anger management groups and evidence-based groups. Counselors aim to use treatment techniques in these groups that target each client’s individual needs and use both CBT and relapse prevention. White River also operates “Vet to Vet” groups that are run by veteran peer specialists and designed to address topics and issues specific to the veteran community.

White River also facilitates 12-step recovery on campus a couple times a week. If clients are interested in attending more of those, staff members take them to outside AA and NA meetings in the community.

When clients finish with treatment at the residential program, they have the option of stepping down to the organization’s outpatient or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The IOP is between three and five group meetings per week. Clients in the regular outpatient program generally meet for one to two group meetings per week. Group meetings in the outpatient treatment programs are usually small and have no more than 12 clients at a time. Clients have the option of staying in outpatient treatment for as long as they wish. Individual meetings are available as well.

White River is dual diagnosis equipped and clients with potential co-occurring disorders are referred to the VA’s mental health staff and an on-staff psychologist. Residents in the inpatient program also have 24/7 access to the hospital’s facilities, and can be rushed to the emergency room if they have any medical issues during their stay.

The counselors at White River consist of a mixture of LADCs and mental health counselors.


Clients also regularly participate in recreational therapy including adaptive kayaking and adaptive biking.

As residents progress through the residential program, they meet regularly with their addiction therapist to help chart out a Life After Rehab aftercare plan. This plan is aimed at both ensuring a successful transition out of treatment as well as a healthy and sober lifestyle after White River. Counselors also assist clients with finding a job or returning school when leaving the program.

White River operates a weekly group family meeting on Saturdays for clients and their family members. These meetings are aimed at providing substance abuse education and information. Clients can also request individual meetings with a counselor and their family members separately if they wish.

The hospital also offers Suboxone to clients undergoing opiate withdrawal.

In Summary

White River Junction VA Medical Center Behavioral Health offers highly affordable and individualized residential and outpatient treatment to adult male veterans in the White River Junction area. The “Vet-To-Vet” groups in the residential treatment program offer a very specialized and unique level of care to veteran clients. The flexible length of stay in the outpatient treatment program allows clients to transition down at a pace that fits their needs. Also, the free cost allows very little barrier to entry so people from every economic background can have access to treatment.

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