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Whispering Oaks Lodge


Whispering Oaks Lodge Review

Youngsville, Louisiana’s Whispering Oaks Lodge is a detox and residential treatment facility. Treatment is holistic and includes equine and canine therapy. Clinical services consist of medication management, psychoeducation, spiritual counseling, community integration, and group and individual therapy. The program is for adults with a chemical dependency or dual diagnosis who are ready to focus their energy on healing.

Accommodations and Food

The residential facility is on 18 acres in a beautiful, two story colonial style home. The campus contains a peaceful fishing pond that takes up about three of the 18 acres. In addition, there is a horse stable, relaxing front porch swing and peaceful grounds shrouded by tall oak trees.

The facility has a rustic feel to it that resembles a country resort rather than a treatment center. There are both private and semi private bedrooms available in both the detox and residential phase of treatment. Shared accommodations usually fit three clients per space, all with full sized beds and nightstands.

Clients are allowed to bring their own electronic devices and cars. There are certain times during each day that clients are able to use their computers or phones. The staff encourages them to bring along their golf clubs and fishing poles if they are so inclined.

There are laundry facilities on campus that are readily available to clients.

Local restaurants cater all meals daily, and clients are able to pick and choose what they would like to eat. Of course one of the specialties and favorites of Whispering Oaks and the residents is the cajun cuisine.

Treatment and Staff

Medical professionals monitor the medical detox at Whispering Oaks Lodge 24 hours a day. Within the first day in the program clients undergo a thorough clinical and medical assessment. Detox usually lasts for about a week before moving on to the 45 day inpatient track.

During the residential phase of treatment clients participate in their individualized treatment plan for daily group sessions, and holistic activities and therapies. Common approaches include EMDR, CBT, DBT, behavioral modification and didactic modalities. There is also an involvement with the 12-step community near the facility.

Medication management is provided throughout treatment, and maintained if clients decide to continue onto the outpatient program.

There is a fairly large medical and clinical staff on site at Whispering Lodge. There is a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurses, LAC, LCSW, CAC, and spiritual counselor.


Clients go out on several fun sober excursions while in treatment. This includes fishing, golfing, dinners in restaurants and group entertainment. Residents receive a private gym membership upon arrival.

Finally, family counseling and guidance are an integral part of the program at Whispering Oaks.

In Summary

Above all, everything about Whispering Oaks says Southern hospitality. The warm and welcoming facility provides safety and comfort for all the clients, and the comprehensive program sets them up for success after they leave. Whispering Oaks takes into account every aspect of each individual that takes part in their programming, and creates thoughtful treatment plans just for their needs.

Whispering Oaks Lodge Location

617 Piat Road
Youngsville, LA 70592

Whispering Oaks Lodge Cost

Call for details. Reach Whispering Oaks Lodge by phone at (877) 419-3055.

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