7 Colleges to Consider If You’re Sober
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7 Colleges to Consider If You’re Sober


This post was originally published June 10, 2013.

College doesn’t only mean keg stands, jello shots and no morning classes, which would have been news to us back in our university years. The following schools actually have sober living dorms for those students who’ve already proven that one is too many and a thousand isn’t enough:

  • Rutgers University (New Jersey) Recovery House: A 25-bed on-campus residence hall with common room, kitchen and shared bedrooms which launched way back in 1988. People who live there have to attend 12-step meetings and school-sponsored recovery events. An RA with at least a year in the recovery community oversees everything and the school’s psychologists and clinical staff are available for support.
  • Augsberg College (Minnesota) Step Up Program: This is a 15-year old residential recovery program directed by former clinical director of Hazelden–providing a structured setting that serves 75 students annually–program components include drug testing, curfews, 12-step attendance and accountability.
  • Case Western Reserve University (Ohio) Recovery House: Established in 2004, this two-unit apartment house adjacent to campus with six beds is run by residents, has no sobriety minimum and no firm rules regarding a residents’ relapses.
  • Texas Tech University Sober Housing: Established in 2008, this residence is one floor of a designated dormitory where self-starting recovering students with over one year of sobriety live together in a supportive community. Program rules are lax and consist only of commitment to recovery, attendance at 12-step meetings, and remaining in good academic standing.
  • William Paterson University (New Jersey) White Hall Recovery Housing: Established in 2008, this sober living environment is integrated into the greater residence hall community “in order to reduce possible stigma and isolation.” It serves 10-20 students and includes an individualized recovery plan, therapy/counseling, academic support, social activities and opportunities for involvement in service-oriented activities.
  • St. Scholastica College (Minnesota) Clean Recovery Program: College-sponsored sober residence and recovery program for use by greater Duluth community (not just students of the college). Created in 2010 and houses 10 men and 10 women, mostly students, with a strong commitment to sobriety, service and academic accomplishment.
  • University of Vermont CRC Cottages: Established in 2011 and serving approximately 20 students, this on-campus residential housing has a minimum sobriety requirement, a one-credit course requirement, community meals and mandatory attendance in recovery support meetings and CRC activities.
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