We’ve Changed Our Name
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We’ve Changed Our Name


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Why hello there. As anyone who’s come here seeking AfterPartyChat has by now probably observed, we have changed the name of our site to RehabReviews.com.

The reason for this is simple: after years of writing and editing stories about addiction and recovery, it became clear to us that addicts are dying at record rates because they don’t know how to find quality treatment. While AfterParty began as an online addiction and recovery magazine featuring essays, news stories, videos and podcasts with only the occasional rehab review, we organically—almost accidentally—became the largest and most trusted rehab review site out there. And so we decided it was time for our name to reflect that.

But our mission hasn’t changed entirely. We’re still going to be putting out the same essays, news stories, videos and podcasts designed to show people that getting sober isn’t the end of life but the beginning, that the fun isn’t over and in fact it’s only begun and all those other platitudes. But platitudes become platitudes because they’re true! The point is that you can continue to find all the AfterParty attitude, sass and sardonic wit over in the AfterParty section of the site. Pretty please come visit us there.

Thank you for going along for the ride with us as we make this transition.

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About Author

Anna David is the founder and former CEO/Editor-in-Chief of After Party. She hosts the Light Hustler podcast, formerly known as the AfterPartyPod. She's also the New York Times-bestselling author of the novels Party Girl and Bought and the non-fiction books Reality Matters, Falling For Me, By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There and True Tales of Lust and Love. She's written for numerous magazines, including Playboy, Cosmo and Details, and appeared repeatedly on the TV shows Attack of the Show, The Today Show and The Talk, among many others.