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Located in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England, on the Bristol Channel, Western Counselling is a treatment center that was founded in 1983. Western Counselling offers 12-step based detox and residential care for men and women struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Western Counselling is a community-based program that offers free or subsidized beds for those who are dealing with legal issues or financial hardship.

Accommodations and Food

Housing at Western Counselling is provided in comfortable gender-specific homes within walking distance of the Treatment Center and just a few blocks from the beach. Each property has space for 12 clients. Bedrooms are double occupancy with shared bathrooms throughout the facilities. There are also comfortable lounge areas with large couches and TVs.

Each house has a housekeeper and chef. All food is prepared on-site and the menus are designed by a dietician. Food allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

All clients receive individualized treatment plans. If detox is necessary, the process is monitored 24 hours a day by medical staff. After three to five days of detox, clients can go into the residential program and begin a phased protocol.

Phase One is typically four weeks long and highly structured. The daily routine includes mandatory attendance at two or three groups per day in addition to workshops, on-site 12-step meetings, lectures and individual therapy. During Phase One, clients are not permitted to leave the premises without the permission of a member of staff, and must be chaperoned at all times.

Phase Two lasts another four weeks and requires four group sessions per week and at least two one-on-one counseling sessions. Residents are encouraged to explore relapse triggers, potentially risky situations, behaviors and attitudes. They are also required to begin reintegration into the community through outside support networks like AA/NA. Clients are also expected to attend educational or vocational training courses at the local college and find work in the community.

Therapy methods include CBT, EMDR and DBT, along with nutrition and physical fitness. The staff includes certified counselors, therapists and medical staff with years of experience, some of whom are also in recovery.


Clients are welcome to stay longer than four weeks, but they typically move to outpatient care and different houses, which are operated by Genesis Recovery Housing. For those who prefer to get away to get clean and sober, Western Counselling also operates a co-ed residential recovery program in Portugal called Monte Wellness Centre.

Western Counselling partners with a local social action charity, Lighthouse, that provides a range of voluntary work and training programs including the Lighthouse Café. Here, clients have the chance to learn employment skills in catering, food delivery, retail and customer service.

In Summary

Western Counselling has been offering solid residential treatment to the beachside community of Weston-super-mare for 30 years. The gender-specific homes provide safe spaces for clients to get clean and begin to heal. Western Counselling is an excellent choice for those seeking affordable rehab with a vocational training component and 12-step emphasis.

Western Counselling Location

18 Whitecross Rd
Weston-super-mare, BS23 1EW
United Kingdom

Western Counselling Cost

GBP $3,920 ($4,924.25 per publishing date exchange rate, for detox and 30 days). Western Counselling by phone at +0800 849 8257 or by email [email protected]. Find Western Counselling on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. I wish to warn other of the hidden psychological abuse of Institutionalised Persuasion/ Coercive Persuasion/ Thought Reform that was used o me at Western Counselling. They did not ask for my consent to use Thought REfrom on me, nor explain what it is, how it is done, it’s potential for life-long psychological harm, and what these potential harms could be. I was screamed and shouted at, humiliated, traumatised and instilled with fears and a phobia. eg: “YOU’RE SO STUPID STUBBORN SELFISH AND SELF-WILLED. WHY DON’T YOU JUST GET IT YOU’RE AN ALCOHOLIC”. I was shouted at for anything, everything and nothing, Eg: For working hard I was told I must be only interested in money. I was shouted at and blamed for being sexually abused as a child. Everything I did or didn’t do was surveilled and controlled: Information, thoughts, emotions, behaviour. I had to open my mail in the group and read it out loud, and I was told what I had to write in reply. Everyone was encouraged to tell on everyone else. The environment and schedule were deliberately set up so that there was no-one I was able to talk to away from the ears of those at the treatment centre to question their agenda with. There was no time or mental space for me to think or talk of anything else anyway; all my waking thoughts were taken up with this process of indoctrination. This is what Totalitarian Control is. If I criticised the group-think or spoke up, I was further shouted at, told I’m sick, and my stay a Western Counselling lengthened until I was made grateful to them. It is probable that these days even more emotional control is used to replace the more obvious, extreme verbal abuse that was used when I was there.The “counsellors” doing the indoctrinating had been put through this abusive process of thought reform too.

    Alan who ran the place, would swan in to the group and announce: “you can leave whenever you want, the door is always open”, whilst in that very sam e group I was being told by the “counsellors” that if I did leave I would die, go crazy or end up in prison. When a person did mange to leave Western Counselling “treatment” centre they would be ostracised, shunned, and discussed in the group as a sick example of someone who didn’t listen, was stubborn, self-willed, and who wouldn’t make it without them. The only way to leave the treatment centre out the front door, with all their acceptance and approval, was to be grateful for being “saved” by them, singing their praises.

    I endured extreme verbal, emotional, mental and psychological abuse at Western “Counselling” in the name of counselling. I had to dissociate and devastatingly disconnect from myself mentally, emotionally and psychologically; to bury who I am deep down inside of myself in order to survive their barrage of extreme psychological, totalitarian abuse that they used in order to make me into who they needed me to be. Western Counselling left me catastrophically and devastatingly traumatised, disconnected, forced-trauma-bonded, mentally violated, confused, betrayed, unauthentic. After I left I felt like I was forever attached to them by an elastic band knowing how easily I could be sent back to them. Some examples of their lies and indoctrinating mind games: Counsellor: “if you don’t listen to us it’s proof you’re going to die because you’re not listening to us”. Eg: “Of course you’re an alcoholic otherwise you’d’ve ha an orange juice STUPID”. Even if you’d never touched alcohol in your life you were told “you’re an alcoholic, you just don’t know it yer” and indoctrinated just the same and told if you don’t believe this you will die. They destabisised my sense of self which was really, really frightening. I broke, “snapped” and I experienced a psychological death. You can read more about snapping and sudden personality change and why it is so devastating here: “Snapping” by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman. Western Counselling left me with a dissociative disorder: “Other Specified Dissociative Disorder” DSM-5. “2: Identity disturbance due to prolonged and intense coercive persuasion.” It was only through my sheer grit and determination that I survived Western Counselling.

    It is not the obvious abuse of being screamed and shouted at, the betrayal and shock of the verbal assaults, which was the most devastating and catastrophic, but the devastating fact that they stole who I am. I nearly didn’t make it back from that. I have salvaged some of me, but some of me is lost for Ever. Unsalvageable. No-one has the right to do that.

    The abusive, manipulative, catastrophic treatment I got from Western Counselling set me back for years. Not only had Western Counselling not explained what psychological and emotional abuse is, what and how thought reform works, but they dealt even more of this abuse masquerading as therapy that was good for me. I was then highly vulnerable to further abuse, manipulation, coercion and psychological abuse because I could not recognise it and was too traumatised to protect myself from it.

    Institutionalised Persuasion thrives on deceit and silence, on keeping you unaware of what is going on. It is like a trick in that it can be done to you only if you don’t know the trick. Not enough people are aware of this abuse and it’s potentially long term harmful effects. There is a good book on the subject called “Institutionalized Persuasion” by Marcus Chatfield. His similar experience was in a teen facility in the US. Marcus explains the What and the How of Institutionalized Persuasion so clearly and well. There is also http://www.pfctruth.com which is also very informative, and there is lots of information on the web about thought reform/coercive persuasion/ undue influence/ institutionalised persuasion/ mind control. Please protect yourself and you love ones, learn about this devastating, hidden psychological abuse that is used in some adult treatment centres here in the UK and was used on me at Western Counselling.

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