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Westbridge Community ServicesWestbridge Community Services Review

Westbridge Community Services is a 12-step oriented rehab founded in 2001 by a family that lost a relative to addiction; it operates a men’s residential facility in Brooksville, Florida outside Tampa and Manchester, New Hampshire. It also has a Boston, Massachusetts program for college students who need help with substance use and mental health issues that they can’t get from their schools.

Accommodations and Food

The Florida facility is more of a campus while the Manchester outpost is very urban. Manchester is a restored rectory built in the 1890s and looks like a Victorian house that fits into its East Coast setting well. The rooms are large and fit two to a room. Brown and rustic with colorful rugs, they also have big windows and plants.

In Florida, the rooms are similar but fit four to a room with wood paneling on the floors and desks. There are private rooms at both facilities but they are for clients who need higher levels of care (though a private doesn’t cost extra). Clients don’t stay there long, moving into the rest of the facility’s population after a week or so. There are media centers at both locations that have TV’s clients can watch during free time before lights out.  

The food at Westbridge supports maintaining healthy habits and improving energy levels for recovery. There’s a full-time chef who prepares the meals and the recipes are made with organic and natural ingredients that are specifically low in fat and sugars. There’s also a Culinary Wellness group therapy program where clients learn about healthy ingredients, cooking techniques and recipes.

Treatment and Staff

Clients typically stay for 90 days and the focus is on the 12 steps as well the Stages of Change model (where the goal is meeting the client at the individual state of recovery that they’re in). After a diagnostic evaluation, one of four on-staff MDs and two licensed registered nurses review each client’s information. Depending on their professional opinion, that resident will see a psychiatrist weekly, biweekly or monthly. Medical help is also on call 24 hours a day. The rest of the staff ranges from credentialed LADCs to peer counselors. The night shift is made up of mostly peer counselors at both residential locations.

Westbridge approaches treatment with a dual diagnosis care system where counselors provide a treatment plan that addresses both the mental illness and substance abuse problems of each individual. They maintain what they call a Personalized Achievement Agenda that sets goals for clients while at the facilities as well as for when they leave. Westbridge also uses EMDR, CBT and combines group therapy with two or three one-on-one sessions a week. Detox is not available but clients are sent to a local hospital if they need IVs and medical monitoring. Clients also go to off- and on-site AA meetings (though it’s not a requirement).

Cell phones are not permitted at either facility. Visitation is on weekend but because of majority of clients being are from out of state, exceptions can be made if families arrive in New Hampshire or Florida a few days before the weekend. Unlike New Hampshire, Florida is smoke-free but they provide nicotine replacement for those who need it.

A typical day at Westbridge New Hampshire or Florida means waking up and having breakfast at 7 am, which is followed by meds. At 8:30, clients attend a Goals Group followed by a walk outside at 9:15 for 15 minutes. They meditate at 9:30 then go to a group called “Reasons to Recover” until anger management at 10:45. Lunch is at noon followed by yoga or a relapse prevention course at 1 pm for an hour. Then there’s free time from 2 to 3 pm and a trip to the YMCA (for New Hampshire) or the on-site gym or pool in Florida. They have dinner at either 4:30 or 5 pm and afterwards they go to an AA meeting. Around 7:30 pm, they have a process group where they discuss the day and that’s followed by free time until lights out at 10 pm.


The Florida location just added Biosound Therapy, which helps clients reach a “theta level” meditative state through vibro-acoustic meditations and programming (it’s basically a TV in front of a bed playing low frequency sine tones and binaural beats). These 30-to-60 minute sessions include guided imagery and affirmations, music and massage therapy, craving assistance, chakra alignment, harmonious tone meditations, drum therapy and sounds from nature. Westbridge’s staff monitors the client’s heart rates through finger pulse sensors.

There are plenty of other extras at Westbridge’s two facilities. Florida has a gym as well as a basketball and tennis court and a pool. There are also Family Education and Support weekly sessions, which families can participate in either in person or through conference calls.

In Summary

Westbridge is an abundant recovery company with two solid facilities. For a not outrageous cost, Westbridge seems to be trying to stay on top of the latest advancements in recovery as well as staying grounded with simple 12-step methods.

Westbridge Community Services Locations

7300 Grove Rd
Brooksville, FL 34613


1361 Elm St
Manchester, NH 03101

Westbridge Community Services Cost

$24,000 (30 days). Reach Westbridge Community Services by phone in Florida at (352) 678-5553 or in New Hampshire at (603) 634-4446. Find Westbridge Community Services on Facebook and Twitter

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