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Wellness Resource CenterWellness Resource Center Review

Wellness Resource Center is a Boca Raton, Florida-based rehab that boasts a large facility and strong staff at an affordable price. It’s part of the Acadia Healthcare network.

Accommodations and Food

Living arrangements at Wellness are separate from the facility where treatment takes place, and are essentially a giant apartment block called “the Residence” which contains 52 beds; overall, they are roughly what one would expect from a mid-range Florida condo. Each comes with a kitchen and a combined living and dining area. There are two bedrooms in each with four people to an apartment. A plus is that the facility has a giant pool with lounge chairs, though residents will presumably not get much time to use them given their busy schedules. Grocery cards are provided so that clients may buy and prepare food for themselves.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment programs are primarily designed for clients with dual diagnosis, and Wellness can handle a wide variety of psychological ailments as well as addiction issues with variable lengths of stay. After intake and a psych evaluation (unfortunately, it doesn’t offer detox services), primary care consists mostly of group therapy, though other therapies include equine therapy, experiential therapy and DBT. While there’s a smattering of one-on-one sessions, WRC’s huge intake volume means there isn’t much individual time to go around.

The center focuses on the 12 steps, and group therapy includes groups to build sobriety skills and insight into addiction, as well as various weekend process groups where people of all illnesses can air their grievances—a plus or a minus, depending on the client.

Daily schedules here are highly regimented. The day starts with chores and a morning meditation before morning groups begin at 9 am. There are three morning groups, each with a 10-minute break in between, that rotate throughout the week. After that, clients go back to the apartments for lunch. Afterwards it’s back to the facility by shuttle for more groups until 4:30 pm, then back to the apartments again for supervised free time followed by off-site 12-step meetings (a daily requirement). After that, it’s homework and lights out at 11 pm.

The staff features a handful of psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors and a wide variety of therapists with varying specializations.


Recreation is strict as well, and arguably doesn’t offer a lot of variety. Residents can get passes to participate in pre-approved, drug-free off-site activities if they haven’t been written up for behavioral issues. Aside from that, clients are able to use the local gym, go bowling, watch movies or visit the nearby Delray Beach—though again, all of this is contingent upon good behavior. Finally, WRC has no Internet and limited daily phone time.

In Summary

While Wellness Resource Center offers the necessities for treatment and can be commended for their dual diagnosis support. For those looking for inpatient treatment in Florida that offers intense, no-frills recovery, Wellness is well worth considering.

Wellness Resource Center Location

7940 North Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Wellness Resource Florida Cost 

$14,250 (30 days). Reach Wellness Resource Center by phone at (866) 549-5032. Find Wellness Resource Center on Facebook

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  1. No treatment center, or rehab will ever be perfect. You will find faults anywhere you go, especially if you look hard enough. But Wellness Resource Center, in my opinion, is one of the best. After 4 years, I am still connected with the alumni program and the team at WRC continue to support me with any needs I may have. I continue to visit WRC, and be a support to those there. PLEASE beware of negative reviews. Many times these are left out of anger and frustration, and usually GREATLY exaggerated if not false. In the last 4 years, I have never seen theft, neglect, abuse, or dishonesty when it comes to insurance/finances, at this treatment center. Wellness may not be “fun” and “happy” all the time, but if you or your loved one wants real life change and sobriety, then its going to hurt, and its not going to be easy. Best of luck to you all!

    Thank you WRC!

  2. In early Feb 2016 I began looking for a long term inpatient substance abuse/mental health treatment facility for my son. He was refusing treatment but I started looking so that I would be ready to go when he decided to accept some help. I spoke with Tia from Wellness who assured me that my insurance was accepted and told me the out of pocket cost would be $3-$4k/mo. I stopped looking for another facility at that time as Wellness had been recommended to me by a few professionals (who knew I was looking for long-term, inpatient treatment) and it was also recommended in a book I read. Mid-April, 2016 my son decides he is ready for help. He calls Wellness for his “intake” call. An hour or so later, a gentleman named Ryan calls my son back and says our insurance is not accepted. They tell me I will be a direct pay which will cost $9,340/mo. and they need it all up front. My son was in a vulnerable state and has always refused treatment so I agreed. In speaking with Ryan from Wellness he advised me to book a flight for the next day as often when addicts have time before treatment they will change their minds or go out to party one last time and overdose. Ryan said to have my flight info ready when he called back in a few hours. I booked a flight, waited for a return call and tried to be patient. Around 5:30 pm I started to get nervous so I called and the office was already closed! Through another contact, I was able to have someone from Wellness get in touch with Ryan after hours and he called me. He said he would email me a Financial Agreement and I was to sign it and fax it back that same night. The Financial Agreement was not clear at all. It made zero sense to me but at this point I was desperate and unable to speak with anyone from the facility again that night. I was worried that if I didn’t sign it that night, he would lose the bed and I wouldn’t even know until we arrived in FL the following afternoon. When we arrived at Wellness, Ryan was running around like a mad man working on other intakes for the day so we were passed off to a new guy whose name I do not recall. He could not clearly explain the Financial Agreement to me either but did assure me that I would not have to pay any more than the $9,340 for the first 4 weeks (aside from food and cigarette money) and that my insurance would not be accepted by Wellness. I was completely exhausted and was trying to make my flight home that same evening, so I just left. Four weeks went by without them billing our credit card! My son agreed to stay an additional 4 weeks when Mercy from the billing department called and asked me to please send her another copy of the Financial Agreement. They lost the first copy somehow. I faxed her the Agreement and paid an additional $8,160 for the additional 4 weeks. In the mail, I started receiving EOB’s from Blue Cross for my son’s treatment at a place called Twelve Oaks (which is mentioned nowhere in our Financial Agreement). When I called Blue Cross, they told me Twelve Oaks was billing for Intensive Outpatient Treatment. I called Mercy at Wellness and she attempted to explain why I was “direct pay” while simultaneously they were billing my insurance company after telling me my insurance was not accepted. Her attempts to explain were unsuccessful and she later involved the CFO and the company’s Director (I believe his name was Snow). No one could explain why I was being treated as a direct pay and they were also billing Blue Cross but everyone agreed we were due a refund. For months I have been talking to a different person every time I call Wellness. My son was discharged on 5/13/16 and they have still not sent a refund of any sort but claim they will be sending $850.00, which is outrageous. Paragraph 1 of the Financial Agreement says $2,275/week for TREATMENT…not housing which they now claim. Why in the world would I sent my son all the way to Florida for outpatient treatment and then pay $7,500/mo. for him to share an apartment with 3 other men? Wellness is clearly making their money on their mandatory housing fee and they DO NOT state that up front when you’re dealing with them over the phone or in person! I signed this “contract” under duress and I am considering contacting an attorney at this point. They are in network for my Insurance Company and refuse to bill the housing expense because I signed this crap in an attempt to save my son’s life. There is no reason it should not be billed properly which is all I have asked of them this entire time!

  3. Beware of this place there is theft ring inside in which they steal your identity when they take your belongings. The staff is extremely shady and could be convicts. Don’t give them your credit cards or SS# they will make your life a nightmare. Stay away if you can. This happen to several friends of mine and they all filed police reports.

  4. This place is a nightmare. They believe in breaking you down so you feel like a utterly worthless human being. They are a corporate money hungry entity that DOES NOT set you up for succrss.

    I left there after my time with more trauma then when I arrived.
    My therapist was horrible, sanctimonious, and unprofessional. The papers they sent for my after care were grammatically incorrect and an absolute embarrassment.

    Just go to their website and you can see their lack of attention to detail. If they cannot be professional in the small things, should you trust your future life to them? I think not.

    Please choose another center.

  5. First of all, Wellness isn’t a very big facility. When I read about the “giant apartment block” I chuckled to myself. My experience at the apartments was that there are 10 or 11 units with 4 people in each. A far stretch from what I could consider giant. haha. Also, I saw my therapist EVERY week for an hour long session…I wouldn’t really call that a “smattering of sessions,” but you all obviously got some different information, from where…who knows? But it doesn’t sound like my experience there. This program saved my life. I did a lot of work too, but Marina was awesome! All the therapists were great and most of the techs too. I really liked that most of the techs were in recovery themselves. It really helped me feel comfortable talking about some of my issues with them.

    Also, as far as the weekends went there,….I’m not sure what “various weekend process groups where people of all illnesses can air their grievances” is all about (again, not my experience at all…kind of sounds like some AA meetings sometimes though lol), but weekends were great. The guys got together each week and would decide on an activity we wanted to do, and we would do it! One week it was Boomers (a local Dave and Busters type of establishment, but with more options), then another weekend we saw The Avengers in the theater, and one week we even went to play paintball!! That was amazing. I’d never played before and it was a lot of fun. I legitimately didn’t realize I could have that much fun without being high.

    I really liked that I could go on pass with my sponsor and some other guys I met at the various meetings we went to each day. It really helped me develop friendships with people before I graduated, so once I left and was living at halfway, I didn’t have an issue picking up the phone to ask for a ride to a meeting. I had been to different programs before and this was the first place that even allowed me leave their property, let alone encouraged it!! Don’t get me wrong, some of the rules seem unnecessary to me (like the no cell phone thing or not really being able to talk to the opposite sex), but this place really helped get my life back on track and for that I’ll be forever grateful!!

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