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Wayne Raiter, Interventionist


Wayne RaiterThe Basics

Interventionist Wayne Raiter is a Master’s-level LCSW who developed the Systemic Family model of intervention. Raiter is a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS) and the co-author of several books on substance abuse and treatment, including The Forgiveness Myth and Walking Miracles. He conducts interventions for those with substance, gambling, sex or overeating problems. He has worked with more than 5,000 families using the Systemic Family model. Raiter currently lives in Georgia, where he is the president and founder of Exec Care, Inc. He also oversees the intervention program at American Addiction Centers in Tennessee and works with several facilities in his home state of Minnesota.


The Background

Wayne Raiter has 35 years of clinical experience, the last 15 of which he has been working using his own intervention model. His career has taken various turns: he was founder and director of Lakewood Counseling and Career Center and an executive of the Judson Family Center which aids victims of domestic abuse. By founding Exec Care, Inc. he has also helped executives and business people with substance issues.

The Approach

As the founder of the systemic family intervention model, Raiter utilizes it in the interventions he conducts. He uses didactic therapy and interactive research to examine generational patterns that may exist in the client’s extended family –going back up to four generations to inform the intervention approach. Raiter considers this important to identify and develop healthy coping skills. The family hires Raiter and he calls the addict to invite him or her to a series of meetings. He may discuss why the meetings are taking place and outline the family’s concerns in a very general manner, but the addict is not confronted by the family in any way.

A series of up to five meetings take place between Raiter, the family and the addict, held on separate days. In these meetings, they discuss the nature of addiction and how it impacts the physical and mental health of the addict. They may also discuss how communication styles should be modified to allow the addict and the family members to express themselves clearly. The family may or may not discuss the addict’s specific behavior. Instead, they may focus on addiction as a concept, with the goal of learning all they can about how addiction can be eradicated from the entire family. In these meetings, the addict is encouraged to enter a treatment program. Referrals can be offered for treatment facilities that Raider believes to be the best fit. The family members are also encouraged to enter formal group therapy sessions such as Alanon so they can learn how to adjust their own behavior and stick to their new goals. The entire family, including the addict, resolves to change and to participate in therapies to help them change. These therapies might continue for years, long after the intervention is complete.

Raiter sometimes offers an intensive two-day program which allows different families the opportunity to interact with with each other and with clinicians. Part of Raiter’s approach is to veer from the intervention into developing new norms for the family, like healthy boundaries, constructive communication styles and functional operating systems. He is also offers individual and family therapy sessions, as well as family educational groups. Apart from on-site intensive workshops, the family program is also available online and via telephone conference.

In Summary

Raiter’s 35 years of work in substance abuse treatment is quite a recommendation for his services. He considers the whole family in his approach and sticks with clients and their aftercare. For those who think the family systemic model is the appropriate approach, Raiter is a great choice.

Wayne Raiter
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Reach Wayne Raiter by phone at (612) 861-6129. Find Wayne Raiter on LinkedIn

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