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Coastal rehab clinics are plentiful throughout California, attracting residents with promises of rest and relaxation along with programs to begin recovery. The Watershed, founded in 1998 by CEO Chris Crosby, is South Florida’s answer to this approach. It has also grown considerably throughout the years; when The Watershed first opened, the Boca Raton location was the only one. It has since closed. Now it has a location in Boynton Beach, Florida and one in Clearlake, Texas. It has helped more than 35,000 people find recovery.

Accommodations and Food

Boynton Beach, which opened in 2005, is set up like a giant condo with 132 available beds, a swimming pool, a full-service kitchen and a large and up-to-date fitness center. New residents are housed with roommates in double rooms that are considered three-star hotel quality with private bathrooms (though TVs are only in the common areas).

Residents dine cafeteria-style.

Treatment and Staff

The Watershed offers individualized treatment but treatment is primarily group-based. Meetings run more or less all day long, with one-on-one sessions with clinical psychiatrists Monday through Friday and AA meetings at night. The center offers dual-diagnosis therapy and has relapse prevention meetings every day while mornings are dedicated to primary therapy.

The staff includes nurses, psychiatrists, doctors and therapists, many of them in recovery. Watershed has on-site detox and a handful of programs, including separately gendered groups for men and women. Still, if residents only stay for the minimum month, they are likely to miss out on some of the more specialized treatment options.


There are a few aftercare options for those who would like to continue their recovery in Florida: one is to live in the Watershed Apartments, which is close to the Boynton Beach residential program. Each comes fully furnished with TVs in each room, a pool, on-site laundry, a gym and a computer lab. Finally, The Watershed also offers a halfway house for clients to go after residential treatment.

Watershed emphasizes its alumni program, which features weekly meetings with rotating speakers and annual alumni picnics. It also advertises its own “social network” for the geographically-limited (or possibly the less-social). The site offers helpful recovery advice, online forums and recovery journal entries from alums.

In Summary

Overall, the Watershed offers alcohol and drug rehabilitation and dual-diagnosis support with a few extras. Those living in southern Florida and beyond could do well seeking treatment here.

The Watershed Locations

4905 Park Ridge Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

The Watershed Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach The Watershed by phone at (877)-304-3648 or by email at [email protected]. Find The Watershed on FacebookTwitter and their blog

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  1. Stayed the entire program and even though there were certain things I didnt always agree with, it was by far the best facility I have ever been to. I hear people say this is like jail and obviously they have never been to a state run facility before because this place is not even close. They are strict, yes and of course they will try to convince you to not leave. DUH we were just shooting drugs or drinking ourselves to death why should we be trusted in the real world. Anyways, stick with the people who are doing the right thing and listen to the people running it and you will have a good experience.

  2. Changed my life. If you are willing to do what is asked (even when I didn’t want to) it can really help you achieve sobriety. I wanted to leave a few times but that was only because I am a stubborn addict who wants to do things my own way. Well, my own way got me into rehab so obviously that doesnt work. Also, a lot of people in treatment lie to there parents saying its a bad program and their parents let them leave which is a lie. These were usually the people who were trying to use and get high. We wouldnt be here if we didnt need structure and for someone to tell us what to do.

  3. Just got off the phone with one of their, whatever the guy was answering the phone. I experienced a rude, high pressure sales tactic.
    $15,000 for thirty days and when I said I could not afford that right now, the response I got was “Good luck in prison” and he hung up one me.

  4. This place is the biggest joke! If you care about your loved ones stay away. The place and staff are horrendous. They don’t investigate any wrongdoings. They just throw you out if someone makes an accusation about you. even though it isn’t true, and has nothing to do with drugs. They don’t support you in combating your addiction.
    What kind of rehab place makes you leave at night without any place to go due to an unfounded allegation that was never investigated?
    My son has been through this place 7 times, and each time we have paid out of pocket. He has ben treated so unfairly by the staff. They denigrate you instead of supporting you in your recovery. This is supposed to be a therapeutic environment and it is far from that.
    The staff is a disaster, especially the person uncharge of Halfway, and the Director. Extremely unprofessional, not caring for the patients at all. They don’t investigate any allegations, they just act on heresy without any proof or evidence.
    These 2 people should be fired. They have no compassion or any abilities to be in charge of anything, especially people who are in recovery.
    This facility should be shut down for good
    Do not send your loved ones here. It is a Nightmare!

  5. This treatment center is absolutely terrible. They lie and manipulate you, they promise you everything under the sun and don’t follow through. You’re treated like a child at a daycare center. They say that they will fly you down to the treatment center and cover the cost of the flight but after a week of being there, they call you into admissions to sign a form saying that you will pay them back from the open ended airfare. They say its an “at will” center if you want to leave, but they will only honor it when they want to, not when you’re ready to. When you move onto the partial hospitalization, you’re moved to a run down disgusting motel looking complex in the middle of the ghetto and make you sign a document that states if anything happens to you, that you or anyone in your family can not come after you even if its gross negligence on their behalf. This is a total scam, and so far they have tried collecting over $25k from my insurance (Aetna) and my insurance is not covering the cost, so when I brought it up to them, they said “If we have approached you for money, don’t worry about it, we wont just send you a random bill”, even while I was still trying to be discharged where they would honor their agreement to fly me home.

  6. My husband just came from The Watershed in Florida. They only care for you until your insurance runs out. If you cannot pay to stay, you are out of there whether you are ready to leave or not. Also, they billed my insurance for dr appts that my husband never went to. I do not suggest this place.

  7. Quite possibly the worst rehab out there. The Texas facility is filled with rats, the staff are completely unprofessional and under trained, and the counselors couldn’t care less. The administrator is money hungry and obviously doesn’t give a shit about his patients. Not to mention the anger problem he has. THIS IS NOT THE REHAB YOU WANT TO GO TO.

  8. This is Chad again,i apologize about the punctuation i was just mad about people not taking advantage of the oppurtunities the Lord gives us ! But i had been on drugs pills, coke, heroin ,amphetamines,xanax you name i was doing it since i was twelve years of age until just till i left there i am now 43 never thought i would live to 40 but the Lord has a purpose for me but i honestly cant say a bad word about the shed or anyone there but give it a chance and it just might work Lord works in mysterious ways

  9. I wish i had the oppurtunity to complete it again i didnt but i hadbeen on everything i could put in my body they want you to get better i was on methadone for eight yrs.and just because i had a small amount ofclarity when they had gotten me off 150 mg methadone daily they also had gotten me off the 6 other drugs i was doing and before you ask i no longer use methadone and rarely do anything else but not like i was i would honestly be in the ground if they wouldnt have taken me my family had already disowned me and most of my real friends not drug friends but for the three weeks i was thera yeah three weeks insurance paying and all my dumbass leaves and just imagine what they could have done if i wouldhave just done thirty days so to all people that dont want help dont take up someone elses spot and ill read about you in the obituaries where id be without watershed .

    • Robert Townsend on

      The director advertises so he can get paid and if you don’t have any money or insurance fuck you and if they cared at all like they advertise then I could get help…shut them down immediately!!!!…

  10. After reading the post from nick d about being a patient for eight months and his love for the WS it was too much and I have to give my two cents! I apologize to the shedheads that this will offend or maybe it will wake you up and start looking into a few things and start thinking for yourselves! To protect the identity of this person and the information they have aquired the names have been changed to “swim 1 or swim 2, swim 3, etc..”
    Swim 2 was a patient at WS for more than 11 months and became an employee at the corporate office in delray. Swim 2 eyes were opened after the first of many illegal and questionable events.
    1. A patient who was at the facility died from a heart condition. She/he was given medication that was originally told to the ws that it would be lethal. Swim 3 and two other employees witnessed the patient’s file/record show that the patients spouse told ws that this medication is potentially lethal/harmful and cannot be given to this patient. Two hours later it was erased and ws denied they were ever told or made aware of this medication and the allergic reactions that would result. News crew even showed up at the boynton facility over this person dieing.
    2. Patients that are self pay will get the full 30 days when they arrive and will not move onto php any earlier. If they are on insurance then they will move onto php as early as 15 days, but the insurance is being billed for 30 days. Swim 2 has copies of patient records showing insurance being billed for 30 days and patients graduating onto php after 15 days. Then insurance will be billed for 30 days for php and patient moves onto iop after 12 days.
    3. The ws keeps a watchful eye on every employee at corporate. Cell phones are required to be left in vehicles or an employee will be terminated if a cell phone is seen in a purse, pocket, etc..
    4. Swim 1 has been told, but unable to confirm that the ws now has cameras over every employee computer at corporate.
    5. One of the founders of ws left and opened up their own rehab because and quote he “couldnt deal with what was going on anymore and that the ws had become only about the money.”
    There is soo much more that they (swims) have that I can go on with alot more, but I dont want to turn this into a novel and it was just to make a point.

  11. This place is the biggest joke I have ever been to yes the detox was phenomenal but after that it’s basically go fuck yourself especially if your insurance runs out like mine did. They have have no order what so ever at their php portion of the program. During this time they called my mom to tell her I had ran off to do drugs, this was why she was on a cruise and sent her into a panic. This all turned out to be a mistake in identity for I was actually sitting in one of their so called groups which was more like a session of bullshit for an hour and a half. I did not receive an apology for the inconvenience and stress this caused my mother and when I asked how this even came about I was told that another patient said he saw my roommate get in a car and said he was going to get high and thought he saw me in their as well. The sad part is they just believed this person and instantly called my family instead of checking to see if was where I was supposed to be. This would lead to a series of events over the next couple of days because after this event it was discovered that my insurance was no longer paying for my treatment. I was now being harassed by the staff and given a drug test almost every morning and night. This became almost comical for me because I was not drug tested this much when I was on probation. The true sad thing When I became irritated from the constant harassment and lace of control or any meaning of the classes I was attending I began to rebel. At one time I was locked out of my room while the text ransacked my room looking for drugs because I was a suspected drug dealer. During one of these searches they found a cap to a syringe in the living room couch. Of course it was mine I mean who else could have been its not like there are 4 other addicts that live there and god knows how many other addicts have come through my room but it was mine. Once again they called my mom to tell her that I needed to be re admitted to the main hospital facility and they needs 15000. They said we hate to put a price on your sons life but without treatment it’s a matter of time till you are. Called down to identify his body. It baffles me on how much they cared for me when my insurance was top notch but soon after they could care less. In my honest opinion this place did a great job in helping me detox but that is all I would use them for they try and teach you the 12 step program and this is done by someone that is not an addict and has no idea of the true meaning of the steps and how they work especially when they made me sit through their so called alumni night. Which is the biggest waist of time I have ever sat through in my life. They bring people over from php to tell me how great their life has become and if I stay focused I can have the same happiness they have. Did u mention that these so called success stories are people with an amazing clean time wait for it 30 to 45 days clean. That’s right they are having people that have an amazing 30 days clean come and give a testimonial. Also the said they offer dual diagnosis treatment which I extremely excited about this turned out to be another load of bull shit for my counselor barely new my name let alone who I was even though he supposedly had a conference call with my mother and was trying very hard to get us to have that emotional bond that we once had yet my mother never recalls ever speaking to this guy. I will say other than the lies and staff that has no clue as to what is going on with their patients the place offers one hell of first class entertainment. I got to witness a suicide attempt, several fist fights and atleast once a night several people would try and escape. Very entertaining stuff

  12. WB. Better none as KEY BONE/ SNAPPY on

    Hi world I just wanted to let each and every last one of you now that the watershed has done some many GREAT things in all our lives. I know that it takes POWER* DEDICATION* LOVE* and more so ever FRIENDSHIP* and you know what the watershed has those things, they teach you how to live again and also teaches the young and some older how to live life FREE OF INDIFFERENT and being comfortable in your own skin. Most of us come threw the watershed because we didn’t know where to turn, we get a little clarity back, and then we feel good but as we’re feeling good we start to complain, we then start to want it our way and we convince our loved ones that, the watershed is holding me because of my insurance, when everyone knows that is not the case I stayed at the watershed longest tenanet for 4 and a half years, and why because I did not know how to live, parents/spouses/ family members are who ever you are in this world we as addicts know how to manipulate every situation, that’s our job when we’re using and sometimes when we’re not working a program and still clean, LOOK? OPEN YOUR EYES ? And look at the big picture they needed help you couldn’t help them know there somewhere where they can get help, and learn about there addiction I’m sorry but if it was me I would not want to go to a facility where everything is handed to me and I’m getting a pat on the back because you setting them up for failure, we need tough love YEA I said it. Because it means we care, because you’re not going to get away with what you have done in the pass. I turned out AWSOME and I’m so happy I have friends at the watershed that helped me grow. Thank you CEO Chris C. And Director Steve D. We save LIVES NOT COFFINS REMBER THAT sometimes family members your loved only get 1 shot wake up this is not a game. LETS GO WATERSHED. These HATERS ARE GOING TO HATE/ LET them HATE we need haters, as long as there talking about us BAD MOUTHING US GUESS what WORLD WERE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.!!!!!! SO PLEASE DO YOUR Research WORLD/because addication is not a piece of candy are jewelry because wants a family member dies you can’t take it back. Love u world see you at the SHED?….

  13. I have worked for The WaterShed for several years; I am proud to say. The Watershed has a great program for anyone wanting to get clean and sober AND stay clean and sober. We help those that suffer from a disease of mind, body and spirit . A disease  that wants to kill them and the disease of addiction  is winning !!!! It is killing good people!!!! Come and get help PLEASE!!!
     I have worked at a few different positions and found it to be an excellent program that I am proud to be part of the TEAM of helping those that suffer from addiction. Most are hard working, Loving , compassionate and have  a passion for helping others to heal and live life without drugs and alcohol. TWShed is striving for excellence– for our patience.. TWShed  weeds out those employee’s  that either lose that passion to help others or no longer do a good job for our patience  or sadly some in recovery have relapsed and are  in  active addiction again . Hense many angry employee’s words I have seen, sadly. I pray for all to get help and be the great person that we can be. One day at a time.

    • Robert Townsend on

      The director advertises so he can get paid and if you don’t have any money or insurance fuck you and if they cared at all like they advertise then I could get help…shut them down immediately!!!!…

  14. The watershed was a godsend to me. When I came to the watershed I’m on the verge of losing everything I had. And when I say everything I had I don’t mean materialistic things. I mean my family my kids. At first i was only at the watetshed for a oil change 30 days..After going thru the different levels of treatment the watershed provides and taking suggestions from the awesome staff and therapist there i ended up staying a lot longer than expected. Being open minded and taking simple suggestions i now have more now than ever. My life and my family that actually want to be around me. And now i have god willing on 11/28/2016 I’ll have 9 months clean. Thank you watershed for giving me the tools and education for life without drugs. If you are looking for a better life and a place that will give you the tools you need for that life then look no further make that call like i did to the watershed. Thanks again to all the watershed staff for this great opportunity I’ll never forget it.

  15. I can honestly say The Watershed saved my life. I’m not going to say it’s easy because it’s not. However, if you want to change your life, this place gives you the tools to live a healthy and sober life. I am grateful for the family I have made here at The Watershed and the staff are really great. Food is great here too! I have 18 months thanks to The Watershed and AA. They get to the root of the addiction and the cause of the suffering. many people who work here know of someone they love who is in addiction and specialize in it because they do not want people to suffer anymore. I can honestly say I have the best life today then I could ever imagine. I would recommend this place to anyone who is struggling with this disease.

  16. I went to the watershed in march of 2014. When I got there I was a broken man. The watershed slowly out me back together with great therapy and a compationate staff. Thank god they offered all levels of care and gave me plenty if time to heal. I will always be grateful, they truly saved my life.

  17. I struggled with addiction from the age of 12 up until I was 26. I did not know how to live life on life’s terms. Prior to coming to The Watershed in 2012, I was 26 years old, sleeping on my parents’ couch, unemployed, and had no hope to live anymore. I was hoping the drugs would kill me, life just seemed too difficult – I fell into a bottomless pit of despair. I was granted an opportunity to enter The Watershed in 2012. There I was shown a new pathway in my life’s journey; a path lined with hope leading to recovery. That path included the expert hands and hearts of staff who tremendously aided in saving my life. The clinical team was able to help me cope with my anxiety and depression without the use of substances. The alumni staff recommended that I start working a 12-step program. While, I was there I obtained an NA sponsor, went to NA meetings, got active in an NA group. My life started changing for the better in a drastic manner. I started gaining self-worth, confidence, love for myself, and ability to be a productive member of society. I completed the program and decided to reside at The Watershed Halfway House. I knew I wasn’t ready to go on my own and needed the extra accountability. If I knew treatment could be this much fun, I would’ve came here at a younger age. Today, my life is so meaningful. I’m about to graduate with a Master’s degree, I’m following my passions and dreams. There are many goals that I have accomplished and will continue to accomplish. Most Importantly, I’m spiritually, mentally, and physically wealthy. I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now if it wasn’t for The Watershed.

  18. Hi my name is Key Bone/Snappy Better known as Wykesa…..I came threw the watershed 7/13/2011…When I came threw the watershed I didn’t understand a lot of things about me are my life, and did not now anything about living and being free, I was a prisoner in my own mind I needed structure someone to tell me that I had a shot at life. Someone to let me know that I could be me, and nobody elese. I didnt know who I was let alone knew what I wanted in my life. I was a scared little girl the watershed gave me structure showed me a better life to live, showed me LOVE and they tolerated my B”S”. They told me that I could have my own higher power of my own understanding and I did. My higher power who I didn’t know, now I do lead me to the watershed know I have friends that love me no matter what and they do not want anything from me but friendship. Listen if you are an addict/ alcohol are just a plan old junky, look I’m telling you the watershed is the place to be they saved my life and they treat you like family yes it’s tough LOVE but the only reason why they do what they do is because there giving you the RIGHT TOOLs to make it in life. Please give yourself a chance and GOD BLESS.

  19. I came to The Watershed in June of 2014 completely broken and desperate. It was my first time in treatment and I was terrified. From the moment I walked through the doors of The Watershed I felt safe and reassured. The admissions staff was warm and welcoming. I knew nothing about a 12 step program and thankfully the therapists gave me the tools I needed. The greatest part about The Watershed is that it is a step-down program. Going through the different phases really helped me get used to being out in the world without using. I had never been that far away from my family before. Living in an apartment with 3 other women was overwhelming at first, but it taught me so much humility. It also taught me how to connect with other women, which is something I certainly did not do while I was using. I was only supposed to come to treatment for 2 weeks, but God had a different plan for me. I ended up staying at The Watershed for every single phase of the program and lived there for almost 2 years. I now work a 12 step program, reside in FL, and have over 2 years of sobriety. I never thought I would leave my small town in NC. I realize now that FL is where my support is and it is the best place for me at this time in my life. The Watershed will always be a beautiful beginning to my new life.

  20. When I went to The Watershed I honestly didn’t know what to expect all I knew is that I was needing help. The person I talked to on the phone was nice and understanding. When I went to the facility I was truely grateful. Everyone was so nice to me and knew I needed help. I wasn’t coming down to Florida for a vacation, I was going to change my life because obviously shooting heroin isn’t normal. Without the staff there and my therapist I don’t know what I would of done. The watershed really cares about you and will help you get back to the way you are supposed to be, a productive member of society. The facility was very nice and they helped me to go in the direction I needed because if I would of went home after only 30 days I probably would not be here. Thank you to all the staff at the watershed for helping me when I couldn’t help myself.

  21. So i went through the watershed and when i got there I was absolutely miserable and only asked if they could help me stop getting high and they said they could. I was not looking for luxury or a vacation i just wanted to stop getting high. Admittedly i was happy that i had the comfort of the detox facility (i went through boynton which is really nice) when i was going through withdrawals because if it wasnt for the staff (everyone from doctors to the techs that check on everyone to the super nice cleaning lady that was super quiet and quick when i wasnt feeling good and laying in my bed and left me an extra blanket without me even asking) and a number of other patients i dont think i would have been able to do it. I needed to get medically stable and they did that. Also the food didnt hurt because i really cant remember the last time i actually ate a healthy meal prior to coming there. After I detoxed I wanted to go home but the staff intervened and I remember getting really upset about it. I am happy they did though because they probably saved my life. Reason being that no matter what i was telling my family and everyone else i only wanted to go home to get high and give up on myself but they pushed me when i needed it. Like many of the people I went through with just detoxing me does not mean that I will stay sober. I needed a lot more help and they provided that for me. I heard all of the horror stories of the apartments at the later levels of care but when i got there it was not at all what i was expecting. I went in scared to death but in all reality I was pretty comfortable had a fridge full of food (you only really need to cook dinner and have some snacks so it isnt that hard to budget for shopping) and most importantly i was constantly able to talk to people both medical professionals and others that have been where I have been so I could start to change my life. Looking back I think a lot of people just wanted to find an excuse to hate it because you are forced to try to make a change in your life and at times you dont want to have to wake up early and go to groups or cook dinner or wash dishes or go to another meeting but it is what I needed while I was trying to get rid of the constant urge to get high. I had a lot of good times there but most importantly I was given the tools to begin my journey of living a sober life plus I got some basic life skills back like budgeting money being forced to clean up after myself and generally be a normal adult again. A large number of staff members are in recovery themselves and i cant count how many times i was upset of wanted to use and was able to quickly find a staff member that knows what it feels like to just want to get high even though you dont want to and be able to help me. A lot of the time they would usually be able to just tell and talk to me when I needed it. Would i want to live in the apartments forever? No. But this is a rehab and even though i wanted a lot of other things i did not need them. What i did need was time, guidance, and people to help me work out my problems so i could be able to get a drug free life. As someone that stayed at the Watershed for a while and still lives in their sober living apartments i can tell you it is a great place if you are open to listening to what the staff and abundance of other recovering alcoholics and addicts that come there daily to do service work have to say. They not only showed me how to stay sober for longer then my previous record of a week or two but also gave me the ability to start my life over and finally be happy. Today i have over a year of sobriety. The watershed showed me exactly what i had to do if i wanted to stay sober and be happy and i did what they told me. I usually didnt want to and hated them at times for it but there advice saved my life and i am eternally grateful to them for that

  22. I went through the watershed and am thankful to say that I now have a year clean. The staff care about the patients, most of them are in recovery and a lot went through the facility themselves. I still live in the sober living apartments for residents with over a year clean. The detox facility was very comfortable, the community of people there though is what got me through in the beginning. People forget you’re going to rehab and not on vacation. It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to be exactly the way you want and that’s okay because you’re there to save your life not just get a sun tan. I love this place and would recommend it to my closest friends and family

  23. This place is run by greedy, fearful, predators (in all ways possible).

    The CEO and ‘Direktor’ of Admissions do not deserve the positions and essentially vow to accept whatever behaviors they exhibit (mostly with business practices, overseeing lying, greedy, and fraudulent admissions staff, and the way they mistreat the same staff, especially those whom are honest, caring, and wise to the gambit).

    I challenge someone with legal / political connections to work there just to see this is no exaggeration. Sadly their board and the investors could care less-

    The admissions department by way of the fraud and abuse that occurs daily nearly proves there is no God and no justice in this world.
    Mind u this is coming from the top, not from the poor recovering employees(most) of whom are trying to help and make decent money-

    I would rather be homeless and volunteer than force myself to ignore the or make excuses for the disgusting souls that are Crosby , demarcoe , and their minions- bullies and liars all-

    Sure they could care less , prey on employees- play with their livelihood, create drama, smear their characters- hell, maybe the company itself will pay out on law suites despite their predation and abuse of “power”.

    If u were conned into the shed and manages to get sober- take what I learned and run away- do not think that clinical services (as mired as they have become ) are at all a reflection of the management of the company.

    Theses specific parties and departments seek only to enrich them self, wreak havoc on the other departments/ employees, and ultimately bankrupt the company or have it shit down by the Feds , AFTER they have made money, played favorites, molested employees , and chugged down any drop of power they became thirsty for.

    Disgraceful people- and all departments, department heads, are aware of this – as such they are cowards and complicit in the deaths of patients , employees , the defrauding of insurance companies, and the pertuatuon of sickness and disease.

    Shame on all of you-

    • Watershed Ashling on

      Hi PM,

      We are sorry to hear you feel this way. The Watershed has been open since 1998 and has helped over 55,000 addicts and alcoholics into recovery. We believe that every addict and alcoholic deserves the chance to recover and should be treated with the utmost respect and care. We pride ourselves on our programs. I would like to invite you to check out and read real recovery stories by our patients. If you would like to contact us directly so that we can address all your concerns , please feel free to call us at 800-861-1768 and ask for the concern line or you can e-mail us at [email protected].

  24. Caring Brother on

    Terrible. Just terrible. My brother is a severe addict and completely against rehab, however my parents and I finally got him to go. We came across the Watershed and it was a huge mistake. The detox portion was fine, however they sent him out to the ghetto to live, where the entire area was drug infested. I understand where it is your choice to do the drugs or not, however, THESE ARE ALL RECOVERING ADDICTS! He never got drug tested, and when my family would call and check in, we were told that we were being “too annoying.” This place was a complete joke, my brother came home worse than ever. When we called the Watershed, the woman on the phone said, “Well we can not help it if he wants to do drugs.” It is a rehab, yes you can. This place is just a scam to hit your insurance. You have to want to clean yourself and I am aware of that, but the Watershed did no job of trying to prevent it.

    • Hearbroken mother on

      I had the exact same experience with my son. He went in and the detox part was great but was abusing the last 3 weeks of the program when he got into the Intensive Outpatient portion. No supervision. Drugs were everywhere and he came home worse than when he left. I was afraid of an overdose when he got home. Had to detox him. What a nightmare this place is. Milking the insurance companies and not giving a damn about the patients. Do not send anyone you love to this awful place. Constantly being told how good he was doing and I was also told by his counselor that “I called too much”! Ridiculous. I have since reported them.

    • The watershed is a great place to build a life in recovery. I flew down in Aug of 2013 as a hopeless woman. The watershed helped me learn how to deal with life on life’s terms and gave me the tools to stay clean and sober. The different levels of care that I went through over an extended period of time showed me that life without drugs and alcohol was a much better way of living . I went through all levels of care and lived at their sober living apartments for a year. Today my life is amazing and I am forever grateful to the watershed program. They taught me how to live, laugh and love again- and how to love myself! I would highly recommend the watershed to any suffering alcoholic/addict who wants to change their life for the better

      • I have read many negative reviews about this place and I am considering sending my son. Is a good clean effic et place?

        Thank you

  25. Barbara Gadus on

    If you love your family member do not send them to the watershed none of the facilities in any states. My son’s is handicapped and a heron addict. My problem with the watershed is none of the different areas know what the others are doing. It is just rediculous as of right now the watershed put my son on a plane after 3 months not telling us that he needed money for his baggage which he has now lost as he could not get it checked I could not pay for his baggage over the phone and to top it off the watershed did not give him his cell phone because it was at another building so after many calls to the west Palm Beach airport we finally got to talk with our son and find out he could not get his baggage on the plane. I called the watershed about his baggage and phone and got several people that could not help me and it’s not their problem about his baggage. Please do not let your loved one go to the waterahed. It’s all about how much money they will get and not about helping the addict.

    • How did you not know that he needed money for his bags? Did you expect the treatment facility to pay for his bags? Seems like that’s your fault, not theirs.

  26. My son was on Methadone and was a severe alcoholic. He was considered to be a high Methadone user based on his 75 ml per day dosage. He entered a facility in another state and was subsequently dumped on the ICU of a local hospital after they realized that they had mis-evaluated his situation shortly thereafter and based on his Methadone usage, they never should have taken him. He spent 7 days in ICU and the facility made up a bunch of lies so they wouldn’t have to admit their mistake and wouldn’t take him back.

    We brought him home and searched for another treatment center. That’s when we found The Watershed. They were very helpful and said they could take him at his current dosage. He had already detoxed from alcohol so this should be a relatively stable withdrawal from Methadone. They immediately put him on another medication (sorry, I don’t remember the name) for a week and then whined him off the Methadone very successfully. All is well, right?

    Well, here’s the problem I have with Watershed. When you look at their website, you see a beautiful campus with luscious landscaping and manicured lawn. Well, don’t get used to it…. that place is just the first two weeks. After two weeks, he entered phase 2 of the program which meant moving into an apartment complex guarded by Watershed staff. But, they don’t show you this place on their website because it’s in the middle of “the hood.” Yep, it’s on a dead-end street in an area that I wouldn’t even THINK about going in to in after dark.

    My son was there by choice, therefore, very receptive to recovery and healing. Only time will tell, so I won’t judge the merit of their treatment, but if he relapses and has to go into another facility, I can promise it won’t be The Watershed.

  27. The first phase of the Watershed is ok. The facility is nice and they make sure your detox goes as smooth as possible. I had Lisa as my therapist and she was great.

    The 2nd phase of this rehab leaves a lot to be desired, however. I guess, as with most people’s recovery, it is what you make it but when folks are constantly leaving to get high and just being filtered back through the program it makes it difficult on those that are trying to stay clean to do so. At least that was the impression I, and many like me, got when I was there. I was there for about 3 months by the way.

  28. I just left there today and am not proud to say that I’ve signed myself into the Boca facility more than 8 times over the last 8 years. As of yet I haven’t been successful but that’s in no way an indictment of the quality of care at the Watershed. I just haven’t given myself to it 100%. I’m more determined this time and hopefully I can nail it down.

    First of all, this is drug and alcohol treatment. No matter how much you think you need it, If you’re like me the first time I got there you’re going to sober up during the first week and think “what the f… did I do? I need to get the hell out of here.” That was me my first time there in 08. I ended up staying for 3 weeks, went home, and was back in 2 weeks for another 10 days – this is when I had insurance and their limit was 30 days per year.

    This place is not the Taj Mahal but it is everything you’ll need to get sober and they will provide all the tools to draw on to stay that way. Its spotless clean due to a huge staff of housekeeping. You won’t suffer through detox because you see the Psychiatrist every day and he will provide all the medication for a safe withdrawal that will be as comfortable as possible and won’t have you climbing up the walls.

    There is always a share of people there that are unhappy with any situation and they seem to be the ones with an axe to grind here on this site. The large majority of people are extremely thankful for the care received. When you’re satisfied with something you usually don’t feel a strong need to give your feedback, whether it be a restaurant, hotel, or a rehab. I heard quite a few people talking about the terrible online feedback over the last 10 days and that’s why I’m writing this.

    The best part of the Watershed is the staff followed closely by the food. Almost all of the staff is in recovery themselves and are extremely supportive. From the Director to the Behavioral Techs they are wonderful. You come in contact with the techs constantly and it is very clear that they care about you more than you care about yourself.

    The Boca facility is appropriate for people close to 30 and older. The younger people are usually steered to the Boynton facility to which I’ve never been. The bottom line… if you can’t check your ego at the door you’re not going to like any treatment facility worth a damn. If that’s the case with you I would suggest you go to the fake rehab in CA with the “former addict” who isn’t anymore.

    My email address is tomcatkelly67 at gmail dot com. If you have specific questions feel free to email me. I wish you the best in what ever it is you’re looking for. If you have a relative there right now please relax in knowing that they are safe and in loving, caring, capable hands.

    If you want to complain about the Watershed please don’t do so with me.



  29. Hi my names nick and i completed the watershed program and i cant take reading anymore of these false accusations! Everything is completely voluntary and there is nothing shady going on,who ever that was talking about their kid saying it was terrible and that she had to climb a fence to make a phone call is rediculous u can use the phone everyday after your first week and during your first week u can easily call your family with your therapist! I bet your daughter was just lying so she van go home and get high! I saw it everyday when i was there but thats detoxing! I have nothing bad to say about the watershed and i was there for 8 months so please stop leaving negative comments when u dont know the facts!….#shedlife!!!

    • hey nick are you on line im leaving today to go to the shed and want to kno how it is there.. is the detox good were you sick im just scared of withdrawing.. thats my biggest fear is goin thru withdraws. after that im ok ill love to do the program and get clean i jst dont wqnt to be sick the whole time… plz get ack to me on this.. thanks

    • Nick d I don’t know where you were butt you were obviously oblivious 2 their tactics they abused your right and use threats to have leverage over you so that they can keep you as long as possible while your insurance will still shell it out what I do know is that they create false reports and reviews to make them seem more legit

  30. Katrina was my therapist there in 2013. While I was there, the first phase of treatment wasn’t that bad. ( at boynton) but once I went to the 2nd phase, it got bad. Horrible lunch. And we got 40 bucks a week to eat dinner and breakfast on. I seriously had my loved one send me food in the mail. I am serious. So I left and subsequently relapsed the same day. ( my own fault of course)

  31. Tina Rossetti on

    My sister has been at Waters Shed for the past 3 weeks, she was at the location in Boca then was transferred to the one in Boynton Beach, We have been trying to call and NOONE will return our call, My sister had snuck out to call us , she climbed an 8 ft fence, crying to us , telling us how bad it was, and to please get her out, We have no idea what really is going on but there definitely is something wrong. We want to remove her but facing insurance issues if she does leave, We are calling the Insurance company to ask for them not to pay Water Shed.. I need to know if someone can tell me she may have been moved , We were told it was the ADULT SIDE… Also if any of you had experienced anything like this or worse, Because we will not let this go!! My other sisters and I are going to make sure this place is investigated and SHUT DOWN!! no one with any kind of problem should be treated and subjected to this kind of inhumane treatment, Especially if they want the help as my sister asked,, We feel responsible and SAD that she is in there and they will not let her call or leave and said they will not give her any of her belongings if she does leave, that they will not even give her ID back, which she will need to get on an airplane,, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US!!!!!! WE WILL BE FOREVER GREATFUL… DONNA, TINA, TONI, AND KIM

    • I have someone in my family that is in Boynton florida and she has already had a grand mal seizure and I am very worried about her safety. she has been sneaking out to call us and she is disperately wanting to come home she has even made it to the fort Lauderdale airport but we could not bring her home because they had her i.d. we are really worried that something awful may happen to her. this is the first she has ever had in her life . are there anyone that can help us.

  32. There is a therapist at the shed who sent me vile FB messages about my drug addicted son. Her name is Katrina Verdon and she laughed and said my son was a junkie and would die because I was a shitty mother. If this is something that one of the Doctors at the Watershed could do, I must question the integrity of this facility. As a parent to a drug addicted child it is hard enough. To have someone who is in the profession of helping drug addicts and their families behave in such a vile, vindictive way. I certainly would never want someone like this hideous woman involved in the treatment of anyone’s child.

    • Wow! Thanks for your post. I was going to go there for treatment. Not now! I wish the best for you and your Son’s recovery.

    • She was my therapist in 2013, I liked her but she now is in a higher up position and no longer a therapist, from what I’ve heard recently

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