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Warwick Manor Behavioral Health Review

Located in the tiny town of East New Market, Maryland (population 400), Warwick Manor Behavioral Health provides residential care for addiction issues and co-occurring disorders. At this idyllic location, situated across Chesapeake Bay from Annapolis, residents of Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., and Virginia receive help. Along with a comprehensive inpatient program, which includes detox, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and dual diagnosis support, Warwick Manor also has a sober living option for those who are in its Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Accommodations and Food

The sprawling Warwick Manor facility has 56 beds and is set up in a traditional rehab fashion. Modest rooms are shared between clients of the same gender, featuring twin-sized beds and wooden dressers. Twenty beds are designated as sober living for clients who are participating in PHP or IOP and need a safe place to live during treatment. These clients are housed in a separate wing and are allowed to leave the facility daily to attend work or school. The facility has a large dining hall, a lecture hall, therapy rooms, offices, a common area and a small weight room. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only during break times.

Three meals a day are provided for clients. The staff prepares and serves a variety of hearty and nutritious options. Dietary requests can usually be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

The 30-day residential program uses a combination of the 12 steps and traditional therapy to help clients transform their lives. Upon entering the program, an individualized treatment plan is developed for each resident. Dual diagnosis support and medication management are available. For those needing stabilization, a medically monitored detox is included in the monthly cost.

The recovery process involves group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy when needed and 12-step meetings. Clients are welcome to see their therapists on a daily basis for individual sessions. Group therapy makes up a large portion of the daily schedule, with topics including relapse prevention, trauma, family dynamics, communication and the 12 steps. During both group and individual therapy, the therapists use CBT and DBT. Family therapy is also an option but must be requested by the client and approved by their primary therapist.

The eight-week PHP program merges with the inpatient groups five days a week between 9 am and 3 pm. PHP clients also have a weekly individual therapy session. All inpatient and PHP clients are required to attend on-site AA/NA meetings Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, clients have the opportunity to attend an off-site meeting in the community.

IOP lasts for 12 weeks and includes three-hour group sessions three times a week and individual therapy upon request. Clients are required to attend a minimum of two AA/NA meetings per week.

The staff includes doctors, nurses, Master’s-level therapists and certified addiction counselors.


Aftercare at Warwick Manor consists of a once-a-month alumni group that focuses on recovery skills. Guided Imagery is offered to enhance individual therapy sessions, if a client desires. Weekly art therapy group is also an option for all inpatient and PHP clients.

In Summary

Through compassion and personalized care, Warwick Manor is able to create a safe environment for recovery. Each client is guided and monitored closely as they move through their program. Thanks to this facility’s reasonably priced emphasis on individualized attention, a large number of clients can receive what they need for lasting sobriety.

Warwick Manor Behavioral Health Location

3680 Warwick Rd
East New Market, MD 21631

Warwick Manor Behavioral Health Cost

$9,175 (30 days). Reach Warwick Manor Behavioral Health by phone at (410) 943-8108. Find Warwick Manor Behavioral Health on Facebook

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  1. To the young lady who left a long ranting post, I have been to this facility four times . I am 39 years old and as of today I am 2 years clean!! I know the staff personally and I have also had my bouts with the staff , It seems to me as if your believing an addict ( which is your first mistake) !!! I also chose this field as a career and I am currently in Wor-Wic Community College’s CDC Program. Think about it sister… Does that even sound like someone with a degree in counseling would say to someone who is trying to change their life for the better?? It appears to me as if your the fool honey!!! You also seem to be so wrapped up in this person that you can’t see your relationship for what it really is.. ( Toxic, Unkind, and Hostile)…. I will pray for you two because prayer heals and being as I am writing this two whole years after you wrote your comment, You two probably aren’t even still together!!!! Stay Blessed by the best and Wor-Wic is the best!! Although Kevin Meanan is a conceited pompous ass….

  2. My boyfriend just left treatment at Warwick Manor. I visited the grounds to drop off clothing for him. I do not have a car and was not able to attend the one Saturday he was able to have family come before he left. The grounds were well kept, he was well taken care of physically and for the most part liked his stay. In talking since he has been home I am BEYOND DISGUSTED that your counselors have the audacity to tell anyone, especially a recovering addict/alcoholic that they and how they and their relationship is, is immoral because it is not the “normal” for society and the individual counselor didn’t agree with his life style and once he divulged it, her treatment changed. In no way shape or form does this have to do with him being an addict or alcoholic, he was one long before he ever met me and in no clinical way should your own personal opinions guide how you deal with anyone. Talk about immoral and unethical. He states he knows her opinion of him and his treatment changed. THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG. I have been a nurse for 25 years and have worked in many aspects of nursing. NEVER have I or would I treat anyone based on how I felt about their lifestyle that didn’t involve my immediate assistance which was with drugs and alcohol as well as some behavior issues. He was also told that he should of beat the shit out of me more than he did while drunk or high. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!! How immorally disgusting can you be and you want to pass judgment on him and me and this was his counselor he saw. I’m relatively sure it’s wrong to condone domestic violence or pass judgment on patients. Please be assured I will be complaining right on up the chain of command.

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