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Warriors Heart is the first private residential substance abuse treatment facility dedicated exclusively to those in high risk, high stress occupations. Warriors Heart welcomes male and female veterans, first responders, police, firefighters, EMTs, FBI and other modern “warriors” struggling with addiction. Located about 50 miles northeast of San Antonio in Bandera, Texas, it offers extensive dual diagnosis support, including help for those suffering from PTSD. Warriors Heart currently provides inpatient and sober living services and is in the process of launching outpatient programs.

Accommodations and Food

Warriors Heart is located on the beautiful 500-acre Purple Sage Ranch. The property was formerly a corporate retreat and wedding venue, so the accommodations are more resort-like than clinical. Men and women are assigned private or semi-private (gender-specific) guest suites with bathrooms. The luxurious estate features a game room with pool tables and foosball, serene outdoor spaces and comfy living and meeting areas with high ceilings and fireplaces. The property has a fitness center, ropes course, private lake, running and hiking trails, pastures and swimming pool as well as volleyball and basketball courts.

There is a commercial kitchen with a team of on-site private chefs. Food is served in the dining hall and prepared with both nutrition and personal preferences in mind. Any dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

The core program is a minimum of 28 days but clients often stay longer. Residents have customized treatment plans that include daily group therapy and on-site 12-step meetings. They also have individual therapy at least three times a week. Therapy uses CBT, DBT and EMDR. There is a special emphasis on treatment of PTSD and MTBI (Mild Traumatic Brain Injury). Gender-specific processing groups are also available for women.

The unique multidisciplinary treatment staff is comprised of recovering warriors from all branches of law-enforcement and military. The team is led by a retired Army Colonel and includes an MD, LVN, mental health counselors, LCDCs MFTs and MSWs and recreational therapists.


After completing the inpatient program, clients have the option to transition into the on-site sober living. This requires a minimum 60-day commitment and clients live on the ranch in cabins that are separated from the main building. They are required to maintain sobriety and a strict schedule. They must work, volunteer or go to school during the day and be back by 9 pm every night. Sober living clients must also participate in one group session per week and all meals are provided on-site in the dining hall.

The treatment team helps each client create an aftercare plan that may include locating an outpatient program or individual therapist near their home.

There is a family program that includes weekly multi-family group and informational sessions.

In Summary

Warriors Heart is a unique and inspiring program. By focusing on a niche population, it is able to provide private, top-notch care and peer support for veterans and first responders. The comprehensive dual diagnosis and trauma-informed care is especially important for those healing from battles—both physical and mental. This is an excellent choice for warriors seeking to restore their mental health, heal from trauma and reintegrate into sober life.

Warriors Heart Location

756 Purple Sage Rd
Bandera, TX 78003

Warriors Heart Cost

$20,000 (30 days). Reach Warriors Heart by phone at (830) 225-1622 or by email. Find Warriors Heart on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube

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  1. Back in April 2017 I was a client at Warriors Heart and have been clean and sober since!! I simply cannot and will not be able to say ENOUGH great and amazing things about this facility, its mission, staff and counselors! I came to Warriors Heart broken in every way imaginable as it pertains to drug addiction, alcoholism and PTS. From the moment I walked through the gates to the day I left I was treated with the utmost love and respect! Never once did I question Warriors Heart ability to teach and show me the things I needed to stay clean and sober and to live the best life that I deserve. One of the most beneficial things at Warriors Heart is the interaction I had with not only my counselors but the entire staff as well, to include Lisa and Josh Lannon and Tom Spooner. As the founders of this facility, Lisa, Josh and Tom interacted with me and others daily and always placed our needs above their own. I would highly suggest this facility to any Veteran or First Responder that is struggling and needs help! An absolute life changing experience!!

    Teddy Lanier
    Retired MSG
    US Army
    Special Forces

  2. Kathryn Papasan on

    I advise you stay away from this place. Almost one year ago I was working with Blake & Justin, trying to get someone into this program through the use of their interventionist. I was told I had to put down a deposit before the intervention, which would be refunded in the case it didn’t work. Well, it didn’t and I have yet to receive the refund. Obviously it was a very stressful time when I signed the agreement papers, and yet timing is everything when you’re doing an intervention. So what I had been told verbally (and I have witnesses) and what I signed were totally opposite. After many, many attempts to get this resolved, I am still out quite a bit of money and yet no one seems to care, they’re all about profits. Nor do they care anymore about the welfare of the person I was trying to get into the program. PLEASE BE AWARE AND GET ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU’RE TOLD IN WRITING!!

  3. Nice place with great counselors! The shame of it all is that have this owner (JOSH) who is the picture of a terrible leader. He puts out rules that he doesn’t even follow. Its almost comical. Then he walks around like he was in the military using our lingo and trying to dress how we dress and he never served 1 day in a uniform. Total wannabe

    The worst thing is that he treats service dogs like they are worthless. Made us keep our K9’s outside in 100 degree Texas heat with no fresh water. He bought a water system that would allow the service dogs to get fresh water but then refused to install it. He claims he refused because he wanted to make the dog owners go see their dogs more often to change out the water bowls. Its frightening that he really believes that is logical thinking. The kennels are like 3ft x 3ft. He doesnt allow any service dogs in any buildings on the whole property. Not ONE… So imagine these dogs that are for veterans, some with severe PTSD aren’t allowed to be with their owners. Remember what i said about the rules, his dogs are allowed to go anywhere on the entire property and inside any building and they are pets… Not registered service dogs. He says he is all about “healing warriors” but every client with a Service Dog walked around with their PTSD symptoms elevated to a very bad place. Josh is a hard guy to try and talk to on level. He has this half goofy smile and is very socially awkward. The bottom line is most of his employees dislike him but have to kiss his butt. Tom Spooner (Co-founder) should take Josh’s spot and hide him somewhere away from the clients and employees. Tom unfortunately only gets to spend a few days a month on property because he lives out of state. When he comes everyone is a greast mood and can’t wait to see him. You can sit with Mr. Spooner for an hour and have a great conversation ranging from sobriety to your favorite food. I HONESTLY couldn’t talk to Josh for 2 minutes without wanting to run out of the room. Mr. Spooner was put on this earth to do what he;s doing… He has credibility because he actually served over 20 years and did like 8 or 9 combat tours with Delta. Josh on the other hand owned a night club in Vegas and somehow found out that rehabs are profitable. He is all about the $$$ where Tom actuaslly sits and listens to the clients and stays engaged while talking to him. Josh on the other hand walks around all day trying to think up his next rule that makes no sense and a rule he won’t even follow.

    The bottom line is there are a ton of great rehabs out there so don’t let this place fool you. He says he’s all about helping first responders until you don’t have money.. The he makes one of his lackys kick you out

    Warriors Heart is a scam!!!

  4. This facility is not resourced to treat for military PTSD or MDD. Counselors are not experiened. There are no doctors on staff on a daily basis, he comes in once a week. I saw him for 15 mins in the 40 days I was there. I was given the wrong medicine dosage by their staff and landed in the ICU for 3 days. I was refused precribed medicines and asked my counselor to intervene with the on call nurse and she did nothing. These were mandatory meds for my PTSD. This was a common occurrence. I recommend one look elsewhere for treatment or go there yourself and ask the owner tough questions about you or your loved ones treatment plans. Go see the Lead counselor ask her how her staff treats military PTSD. What’s their experience.? How do they prescribe medicines? Make it a requirement that they meet with you or your loved ones weekly to go over treatment plan with the entire medical team.

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