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Vitality Unlimited CarsonVitality Unlimited Carson Review

Vitality Unlimited Carson is a rehab in Carson City, Nevada that opened in December 2013, but Vitality Unlimited has been treating addiction since 1971. They serve mostly the Nevada area and proudly accommodate lower income residents as well as pregnant mothers.

Accommodations and Food

Vitality Unlimited is more of a hospital-type setting where residents stay three or sometimes four to a room for a total capacity of 30. There is no TV access other than to watch educational films or on the occasional Sunday to watch movies.

Staff prepares breakfast for clients, but lunch and dinner are actually the responsibility of the residents themselves in an attempt to encourage learning practical life skills. Lunch is often sandwiches or salads, while dinner is heartier, and can include steak dinners or pasta. There are also snacks throughout the day.

Treatment and Staff

The average stay at Vitality Unlimited lasts 30 days and includes detox when necessary. After that, there’s 12-step meetings, individual therapy, group therapy, life skills (mostly cooking and cleaning), employment assistance counseling, addiction education and daily physical activity (generally either light stretching or walking).

A typical day at Vitality Unlimited begins with a 6 am wake-up followed by a morning chore, breakfast at 7 am, morning affirmations, meditation and reading from the Big Book at 8 am. Next comes an hour-long group at 9 am followed by a snack, and another group from 10:15-11:15 am. Clients then complete written work until lunch at noon. Following that, they either walk or engage in light physical activity from 1 pm until another group at 3 pm. More written assignments come at 4 pm followed by dinner at 5 pm. After dinner, residents attend an on-site AA or NA group. Next comes nightly affirmations and goal-sheet work (clients can also make phone calls at this time), and finally free time from 8 to 10 pm, where residents can write letters to family or just relax.

Staff consists of licensed counselors, administrative staff, a cook and a physician who stops by once a week to check on clients’ medicine dosages and general well-being. The staff-to-resident ratio is about two-to-one or three-to-one on any given day.

Upon arrival, everyone is subject to a 15-day black out period, during which they may not use the phone or have visitors. After this, family and friends can come to Vitality Unlimited on Sundays for a maximum of four hours with staff approval; no electronics are allowed on-site.


Vitality Unlimited Carson can refer clients to nearby counseling and AA and NA meetings upon completion of the program. It can also refer alumni to local educational resources such as community colleges, or to employment agencies.

In Summary

Overall, Vitality Unlimited Carson offers medically supervised, basic treatment. It’s worth noting as well that they are a relatively new facility, and are bound to grow into a more advanced program like its sister facility in Elko, Nevada.

Vitality Unlimited Carson Location

900 E. Long St
Carson City, NV 89701

Vitality Unlimited Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Vitality Unlimited by phone at (775) 461-0999. Find Vitality Unlimited on Facebook

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  1. The staff is very unprofessional and they do not care about the patients. Their communication with the patients are very poor and their lack of sufficient training has a direct affect on the people who are trying to get help. I would not recommend this place to anyone I truly cared about.

  2. concerned prospect on

    I haven’t ever been to vitality rehab, and after reading those posts im second guessing myself. I know that if I go there and focus on staff and the construct of the program , im not really focusing on myself like I should. I know that a lot of times its not that the problem is the problem , but that I have a problem with the problem. I know that a pyrrhic victory is when I put all my energy into one battle ,and lose the war. Which in turn leaves me asking myself, do I take these posts seriously and give myself another excuse not to try and fix my own life. Are the problems there bigger then the problems I have here now. I think not. I think that I can give myself another excuse to not get my shit together, or I can buck up and try. I don’t expect any program is perfect or easy but more so , is my life really any easier? Change is best understood in learning to love life another way. That doesn’t include I have to love the rehab. Who loves rehab? Its another whole thing to love myself.

  3. Vitality is a crap program without any moral or ethical boundaries. I have watched the staff and counselors get treated with disrespect and talked down to on multiple occasions by the heads of the facility. I observed staff and counselors write up other counselors that went no where, with no disciplinary action or correction; it was like it was swept under the rug. I have observed counselors being bullied by management and given threatening ultimatums (” do this or else”, “sign this and make it all go away”). Where is the professionalism? Where are your ethical boundaries? I forgot there are none!

  4. Vitality Staff on

    One of the most corrupt and inefectively run facilities that I’ve worked at. Medication is not up to legal standards, client rules are not enforced, staff members are not respected or valued and counselors are not experienced. This facility is not prepared to help people with problems and they should have state inspections when they’re not prepared to see the daily corruption that takes place. Esther Quillici and Dottye Dexter should be embarrassed for the facility that they run.

  5. I went to the Carson city vitality unlimited last year . I was surprised the way that it was ACTUALLY ran and how much the clients got away with such as smoking, sex, and even snorting each other’s meds! I was there 30 days although I did get useful information and skills however it was more like group home where there is more games and b s. I was court ordered to return to the rehab 3 months later for failing to complete a 120 day stay I was there 5 days before I had staff accusing me of actions and behavior that I had nothing to do, the counselor accused me of being manipulating and stating that I had already been caught bringing in condoms, which I didn’t have knowledge about. I left the second time and feeling and still feel that I could have gone to a homeless shelter and been treated better and got more help then I did there. I never caused problems never got written up I never had any issues while I was there until I returned dec 2015 after leaving after completing 30 days in sept 2015. When I returned it was like I was treated and spoken to like I was a problem not there to get help with my problems

  6. I’m reading about Vitality in Carson City right underneath invites me to Facebook (link). I clicked and it goes to Elko. Something is not right? I don’t want Vitality Unlimited in Elko! Please remove or replace . It’s a misleading description and or wrong if a person needs “Carson City”.

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