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Virginia Beach VirginiaThe Basics

Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center (VBPC) is a 100-bed facility that aims to meet the mental health needs of the Virginia Beach community, particularly those suffering from substance abuse and mental disorders. The dual diagnosis program treats clients with emotional, mental and substance abuse disorders in a safe environment, focusing on stabilizing withdrawal symptoms, strengthening the internal and external support systems and providing a basic understanding of underlying psychopathology and addictive components.

After detox is completed, a basic outpatient program is gives clients the intensity of inpatient care without having to stay overnight in a hospital setting.

Treatment and Staff

VBPC’s medical detox program usually lasts between five to seven days and uses a 12-step model with a focus on medicine management. After detox, clients can enroll in VBPC’s Substance Abuse Treatment Program, which runs Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. A holistic approach is employed that includes psycho-social, educational, creative expression and CBT groups to help clients incorporate a mind, body and soul connection. Multiple treatment modalities are used including group and family counseling, education groups, 12-step meetings and regular visits from a physician.

Staff are highly trained and include psychiatrists, doctors, addictionologists, RNs, LPNs, CADCs, mental health counselors and two CSWs. Outpatient treatment usually has around 20 clients at a time.


Transportation is provided when necessary. While individual therapy is not common, it is available when needed. Unlike most facilities, VBPC has 24-hour skilled nursing care and programming seven days a week, whether for special events, education groups or on-site 12-step meetings. Family education and involvement is available and encouraged as well as discharge planning.

In Summary

VBPC is a solid option for those in need of dual diagnosis support, as the staff is highly trained to treat both the addictive disorders and any co-occurring mental health issues. With a holistic approach that includes the 12 steps and family therapy as well, VBPC hopes to promote a sustainable recovery for clients without forcing them to be admitted for weeks or even months on end to an inpatient program. Medicare, insurance and out of pocket payments are accepted but Medicaid is not.

Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center
1100 First Colonial Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center Cost: $21,000 (30 days). Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center can be reached by phone at (757) 496-6000.  Find Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center on Facebook

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  1. This places needs to be investigated! I’m going to do everything in my power to see to it! Ours love ones go there for help and don’t receive it! Dr. Hill just wants to drug the patient, he doesn’t give a damn about them! The charge nurse are even worse! This place needs to shut down! ASAP

  2. I was very disappointed when I went to see a family member who was not getting the medicine they needed! The head nurse in charge lied about the medicine and another nurse told the truth in his face! They told me someone would come down and talk to me because I was the power of attorney and no one ever did! The staff was rude and one even said when I was at the nurse station they wasn’t answering the phone it just ranged the whole time! I will be taking further action because this is just ridiculous! I waited 2hrs downstairs and no one ever came. So unprofessional!

  3. DO NOT GO TO THIS TREATMENT CENTER. The worst experience of my life. The Psychiatrist was a complete A hole. He did not listen to a word I said. They forced drugs on me that were unnecessary. I went there because I had a nasty Xanax problem. They kept me against my will for a month. I was uninsured, was only meant to be there for 5 days, I flipped out when I was told my dog ran away and was killed while my sister was watching her. Thank god this was not the case, Ginger, my dog returned to my dads home 5 days after she went missing on the fourth of July. Meanwhile, I flipped out at my sister, yelling at her, how could you loose my dog, my precious dog. This piece of garbage of a so called doctor overheard my dismay and felt it was his duty to hold me against my will for YES A WHOLE MONTH. In which I was given anti psychotic medications, bi polar medications and treated like shit. The staff was horrible. Simply horrible. Not all of them but YES THE CHARGE NURSES WERE UNTRAINED, ILL EQUIPPED MONSTERS. I suffered similar, rather identical treatment as the poor soul who left the other review. It has been SIX YEARS since my stay at that so called recover center and I’m still not okay. I was kept there without insurance. The hospital placed me under some sort of program in which the city payed for my stay. I believe this was due to my fathers wealth and his large property tax payments. If I had regular insurance the hospital would not have been payed thus I would have been released as everyone else was, even the legit patients who actually needed psychiatric help and wanted to stay there. The patients on Medicaid were release within three days. I URGE ANYONE WHO IS LOOKING FOR HELP WITH THEIR MENTAL HEALTH OR SUBSTANCE ABUSE ISSUES DO NOT GO TO THIS FACILITY. PLEASE. I URGE YOU NOT TO GO TO THIS FACILITY. I was not given detox meds, rather court ordered by recommendation the narcisistic doctor to take serious anti psychotic medications. I have permanent damage due to these drugs. DO NOT GO TO THIS FACILITY.

  4. If you are ex cancer patient do not go to detox center in Virginia Beach the Dr who saw me it was her second they at detox center it took her 4 hours to talk to me she was asking me where is from I had no idea why is asking me where is I was from beside asking what was my problem is or what kind cancer I had she told me it was her second the at that hospital I end up going throw 4 x bleeding and seizure plus and conversion. the protocols,came inside of detox center but she would not let them take me to ICU she kept me 48 hours in my room with observations I got pushed by the nurse watch by the nurse going to the bathroom male and female and I was not getting detox medication they give me extremely high dose of Neurontin which is the use for seizure I start hearing noise in my ear I couldn’t functionI was trained by one of the patient he’s going to kill me in the middle of the night I told the nurse and the doctor didn’t do anything I couldn’t sleep to the point I had to discharge myself if you have a complicated issue with your health I would not recommend this Hospital

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