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Valle Vista Health SystemValle Vista Health System Review

Valle Vista Health System offers a full continuum of care to treat chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders, from acute inpatient services and detox to outpatient programming. For over 30 years, Valle Vista has been providing comprehensive behavioral health treatment in Greenwood, Indiana, the most populous suburb in the south end of Indianapolis, for children, adolescents and adults suffering from mental health maladies not limited to drug and alcohol addiction.

Accommodations and Food

Valle Vista’s modern brick and glass facility has a soothing exterior, surrounded by foliage and carefully landscaped sitting areas around the outdoor pool. Programs are broad in scope and there are a lot of people here at any given time; 102 beds serving all programs and all ages. Clients are separated by gender, age and treatment track, sleeping with a roommate and sharing a bathroom. Common areas are located in each unit and clients are given the opportunity to watch television during free time. Still, this is a medical setting and nurses stations are staffed 24/7.

Residents eat in the cafeteria and as such, meals are nutritionally sound, if not always exciting. There are two entrée options for each meal and a salad bar at lunch and dinner.

Treatment and Staff

The residential treatment program is set up to accommodate adults and adolescent girls. The staff creates an individualized treatment plan for each client, taking into account any co-occurring disorders and treating them accordingly. The goal is to regain a healthy balance between mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of life.

The components of Valle Vista’s adult program create a highly structured and supervised environment; individual and group therapy, family counseling as ordered by psychiatrist or nurse practitioner; an interdisciplinary treatment program including recreational therapy, medication management by board-certified professionals and 24-hour nursing care.

Individual treatment modalities beyond the medical detox include medication management, addiction education and an introduction to community support programs, including 12-step ideology (there are meetings on the Valle Vista campus). Therapeutic modalities include CBT, DBT, even pet therapy with trained therapy dogs. The exact protocol depends on the individual counselor.

The residential program for girls between the ages of 12 and 18 is for those who have been diagnosed with a chemical dependency and/or mental health disorders like depression, PTSD and other personality disorders. Treatment is similar to the adult program and it includes age appropriate recreational therapy, like art and creative writing.

Outpatient options are for clients who don’t necessarily need around the clock supervision—perhaps transitioning out of a residential setting. The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) usually lasts for two weeks; clients spend up to six hours in treatment each day, five days a week, with clinical supervision. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a further step down, allowing clients a gradual exit from therapeutic control; meeting three days a week from 9 am to noon.

Valle Vista’s team is lead by a head psychiatrist and employs a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, Master’s-level therapists, nurses, education and recreational therapists. The appropriate team members evaluate incoming clients to determine where in the continuum of care they fall. An acute inpatient program accommodates the most serious of cases, both adults and adolescents needing to be stabilized—most often dual diagnosis clients who have hit some kind of extreme bottom. If a medical detox is necessary, clients remain in the detox unit for three to seven days.

In Summary

Valle Vista Health System specializes in the treatment of substance abuse complicated by mental health issues. The multidisciplinary team approach might best suit difficult cases or chronic relapsers—people who just can’t seem to stay sober. Being treated at a place like Valle Vista could also mean identifying serious issues in an adolescent at the beginning of the addiction cycle.

Valle Vista Health System Location

898 East Main St
Greenwood, IN 46143

Valle Vista Health System Cost

$25,500 (30 days). Reach Valle Vista by phone at (800) 447-1348 or by email. Find Valle Vista Health System on Facebook

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go here. Well over $5,000 for a 48 hour “observation” for our teenage daughter. We were still in shock over her suicide attempt earlier that day and they made us sign our life away. The person in accounts said they would offer a payment plan to us once insurance was filed but never did. Ended up paying them with a credit card after they sued us for the final third we still owed them after tapping the insurance company. Our daughter said the treatments were a joke. The place was dirty. They NEVER return phone calls! Finally discovered the person suggesting the payment plan doesn’t work there anymore! For what they charge one would think they could fix the place up better…

  2. I checked myself in for a psych evaluation and was put into the detox ward. I am a recovering crack addict with almost 7 years clean. It took me about 2 hours to realize everyone was on suboxone which triggered my addiction and I freaked out. I was moved to another unit but my anxiety was not addressed over being triggered. I was in a panic, chest pounding, labored breathing, yet no one noticed. The place is dirty, the conditions inhumane, and the staff is overworked with too many clients. I filed paperwork to be discharged and finally saw a doctor almost 20 hours later who spent 15 min. With me and said I was bipolar. They refused to give me my restless leg medication so my GF had to make another trip to drop that off. I was not given any personal hygiene items until the next morning. They refused to give me my Add meds. And my meds were 5 pills short upon leaving. They refused to let me have my inhalers and even when my spiriva got there they refused to let me take a dose at 4am because I was scheduled at 9 am for a dose and they were afraid I would od! I mean really on an inhaler! All they offered was fishy tasting water or milk but to get gatoraid I needed a doctor approval. The food is terrible. The conditions are barbaric. My roommate was in herion withdraw all evening which was also a trigger. There is no detox unit they make people withdraw just out in the open. If you are in a psychological distress moment this is not the place to go. This facility is full of drug addicts in withdraw. Horrible place, rude staff, and was not helpful at all.

  3. cindy cook on

    Place was a nightmare,it was filthy outdated. I was given suboxone and that was it they couldn’t have cared less about my anxiety and sleepless nights i was given nothing else. I was basically ignored when i plead for meds,I’m traumatized from this place. I was lied too about being kept comfortable during detox,they truly did not give a shit about what i was going through. It looks and feels like a state run asylum. Never again!

  4. My girlfriend went here to detox. The treatment wasn’t great, they are under staffed and slow to respond, but it did help her get off the pain meds. The biggest problem is they stole her things. Her wallet with her id, credit cards, and $200 in cash were stolen along with her cell phone (an expensive Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge), and the diamond heart necklace I gave her years ago on Valentines.

    There are much better places to go, but if this is your only option, don’t bring anything valuable with you. They will “lose” it and offer nothing in return.

  5. This facility is the worst in mental health crisis. They have denied my son on two different occasions after I called explained the situation and was told by them to go to their facility. They do not want real mental health emergencies, which is what they are there for in the first place. It is a waste of time to go to this facility. No help what so ever.

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