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Located in the hills of Eagle Mountain, Utah is Utah Addiction Centers, which specializes in residential treatment for substance abuse, depression, anxiety and other behavioral health issues. The facility offers both 12-step treatment and dual diagnosis care.

Accommodations and Food

Utah Addiction Centers is a co-ed, inpatient facility (which also hosts an outpatient program) set in a large, modern house complete with horse stables, a nearby lake and serene views of the surrounding hills. The program at UAC is intimate, typically with only 12 clients at a time. Residents typically share a room with one other person of the same gender, though there is one men-only room that can accommodate up to four at a time. Each bedroom is equipped with twin beds, a night stand and a closet, and the facility has four shared bathrooms. Generally speaking, UAC tends to host an equal number of men and women.

In an effort to keep costs low and promote self-reliance, UAC no longer employs a chef on staff. Instead, staff members purchase groceries (based on client requests) and residents take turns cooking throughout the week.

Treatment and Staff

UAC’s residential program is typically 30 days, though the program can accommodate those who would benefit from a longer stay. Daily routines often begin with a trip to a local gym for exercise followed by a short house meeting and breakfast, with various group sessions in the afternoon.

Since UAC is a dual diagnosis facility, groups address both mental health as well as addiction, with special sessions for eating disorders and sex addiction. With so much variety, residents can actively design a program that fits their specific needs. UAC clients also receive three individual sessions per week with their assigned therapist, each lasting two hours. As an added bonus, they also offer on-site equine therapy.

After dinner on weekdays, clients attend either an off-site 12-step meeting, an in-house meeting or a family group (though only on Thursdays). Weekends often feature a house movie night or another social activity with fellow residents. Those participating in UAC’s outpatient program follow a similar balance of daily group and individual therapy; clients can even have one-on-one sessions in their own homes.

UAC is big on recreation, with Tuesday afternoons set aside for off-site excursions like picnics, hiking trips, mini-golf outings or trips to the movies (all depending on what clients choose). The staff is largely comprised of Master’s-level therapists and licensed counselors, but there is also a medical doctor on staff who makes weekly visits to address whatever issues the residents may have, and to assist with medication management. While UAC does not offer a medical detox at the facility, they often refer clients to the New Vision detox program at the nearby Jordan Valley Medical Center.


As with many residential facilities, UAC provides a comprehensive 12 month aftercare plan. One standout detail is that alumni can attend “anytime group sessions for life” for free, along with continued access to free individual therapy for the first year. Clients can also choose to undergo random drug screens through UAC, should a new employment opportunity require them.

In Summary

The strength of UAC’s program is found in its intimate setting and individualized care. Clients can expect a well-rounded curriculum of group therapy (covering a wide range of issues), one-on-one therapy and weekly visits with a medical doctor, and perks like equine therapy and weekly field trips keep UAC competitive with higher priced rehabs.

Utah Addiction Centers Location

2590 Prairie View Drive
Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

Utah Addiction Centers Cost

$12,000 (30 days), Reach Utah Addiction Centers by phone at (801) 766-2233. Find Utah Addiction Centers on FacebookLinkedIn and YouTube

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  1. Mykel felter on

    UAC, is the biggest joke for a substance abuse facility. Both Darrin and Jermy said to myself and my parents that I would pay for a month and they would give me a free month, begging and saying everything to keep me there. I needed up getting kicked out at night in December. Inlive in the uinta basin, and didn’t have a ride back from eagle moutain, so they said either i could go to the homless shelter or the tracks station. They took me down and dropped me off at Wal-Mart so I could wait for my ps rents to drive 2 hours at night so they could pick me up. There is no care of compassion from the owners of UAC, they ended up trying to sue me and my dad for.97000$ after they begged for me to stay another month. They kicked me out on day 54. In my oppionion Jermy and Darrin are nothing but a couple of crooks, liers, theifs and con artitst. You would have better luck for your loved – ones and your finances by saving the money and looking a little harder. I am an ex patient that went there, and promise to anyone willing to listen, that you most liley will get mad in the end. No one should take advantage of people with drug additciton or take advantage of people’s familys, that have any amount of money. All they do is pray on the weak, needy,anything they can make a dollar on they will charge you. And if you don’t believe whag I’m saying, go check out YouTube and watch Jermy sweag.when the state is asking why they used to be a non profit program called the ark, they were charging outrages prices to go there and yet they where buying all the food with food stamps. But yet makeing over 105,000$ a year being non profit. Seems pretty fishy to me. But this is just my opinion and view of UAC Nouting but lies and bull stories will come from that program. This is Mykel Felter.

  2. Patricia Beaumont on

    If you are looking for help for you or a family member, do yourself a favor and look for another facility. For the last 2 years I have been fighting a battle with this facility. My husband ended up here for one month, this facility refused to give us a price for the 30 day treatment, after a lot back and forth they provided a contract telling us that they were only charging $20,000 for the 30 days but then turned around and charged our insurance around $100,000 for a month of treatment. My insurance paid them over $60,000 for 30 days of service. They were charging the insurance for days that my husband wasn’t there, we were able to stop the payment of those claims right on time before they got paid. The treatment provided was not worth $20,000. My husband was used as manual labor to move furniture around when they had to move stuff from one room to another. The treatment he received was not good at all. These people take advantage of families when families are in a very vulnerable situation. The whole time while they didn’t want to give us the price for the treatment, they kept pretending that they care, they kept saying that they were going to provide us with a scholarship and that they were losing money buy trying to give us a break, etc, etc, only to realize that the whole time they wanted to keep my husband there because they were going to get a very hefty payment for a service that was not really worth it.
    I have proof of all this I’m typing, so please, please look somewhere else. You don’t want to buy yourself a problem by bringing a family member to this facility.

    • Thank you for sharing the above review and complaint. Unfortunately we are experiencing a similar situation. We were quoted $12,000.00 for 30 days. Based on what Darron Boberg , one of the owners, explained that we would be responsible for the balance after insurance paid. He knew our son was far from home and basically told us he couldn’t wait for the insuranceto pay , told us what would be our balance and demanded it right away . We had no choice, our son was in crisis the insurance paid more than expected and now the center is refusing to pay us back what we overpaid. I believe my son made progress and got attention until it was obvious he wouldnt be staying beyond 30 days. What started as a good experience certainly has not ended that way. I am thankful for the first two weeks of good care and therapy from the clinical team. However, now we must pursue the refund through other means.

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