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Little Rock ArkansasUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Review

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is a system of hospitals and clinics throughout Northwest Arkansas. UAMS provides a wide range of medical services including behavioral health care through its Little Rock facility. Inpatient treatment, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and aftercare are available for those in need of chemical dependency treatment. Individuals with mild to moderate co-occurring disorders are welcome and dual diagnosis support is available. Both structured and long-term care are available at UAMS for adult men and women.

Accommodations and Food

The UAMS facility is comprised of three different buildings with gender-specific barracks-style living quarters. Multiple twin-sized bunk beds are situated in a large space with linens provided. The men’s unit has more space, with enough bunk beds for 40 residents. The women’s barracks are slightly smaller and accommodate 30 clients.

Bathrooms and showers are dormitory style. Common areas include is a large media space and living room where clients watch approved TV shows and movies. All food is served cafeteria style, and residents dine family-style at large communal tables. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated, but in general UAMS serves standard American-fare with healthy options available (like salad and steamed vegetables). Comfort food, coffee and tea are available but sugar is slightly restricted. An outside area is available for recreation and exercise.

Treatment and Staff

UAMS has a very specific approach to treating alcoholism and addiction that works over the course of 30 weeks—while not all clients may be able to participate in a program for that length of time, it is highly recommended. All clients prior to admission submit to a bio-psycho-social assessment to determine an appropriate level of care. There is no detox available through UAMS, thought if it is needed referrals to a trusted facility are given. The facility utilizes evidence-based practices and the 12-step framework as well as a highly structured daily routine.

The inpatient program is a 30- to 45-day track that ensures residents receive the care needed during this crucial initial period of recovery. Group therapy is attended daily and focus on topics including relapse prevention, psychoeducation topics and process. Clients meet with their primary counselor once per week for individual therapy. Twelve-step meetings are attended as a supplement to treatment and help to develop an outside support network.

Once a client completes the inpatient track, they are encouraged to step down to the IOP track. Through a three-phase system, clients gradually reduce treatment activities.

The first phase lasts for nine weeks and requires attendance of three groups and one individual session per week. Each group session lasts for about three hours each. The second phase is nine weeks in duration and reduces attendance of groups to twice-weekly, with one individual session per week. The third and final phase—also nine weeks in duration—reduces attendance to one group per week and one individual session. Once the client completes all three phases, they are encouraged to continue treatment in the aftercare program.

All treatment activities are facilitated by mental health professionals. Clients may be seen by a psychiatrist for medication management services or for further diagnoses. Case management and some group work may be facilitated by a LCSW. LPCs and CADCs are also a part of the treatment team. If there are any aspects of assistance that the clients are in need of and cannot receive at UAMS, referrals are given to trusted community resources.


UAMS provides aftercare for clients who have completed their primary treatment through their facility. This continuing care ensures that the clients transition back into the community with enough support. Clients attend groups once per week or bi-monthly to support their on-going recovery. A focus on relapse prevention skills is emphasized.

Additionally, a range of behavioral health services are in place including support for sexual health, depression, programs for young adults, employee assistance and postpartum depression. State-funded programs and grants may be available for individuals based on their county of residence and job status.

In Summary

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences provides a comprehensive treatment program that helps men and women recover from substance abuse. Through a structured inpatient and a long term outpatient track, clients are gradually and gently shown how to live their lives without the use of drugs and alcohol. Aftercare is available to ensure clients are supported as they transition out of treatment and into the community. With an experienced staff and supportive environment, clients are given a positive recovery experience.

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Location

4301 W. Markham St
Little Rock, AK 72205

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Cost

$5,250 (30 weeks). Reach University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences by phone at (501) 372-4611. Find University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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