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Founded in 1980, Unity Health Chemical Dependency is an organization with many locations throughout Rochester, New York, all focusing on addiction recovery. As part of Rochester Regional Health System, it offers a wide range of treatments, everything from detox to residential and outpatient services, including treatment for adolescents and senior citizens. The residential treatment program is located within the very green, 154-acre Unity Park Ridge Campus, in the town of Greece. Unity Health Chemical Dependency uses group and individual therapy and the 12 steps to help clients understand their addictions so they can move forward and resist relapse after treatment.

Accommodation and Food

This is a co-ed hospital-setting, with hospital beds and en suite bathrooms, with two same sex adults to a room. There is also a common area with a TV and games, along with group meeting rooms.

Food is prepared on-site in the hospital cafeteria. Dietary restrictions for medical purposes and allergies can be accommodated, but otherwise there is a set menu, which includes a variety of foods, always with some protein, vegetable and starch.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at Unity Health Chemical Dependency includes detox when necessary, medical supervision, education and dual diagnosis support. The detox program typically runs five days to one week and is often followed by residential treatment. Detox is medically supervised and includes treatment with Suboxone (buprenorphine) for opiate addiction and phenobarbital for alcohol dependence.

Both detox and the 30-day residential treatment program include on-site 12-step meetings, individual counseling and group therapy. Clients learn how to process emotions at a group level and how to set goals and build positive coping skills. Recreational therapy, nutritional counseling and any necessary medical services (including those for co-occurring disorders) are also a part of the protocol. Upon graduation, Unity Health offers outpatient services in several locations in order for its clients to continue with care.

Each patient has a treatment team that designs a unique recovery plan based on their needs. Treatment teams consist of a psychiatrist, credentialed alcohol and drug counselor, social worker and therapist. Additional staff members include physicians, nurses, nutritionists and vocational and recreational therapists.

Detox is supervised by Dr. Michael Foster, the Clinical Director of Unity Health’s Chemical Dependency Programs, who has been treating patients for addiction medicine for over 30 years.


The staff at Unity Health Chemical Dependency works closely with family members to help support them during a client’s residential treatment. The facility is well equipped to provide both group support and individual counseling services for family members. In addition, Unity Health offers formal intervention services.

In Summary

The Unity Health Chemical Dependency residential program looks like a good place for someone in need of an acute intervention, considering detox and inpatient services are often combined. With psychiatric and addiction treatment available together, Unity Health Chemical Dependency also has the resources it needs to provide dual diagnosis support. And with many outpatient programs available for clients upon graduation, there is the potential for a seamless transition in the step-down in care.

Unity Health Chemical Dependency Location

Unity Park Ridge Campus
1565 Long Pond Rd
Rochester, NY 14626

Unity Health Chemical Dependency Cost

Sliding scale (30 days). Reach Unity Health Chemical Dependency by phone at (585) 723-7736  or by email. Find Unity Health Chemical Dependency on Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. I like everyone to take note that this is my third complaint of Park Ridge hospital located on Long Pond Road in Rochester New York specific Department chemical dependency inpatient. It was brought to my attention by a patient who is there for two week term one stated they sedated him and drugged him up so badly he can’t remember hardly anything which was worse than being an alcoholic and to that the nurses the employees on the floor of inpatient are smuggling and cigarettes among other things to the male patients I am unaware of this is happening with the female patients but it was specific it was clear that there are nurses paid employees which was one of my complaints that was not a professional personal very personal that the nurses are definitely hiding smuggling and cigarettes true patience I left another report I said to feel free check their purses monitor them use your cameras I am not one of those vindictive people that make up things I know for a fact that there are things going on in Park Ridge chemical dependency inpatient there should not be going on and they are covering it up making it look differently and you can read the reviews and see the ratings of 52.5 that’s a joke and so is this place do not send your family members here. While I was on the phone having a conversation with a patient a specific nurse had stated to me directly and I have it recorded that she heard our entire conversation that is not allowed but the nurse said that. They did such a great job that the day he got out after 2 weeks of being drugged up he went directly to the liquor store they don’t treat the patients there they draw them up. And that was the complaint from the patient himself.

  2. He went in intoxicated should have been treated for 3 days for withdrawals from January 10th to 13th. They drugged him from 14th of January till to my knowledge of what he told me till january24 2018. He said he was a zombie. They received payment through him on meds before leaving as I called stating heavenly drinking while on their meds extremely dangerous side affects and they did not reach out to him whatsoever . They did such a great job he immediately drank after discharged to present .All they did was replace one drug for another!!!!

  3. My boyfriend of 8 years is an alcoholic he went to Parkridge Hospital from January 10th and released on the 24th during that time he was heavily sedated on Drugs- Stated to me it was WORSE than being intoxicated. He stated was a zombie there everything was a blur- he cannot recall many things he was so drugged up . I called twice of which I have reported. HEAD NURSE (Pamela Cooper )told my boyfriend not to come home that it was An unhealthy environment and toxic for him.I have recording of her admitting to me! she told him to hang up on me as well as admitting that she heard our entire conversation.( of which is against policy and unprofessional. Reported her twice -she is unprofessional & made accusations & recommendations for sedated patient NOT to,come home! Pamela,cooper head nurse of chemical dependancy-in Patient job duties do not consists of passing judgement- making accusations -nor advising patients of what to do based on her PERSONAL feelings .She has no knowledge,nor facts of our family nor history of MY SUPPORT for patient. I have attended AA meetings,Alanon meetings,church,counceling, by his side through detoxing -inpatient I’ve drove consumed my life to help& support the man I love to attend all these tools for sobriety. I saved his life in hospital by telling the truth prior while he was on probation as all his vital organs were shutting down ,while being put into an induced comma because they could not stop his body from reacting negatively from the medication for his alcohol -as I was more concerned for his life I submitted truth of his enormous amount of alcohol intake . As soon as I did, they increased medication to the dosage his body needed ,of which did in fact bring his vitals back to normal -and brought out from induced comma.How DARE her destroy our family !!!! his support system. You Pamela ,have no legal right as a nurse to make that diagnosis nor judgement that’s what the Councelors are for .You have no authority to do such a thing.We do not enable his addiction and go to all lengths to support him.I am appalled. I read others reviews stating not to let your loved ones go their,that they ruin families.I am stating and backing up that fact with employees such as Pamela cooper IT IS TRUE! I’ve read reviews of others pleading NOT to send your love ones at park ridge chemical dependancy due to employees such as named above RUINING FAMILIES.I back that review 10o% .Iunderstand that now. Pamela Cooper made accusations her job does not consist nor authorize for her to do .Myself & my Home is Drug free no addictions healthy stable supportive and well grounded. Patient sent home on prescribed Baclofen after released prior to outpatient program..Due to Pamela Cooper poor judgement & ignorance he is being enabled & consuming enormous amounts of alcohol from jan24 to present while on this drug.s .I have read & spoken to do tots stating how many dangerous side affects of combining the two. Seizures,heart issues and then some.I’ve brought to the attention to this unit .The Supervisor & I will share the truth not only on this website but others. I am not attacking all emplyess on premise,I am stating the facts & Truth.I would 100% advice against sending a loved one with addiction to receive proper care monitoring and professionalism by not all but some employees the rest of the reviews back up my statement.

  4. Unity was a horrible place to go to. My counselor at Brighton sucked. I think her name was Judy? I sat down with the managers to discuss an issue and the talked down to me like pretentious a-holes and treated me without any respect.

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