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UMR Addiction Treatment

UMR Addiction Treatment

Addiction impacts your life in a negative way. It causes compulsions and cravings for a substance that change your behavior and make you ignore other areas of your life. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, only about 11.2 percent of Americans with an addiction to drugs or alcohol actually seek treatment in a professional program. By understanding the details in your health insurance policy, you learn about the options that allow you to make positive changes and start working toward long-term recovery goals.

Coverage by UMR

UMR addiction recovery starts with understanding the details and options in your policy. Each policy offers different terms, conditions and coverage solutions that allow you to focus on long-term goals and treatment solutions.

Factors to consider for UMR addiction recovery solutions include:

  • The type of treatment facility
  • Whether the program is an in-network or out-of-network facility
  • Treatment options in the program
  • Out-patient program solutions
  • In-patient options
  • Limitations in your policy

Since UMR addiction recovery requires appropriate addiction treatment facilities and a personalized treatment program, you must evaluate the details of your policy before assuming that your coverage applies to the specific program. Generally, UMR offers some coverage to pay for addiction treatment centers; however, the exact details and percentage of your coverage will vary between policies and options.

Limitations and Requirements

UMR addiction recovery does not focus solely on the coverage options. It also considers the limitations in your policy and any requirements that limit the treatment solutions that apply to your specific situation.

Limitations depend on the policy and some plans do not set any limitations on your coverage for addiction treatment. Generally, you must pay the deductible before your coverage applies to your account; however, many policies offer excellent coverage solutions for in-patient and out-patient addiction treatment options. Evaluate the co-insurance or co-payment standards before assuming that your coverage applies to the situation. Some policies might set limitations on the number of visits to a treatment specialist or the duration of an in-patient program, so read the details thoroughly.

Requirements vary between programs, but expect a policy to require a referral from a doctor and pre-certification before you enter an in-patient treatment program. Out-patient programs might also require a referral from your doctor.

UMR addiction recovery solutions depend on your specific situation and your goals. In general, you policy will cover the cost of treatment; however, the exact details in your plan will vary between policies. Read your policy to determine the UMR addiction recovery solutions that apply to your account.