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Ubuntu Living


Ubuntu LivingThe Basics

Ubuntu Living, based in Oklahoma City, is a not-for-profit sober living home for men dedicated to its namesake—a South African word meaning human kindness. Ubunto applies these sentiments to their philosophy and using state funding, sponsorship, donations and transitional assistance programs for incarcerated individuals, Ubuntu is able to offer free living arrangements to those who qualify and low-rent costs for others.

Accommodations and Amenities

Ubuntu is a two-story colonial-style home located on a large property in a rural area of Oklahoma City. With enough space for eight residents, Ubuntu houses no more than two men per room to ensure clients are given ample personal space. Four double-occupancy bedrooms are available and one private room for the live-in house manager. Each bedroom has a large closet, a nightstand and a lamp. There are two shared bathrooms and one private en-suite for the manager. All bathrooms have a shower and storage for personal belongings.

The living room serves as a social area for residents to watch cable TV and as a gathering space for house meetings. The kitchen is complete with all appliances and cookware. While some food is donated to the house, residents also supply their own food to meet specific dietary needs.

Rules and Regulations

Ubuntu welcomes adult males over the age of 28, though the house is not ideal for individuals who require constant monitoring and assistance. House rules and regulations are fairly relaxed, though all potential residents must be sober and preferably come from a residential treatment center. All potential residents must have a job or provide a deposit and the first month’s rent and must commit to a plan for continued recovery. New house members have a curfew of 10 pm for their first 30 days. If a resident is suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are given a drug test or a breathalyzer.

All residents must attend daily AA/NA meetings and work the 12 steps to the best of their ability. Attending church services is also encouraged, but not required. All house members are also expected to be self-governing and responsible for themselves in the house. Respecting roommates and the house itself is essential and keeping personal and common spaces tidy is important. House chores are shared and distributed equally and all residents are also expected to be honest and forthright about other’s property—stealing will result in eviction. No overnight guests are permitted and visitors are not allowed on the premises if they are intoxicated.


The staff at Ubuntu also provides transportation services for medical needs, counseling and other essential appointments for a client’s health and well-being. They will also help residents access community resources for healthcare, court dealings and employment.

In Summary

Ubuntu is a no-frills sober environment ideal for men of limited means. For little to no cost, individuals with a history of incarceration and multiple relapses are given the opportunity to live among sober fellows and begin a new life. This is not a good fit for the who need constant supervision, with minimal rules, individuals are expected to govern themselves and become productive and self-reliant individuals.

Ubuntu Living
P.O. Box 12444
Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Ubuntu Living Cost: $400 (30 days). Reach Ubuntu Living by phone at (405) 414-4286 or by email at [email protected]

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