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Twelve Oaks Recovery Center


The Basics

Twelve Oaks Recovery Center has been in the business of recovery for 30 years and specializes in the treatment of chemical addiction, co-occurring disorders and PTSD for adults. Twelve Oaks offers a full continuum of care, from initial detox to a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), residential and outpatient treatment programs, all close to the Emerald Coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

As a member of the Acadia Healthcare network, the Twelve Oaks Recovery Center is just one of many behavioral health facilities providing chemical dependency and therapeutic support. With its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, Acadia serves communities across the US and in the UK with inpatient, residential, outpatient and school-based treatment programs.

Accommodations and Food

Located on the sound of Navarre in the Florida panhandle, this facility has 102 beds housed in a collection of brick buildings with green shutters on five acres. Inside, the shared bedrooms resemble spacious college dorm rooms and are furnished with twin beds, floor lamps, dressers and tables that serve as desks. The main group room is full of green couches set up in a circle with a television and a projection screen on hand for lectures. Clients have access to a modest fitness room with several treadmills, exercise balls and weight lifting equipment.

The head of the dietary program determines the Twelve Oaks menu and teaches diet and nutrition education classes in addition to providing three healthy meals a day in the cafeteria. The campus store, Oakmart, sells personal items and snacks. Clients are allowed to bring whatever books they’d like to read (and not just self-help or spiritual ones). Adult clients can also order cigarettes from the store on campus; adolescents here aren’t allowed to smoke, but Twelve Oaks will help them to quit through a smoking cessation program.

Treatment and Staff

Clients at Twelve Oaks can opt for a drug-free detox or a medical detox, which is monitored by a staff of nurses and an on-call doctor. Once this phase is over, Twelve Oaks recommends that clients continue with inpatient or outpatient recovery, depending on need and feasibility.

The residential program typically lasts for 20 to 22 days (after detox) and in this short time, clients form a community within their treatment track or, as Twelve Oaks likes to call it, a “town.” Every morning, a town hall meeting is held, and an elected resident serves as mayor in order for clients to discuss community issues—something meant to encourage personal responsibility, a sense of belonging and community.

Every day clients wake up for breakfast and chores. Afterward, there’s the town hall meeting, then clients meet in small groups for therapy sessions where they discuss addiction, the challenges of living sober, anger management and healthy self-esteem. Clients with trauma diagnoses may do additional therapy in specialized groups. Exercise is also built into the schedule and time is allocated for recreational activities.

In the evenings and on weekends, clients attend 12-step meetings on campus, do 12-step work or attend additional relapse prevention lectures and process groups. Spirituality is an important component of recovery here and attempts are made to accommodate all religious orientations (a separate track for those looking for faith-based recovery centered around the Christian Bible is offered).

A separate program treats clients suffering from PTSD and substance abuse using educational groups, psychotherapy and individual therapy. The primary treatment modality employed is group therapy, where clients explore the impact trauma has had on their lives—discussing emotional regulation, self-awareness and addiction as well as using art, writing therapy and psychodrama. Individual therapy appointments focus on prolonged exposure therapy, CBT and relaxation training in addition to the substance abuse schedule followed by the rest of the residents at Twelve Oaks.

The staff at Twelve Oaks is made up of a doctor who serves as the medical director, nursing staff, Master’s-level therapists, substance abuse counselors, Christian counselors and PTSD specialists as well as a case manager and recreational therapist. All groups are led by these therapists and counselors as well as the medical director and occasional outside speakers.


Swimming, art (both visual and creative writing), yoga and massage are some of the alternative therapies offered. Clients also aren’t far from the beach for water sports or beach volleyball and they can make use of the exercise room, board games and horseshoes on campus. In addition, there are weekend trips off campus.

Though there is no formal family therapy scheduled at Twelve Oaks, private sessions are arranged through each client’s individual therapist on an as-needed basis—even over the phone if necessary.

The Twelve Oaks staff is also dedicated to providing effective aftercare for residential clients, placing them in the outpatient program for an additional eight weeks following graduation if necessary or following up with regular counseling sessions and monitoring their commitment to 12-step meetings.

In Summary

Twelve Oaks Recovery Center is a comprehensive program, offering something for everyone: adults  suffering from co-occurring disorders as well as trauma sufferers, the military and Christians. Clients are encouraged to get outside, get active and get in the water (there’s even a recreational therapist on staff). This facility a great resource for the northwest Florida recovery community at large.

Twelve Oaks Recovery Center
2068 Health Care Dr
Navarre, FL 32566

Twelve Oaks Recovery Center Cost: $9,800 (30 days, includes detox). Reach Twelve Oaks Recovery Center by phone at (850) 763-6340. Find Twelve Oaks Recovery Center on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. So far my daughter has been in this facility for 19 out of the 28 days is projected.. She has seen a counselor one on one only once

  2. Justin Stewart on

    This rehab is absolutely the worst rehab facility, Rob my PTSD counseler, and especially Dave the grumpy clinical supervisor who needs some old lady help him with a happy ending. They are money greedy and do not give a shit about us. So many rules are broken. To Rob and Dave y’all can kick rocks pos

  3. The picture above is not 12 jokes. You cant trust their marketing. Their beach is shitty and full of weeds\thorns. You cant go to the real beach when you are there

  4. This place is trying to gather money for a new addition so they can handle more people, more profit, but they cant take care of the ones they have. Billing is whatever they can suck out of you. Very corporate. They cater to homeless heroin addicts with Obama care that need a home for a month Not a place for people trying to get help. I know of three people I was there with that left with new addictions. Show up an alcoholic, leave a heroin addict. Fat nutritionist was hilariously racist too. Garth, a councilor, I’m almost positive is still smoking crack. If your a girl stay really far away from him. He’s extremely perverted, almost criminally so. He shoves religion down your throat too. Military PTSD should never go there. Military training gun range next door. Consent machine gun and motor noise. Do yourself a favor and lock yourself in a hotel for a month and go to meetings instead. I saw people fucking in the bushes, was offered drugs, I was threated by junkies, had crap stolen. Watched lots of benzo people have seizures. Other friendly addicts helped them, not staff. My feet were rotting off when I left, no shower shoes. Nobody can figure out how to cross the street to walmart to buy shower shoes or bleach. You can’t go there no matter what they tell you before checking in. It took almost a week to get smokes from their store they wont let you get to. Their “techs” are just local brain fried rednecks. No training at all. If you’re smart its enjoyable to give their shitty attitude back to them. Their web page was made by corporate marketing people. You don’t really get what they’re showing. I got help, not from 12oaks, they just hurt me more. Just go to meetings and skip this place.
    TLDR- Your more likely to pick up new addictions and die then get help from this place.

  5. I was all for this program before I read these reviews. I liked the Christian and beach aspect but ANON (probably some bias employee), this is a review of the facility as a whole, not a review of the individual patients. What they’re saying is the filth of this place and unqualified “specialists” made this less of a recovery house, but more of a nightmare. And I’m sorry but an obese nutritionist? Nothing against bigger people, but it doesn’t seam like this place hires actual specialists. There are places that get five star reviews that aren’t luxurious hotels, but typically because of the compassionate non judgemental staff and somewhat relaxing environment.

    Also, why the hell aren’t patients on the beach more often? Aesthetics actually releases natural dopamine, hence why people are actually drawn to the place before getting there.

    I wonder how many staff members are actually personable.

  6. Don’t send your loved ones here. They will come out worse than when they came in. Firstly, most of the “residents” are sent by court order, not because they want to be there. They are criminals with extensive records and want to fight. The “rooms” are like jail cells with plastic cots. The nutritionist is an obese ignoramus who fed the clients carbs, carbs and more carbs. The food was what you would expect to get in a prison. These people are from the backwoods of Florida. The worst of the worst in the entire state. Don’t let the picture of the white sandy beach fool you. They don’t let anyone go on any beach ever. This is just a marketing ploy to get northerners to come to their facility thinking they’d be able to take walks on the beach and enjoy Florida sunshine. Don’t go to this facility, please. You will regret it. It’s like the south in the 1960’s; full of racists with mullet haircuts


      These negative reviews are crazy…. I was there… the place was cleaned everyday The food was mid-grade cafeteria quality but almost always had a fresh Salad bar or depending on your dietary needs you could be put on a special menu. The staff was great to me, but I saw them harsh on some with big mouths with no respect, mostly kids that we’re spoiled and selfish and not serious about their Rehabilitation. My counselor was great, wonderful man that required a lot out of me the curriculum was not easy, I cried a lot and it was very tough but being an addict was harder……. but I’m clean now, if your looking for a vacation go to the Florida keys If you looking for a rehab to get yourself better go to Twelve Oaks

  7. this facility should be closed!! the living conditions are horrible. I wouldn’t send my pet there due to how dirty it is. black mold growing in the restrooms and air conditioning units. not to mention how disrespectful the staff was to me. while I didn’t expect the ritz, I at least expected to be treated as a human being not a dollar sign!!

  8. All I hear from people is about hookups (rehab romances), and hearing about them dying from drugs months after treatment. I wish I would have looked stuff up before sending my wife there. I would like to know how she’s doing but they don’t let her talk to me for more then 5 minutes at a time.

    • What do people want from rehab? It seems most people bale the rehab for their lack of participation and success in their own recovery. It does not matter how nice and how many amenities a rehab has, what matters is if the addict if truly ready to take the information given and apply it to stay clean and sober. 12 Oakes gives one all of the information and support to get clean and sober. If one does not accomplish this it is on them not the facility or program. If you want recovery and all you can do is complain about how the program was not a resort then one is doing what they always have as an addict, blaming everyone and everything else for why they cant stop. Going to a luxury place that is utopia does not help one get it. Quite the opposite. Most addicts don’t even do their own laundry responsibly yet twelve oaks give you this for free. All one has to do is put clothes in and pull them out. If they want someone to dry clean their clothes they are not ready to do what it takes to change their life. Addicts are self centered and selfish. Their loved ones are usually no better and enable. All must stop looking for a magic bullet, pill or rehab. Look at yourself and you will find the problem and 12 oaks will teach you what to do if you shut up and listen.

      • This place should be condemned “Bill”. Of course it doesn’t have to be like a resort, but black mold running down the walls? food that should be thrown to pigs? kicking patients out in the middle of the night and the middle of NO WHERE because they were too sick to attend group? This is NOT a good rehab and for you to say otherwise, means you are either the owner or an employee (i.e. guard).


  9. Donna Chevalier on

    I was recently a patient at 12 oaks. The facility is filthy. Dining area is unsanitary. It is also seriously understaffed. I saw fights between patients, drugs smuggled in and sexual activity between patients . I have left a review on yelp.

    • I was also recently a patient and saw all of the things that Donna Chevalier mentioned. It’s so dirty that you can’t wear light colored clothing because you’ll be covered in dirt by the end of the day. It’s more of a jail than a treatment center.

      • Danielle, what’s your number because I have some questions and I would love to interview you on this treatment facility.

    • I sent my son to this awful place and could not believe the stories. He wanted to go so this wasn’t something I or anyone else forced him to do. The food was inedible and there was a young patient who couldn’t tolerate certain foods but they didn’t care. They employ the bottom of the barrel as techs. They don’t have qualifications; they’ve just been sober for 6 months. They berate the patients and you’re in group for about 9 hours straight. It seems torturous to me. Oh and the whole beach thing….they don’t let anyone swim and hardly let anyone out doors.

      This is a pit stop for people who would have been put in jail otherwise. In other words, most of the people there have been ordered by the court. There are fights all the time. The “beds” are nothing more than thick plastic. It’s basically a jail set up. You are not allowed to lie down during the day without a pass. Even someone that was extremely ill was not allowed to lie down. The counselor that I spoke with was a witch and I was not allowed to speak to my family member without our conversation being on speaker.

      If you have any other options, DON’T send your loved one. This place is only in it for the money and is more of a jail than a rehab facility.

    • My mother was there and has the same complaints and they klied in the bebining about the money. They are giving her some of her money back but the damage is done. It is such a shame for the people that really want help

    • So the facility was horrible? How were you? Did you graduate? Where you mature and stayed out of the immature stuff that young people who are not serious about their recovery do and di while there? Instead of a review of everyone and everything else how did you act? Did you learn anything? What is your honest review of yourself?

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