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Turning Point of San Diego


Turning Point of San DiegoTurning Point of San Diego Review

Turning Point is a long-term 12-step oriented women’s rehab three miles from the beach in San Diego. A community-based and peer-oriented facility, it was founded in 1970 by a small group of dedicated individuals who were concerned about the lack of local resources for alcoholic women.

Accommodations and Food

The Turning Point house is full of vintage furniture, framed artwork and hardwood floors in a residential neighborhood just east of Coronado Island. Clients both live and receive treatment here, and there is common space in and outside. Though cell phones and computers are not allowed, there is a television in the living room and ample seating on the outside hardwood deck, surrounded by lush Southern California plants and trees.

Whether or not residents pay privately or take advantage of the San Diego County-funded beds, all rooms are the same. Everyone sleeps in a twin-sized bed and shares one of the six client rooms with as many as three other people. There are 18 beds in the house and all rooms have big closets and windows.

The food is served family style and cooked by the clients. Think spaghetti and meatballs with a salad and vegetables. The staff-planned meals are based on the idea of getting the clients back into healthy shape.

Treatment and Staff

Turning Point’s treatment plan is simple AA, therapy and addiction education classes. The program lasts a minimum of 90 days and the average length of stay ranges from nine months to one year. The theory is that long-term sobriety is not about getting sober; it’s about learning how to live a sober life…and that takes time. While there is no MD on staff and no detox done at this facility, the client-to-staff ratio is a very low two-to-one in this social model recovery program. Relapse prevention classes are supplemented with group therapy pertaining to the physical, psychological and behavioral aspects of recovery. Clients can see their individual therapists as often as they’d like and all group therapy as well as individual sessions are curated by licensed counselors. There’s also a weekly resident meeting where everyone gets together and discusses where they are at in their own recovery process.

A typical day at Turning Point means waking up at 8 am for breakfast, making beds and tidying rooms. At 9 am, there’s a morning walk through the neighborhood, which is followed by meditation. Afterwards, there’s therapy and/or class until lunch at 11 am, which is followed by a noon on-site AA meeting or in-house educational group. At 2 pm, there’s an educational group, art therapy or recreation time. From 3 to 4:45 pm, clients have free time to relax, watch TV or do step work. Dinner is at 4:45 pm and that’s followed by an evening AA meeting or educational group at 6:30. At 7:30, it’s evening free time and lights out is at 11 pm. Daily visitation hours are offered with the approval of a counselor as long as guests don’t interfere with the schedule.

Though Turning Point is 12-step oriented and clients are required to attend meetings, they are not required to do step work or get a sponsor in AA.


Vocational training, job placement, continuing education and community assistance programs are the real extras here. Residents can also pay for access to an off-site gym, where there are occasional yoga classes.

In Summary

This program has been going strong for almost 45 years in an industry not known for longevity, proving that Turning Point is an affordable and invaluable resource in its community, though the lack of family programming could be a deterrent for women with children, especially for the extended length of the program. The fact that clients are supported in their sober lives for up to a year, however, is an integral step toward long-term recovery.

Turning Point Home of San Diego Location

1315 25th St
San Diego, CA 92102

Turning Point Home of San Diego Cost

Turning Point Cost: $1,290 (30 days private pay); $450 (30 days county funded). Reach Turning Point by phone at (619) 233-0067 or by email at [email protected]. Find Turning Point on Facebook

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