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Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services


Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services Review

Located in Lansing, Michigan, Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services provides residential substance abuse and mental health services to adults ages 18 and over. A registered nurse, Rachel Jallad, and her commercial real estate husband started this facility in 1995. Jallad gained first hand appreciation for holistic behavioral health services and the importance of treating co-occurring disorders. Her husband located a block of apartment buildings and together they created Turning Leaf Behavioral Health, an organization that has served thousands of people in Eaton and Ingham County.

Accommodations and Food

The Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services residential program is located on a 42-bed campus in Lansing, Michigan. The facility consists of seven buildings, each housing six people. Decor is cozy and homelike, with single or double rooms (depending on the diagnosis), twin beds, wall-to-wall carpeting, nightstands with table lamps and a dresser. There are three bathrooms in each building. A separate building houses the administrative offices, TV lounge, kitchen and therapy rooms. Although the campus is co-ed, buildings are not.

Meals are served three times a day in the main dining area. The food is extremely healthy, focusing on fruits, vegetables and proteins. While sugar is not prohibited, desserts and sugary snacks are limited to after dinner only. Meals are served family style and all clients eat together. Licensed dieticians prepare all foods and special requests can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

At Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services, the length of a client’s stay is determined on an individual basis and is reassessed weekly. All clients must be referred by CMH (Community Mental Health), have substance abuse as a secondary issue and be fully detoxed. Residents have a structured and consistent routine. Morning wake up is at 7 am with breakfast at 8 am. Groups begin at 10 am and depending on diagnosis, topics include stress management, setting goals, money management, the importance of healthy sleeping, addiction studies, coping skills and positive self talk. All groups are 60 minutes long and clients are treated primarily with CBT. Individual therapy is on an as-needed basis, but most clients see their counselors for private sessions weekly.

Eligible residents also participate in a work program where they are assigned jobs according to their skill set. Tasks include administrative work, carpentry, computer skills and cooking and they are paid for their work on a weekly basis. After the evening meal at 5 pm, substance abuse residents attend AA meetings two to three nights a week.

The staff consists of two psychiatrists, Master’s-level therapists, licensed substance abuse counselors, treatment team support staff and two registered nurses. Residents have around-the-clock supervision and the client-to-staff ratio is seven-to-one.


Art therapy is one of the treatment modalities at Turning Leaf. Exercise is encouraged; residents go for mall walks, have access to the local YMCA and attend supervised outings on the weekends. Wednesday evening is pizza night, where clients also play games or watch movies. Family therapy sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis and the treatment team must approve all visits. Supervised phone calls can be made after one week with staff approval.

In Summary

While Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services offers support for substance abuse and transportation to 12-step meetings, clients must be assessed with mental illness as the primary diagnosis which means it’s probably not the best fit for those whose primary battle is with drugs and alcohol. But for those who are looking for treatment for mental health issues first and foremost, this is an inexpensive spot with a handful of perks.

Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services Location

621 E Jolly Rd
Lansing, MI 48910

Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services Cost

Medicaid and private insurance only. Reach Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services by phone at (517) 282-9366 or by email at [email protected]. Find Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services on Facebook

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  1. Prudence Warren on

    I have worked at Turning Leaf for some time now, and I have to say that while I’ve worked at other behavioral health companies, and have enough education and experience to go elsewhere, I would not even think of doing so. I have such a supportive management team, both direct management and indirect (corporate) management. My direct management truly cares about both the entire staff working at our home as well as each individual resident, and it really shows in everything they do. They have many opportunities for growth within the company, and really encourage each individual staff to do their best — not just for the companies sake, or for the benefit of each resident (all things that they do focus on) but for the personal and professional growth of each and every staff working there. When I bring my concerns to my direct supervisor, I never feel as though they aren’t taken seriously, and they go out of their way to remind me, and all of my coworkers, exactly how valuable I am to Turning Leaf as a company and the individual home that I work at. They are also very big believers in constructive criticism when it’s warranted, in addition to that praise, and that allows me to do even better as I grow in this company. I have tried to continually strive to do my best because I know that they really do appreciate me as a worker and as a person, and that makes what can be a sometimes stressful job into something I truly look forward to starting each day anew at.

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