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Serving greater Yakima County, Washington, Triumph Treatment Services is an expansive organization with many substance abuse and mental health recovery programs. In addition to its outpatient services, Triumph has several residential programs, each with a specific focus. Perhaps the best way to encompass Triumph’s offerings is to consider their Casita House location, which offers a long-term program for pregnant women and mothers.

Accommodations and Food

Triumph’s programming for mothers is actually divided into three programs: the Riel House, Beth’s Place and the Casita House. While the three homes are located right down the street from each other in the city of Yakima, each is a separate program with the key distinction that the Beth’s Place and Casita are tailored to women doing Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) (such as Suboxone or methadone). Riel House’s program is tailored to women with co-occurring disorders, though all three have a mental health counselor on staff.

Clients in each of the three women’s residential programs live in cottage-style houses. At Casita, some women get rooms to share only with their accompanying child, while others share rooms with another client. Each comes with basic furnishings including twin beds, dressers and a bedside table—all have bathrooms attached as well. Three hot meals are provided daily by the on-staff cook along with two designed snack times, so residents can expect plenty of food breaks in a given day.

Treatment and Staff

Generally speaking, all the inpatient programs are similar in terms of treatment. Lengths of stay typically last for six months.

Casita’s treatment is largely based on the Minnesota Model, the 12-step influenced program that puts an emphasis on spiritual recovery and behavioral changes. Days are largely filled with group and individual counseling, which feature domestic violence classes, Seeking Safety groups, art therapy, anger management classes, therapeutic child care for all children, parenting plans and access to necessary medical, dental, and counseling appointments. There is no medical detox offered as part of the women’s residential program, and residents are expected to have completed this process before their arrival.

A key component of the program is Casita’s support for their clients’ children. Those under six years old can stay with their mothers in the residential home and attend daily daycare. It is possible for residents to bring up to two children with them, though this is largely dependent on available space. In addition to the above women’s programs, there is also a 30-day men’s inpatient program available at the James Oldham Treatment Center in Buena, Washington, and a fourth women’s program coming later in 2015.


A standout detail of Triumph’s recovery programming is what’s offered upon completing residential treatment—they have a handful of transitional housing facilities for program alumni, each with a specific focus. These include the Passage House for women with children only; My Brother’s House, which has three units for pregnant or parenting women and six units for homeless families with children; and the Parkway Place Apartments, which has staff on-site to offer case management.

In Summary

With an organization as large as Triumph Treatment Services, it’s sometimes more instructive to look at a specific program to get an understanding of the type of care offered. As evidenced by the Casita program, specifically designed for pregnant and parenting women, Triumph clearly puts a priority on family. In addition to the long-term residential care offered at the Casita, Beth’s Place, Riel House and James Oldham Treatment Center, they also have an extensive temporary housing program and outpatient services which continue their well-established pattern of providing family- and 12-step focused care.

Casita House Location

c/o Triumph Center Campus
605 Superior Ln
Yakima, WA 98901

Triumph Treatment Services Cost

Sliding scale (30-180 days; Casita costs covered by Washington Apple Health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, private insurance also accepted). Reach Triumph Treatment Services by phone at (509) 248-1800 or by email at [email protected]. Find Triumph Treatment Services on FacebookLinkedIn and YouTube

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  1. Angel Bentley on

    I wasa patient at Casita and have been to a few different treatment centers in Washington. The options for going to treatment that let’s you have your kids with you are very small in Washington I think Triumph is one out of when I heard that they help you advocate for you if your in a CPS active case trying to get your kids back.. I was thrilled to hear about the different classes offered to help me with my parenting and how this was not just a rehab but a place to help me learn how to be sober and a better mom and help me get my daughter placed back with me ASAP while in treatment at Casita…so this helped soften the blow of the fact that it is a 6 month program and I had just graduated a thirty day inpatient specifically for pregnant addicts like I was. So my choice was easy..go to casita and get my kiddo and learn how to live clean and fre! Boy was I in for a huge disappointment..the director of Triumph ..the main “principal” was THERESA and she is young and very quick to judge..if she doesn’t like you , you will know..she is very cold and plays favorites with the patients. The cottage/building where we live and eat and reside almost 80 percent of the time is standard..nothing fancy and felt a bit like a home daycare..the staff who are with the patients all the time became like family because they are waking u up at 6, driving you to all of your appointments, administrating your meds,and are basically babysitting everyone from the moment u wake up til lights out. If you have a problem w one of them I suggest u get over it bcuz these are the people that are watching you and telling your counsellor if you are progressing or not with your old behaviors and chores even down to if your on top of your daily hygeine. This is crucial if u want to be able to advance with all the other patients from being restricted from being able to go to church or outside meetings off staff ..if u progress and get a sponsor u can go places off campus to eat like McDonald’s or different outside meetings or church’s or to different places to take your kids on the weekends. The food is good and for Christmas and Thanksgiving they really go all out to make it nice for the kids. The rooms are small they sometimes pack three patients and their kids in one room with one bathroom each and no bathtubs there is one in the cottage but only for the babies. The overall review of Casita is that the director of the entire campus is a stuck up B and if she doesn’t like you then she will staff it with all of the counselors and staff to make your stay hell..or she will extend your stay but worst of all she will kick u out the day before u graduate over nothing! This ruined my chances of getting my baby back and the reason was trading clothes with my roommate!! The Domino affect this had on my life after treatment literally ruined That lady didn’t give me a fair chance I’m not sure if she is still there still but if she is find a different treatment!! The one person who made me feel like she really had my back and believed in me was CHARRI ..thank you for making me feel like I wasn’t alone in my battle with cps and my addiction and for not giving up on me! Also there are two RAs that I adore..the mental health counselor REEVA is a joke she needs to go back to school because she doesn’t know what she is doing and is unprofessional . Remember that this is a long term treatment center so my opinion is coming from living in Casita house for over six months and my experience while there.

  2. Recovery driven! on

    I would not recommend this treatment center or any of its sister centers . They are always under staffed , which effects the patients greatly. The menu consist of nothing but startch and unreconizeable foods. Their “counselors” are ranging from 20 years old and on with little to no understanding of this deadly disease. They allow the patients to bully one another. The rs staff is way more compassionate towards patients then any of the staff/counselors. Although they always seem to be under staffed. They only do minimal required effort so if you do have no other choice then to go to any of these facilities make sure to take the time to do most of your own leg work before enrolling. For example if you plan to be on any kind of opiote replacement medication they will only allow it if you come with standing Oders . I know it doesnt say that anywhere does it. Also if humanly possible I would make sure to arrange any visits with your children or placement prior to arriving other wise you’ll spend god only knows how long listening to contradicting statements one after the next. Also I havea hunch some one should look into why exactly they have a high turn over rate with both employees and patients. Oh also please don’t forget to make sure you clean your own rooms on arrival cause their idea of clean is to be negotiated.

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